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The Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled en banc Tuesday that nonviolent misdemeanor offenders should not be subject to lifetime gun bans. Well, duh. In this case, Range v. Garland, it was a food stamp fraud to feed his needy family for which the defendant received only probation and paid restitution. This ruling is significant and a good read (pdf link), with Judge David Porter concurring, “Even without the Second Amendment, the combination of enumerated powers and the Ninth and Tenth Amendments ensured that Congress could not permanently disarm anyone.” As noted in the articles, the government will likely appeal to SCOTUS and get a smackdown. This could be big.

Judge Robert Bryan of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington has (falsely) ruled that prohibition of the sale, purchase, and transfer of semiautomatic firearms and their accessories is consistent with the nation’s tradition of regulating “exceptionally dangerous arms” and denied an injunction against the ban.

Knife Rights has filed a federal lawsuit, styled Knife Rights, Inc. v. Garland, in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, challenging the constitutionality of portions of the Federal Switchblade Act, originally enacted in 1958, that restricts the introduction into interstate commerce of common automatically opening (“switchblade”) knives. It also challenges the ban on their possession on Native American reservations and in U.S. territories. The definition of a “switchblade knife” includes gravity knives and butterfly knives.

The U.S. District Court for the District of Hawai’i has issued a stipulated final judgment and permanent injunction prohibiting Hawai’i’s ban on billy clubs.

In Your Brace Face

ATF reports that it received just over a quarter-million eForm1 applications for braced pistols during the just-completed “amnesty” period that closed on May 31st. Various sources put the number of pistol stabilizing braces owned by Americans at between 10 and 40 million, so less than 3% of the devices have been registered. How unpopular does a foolish government decree have to be for 97% of the subjects – tens of millions – to risk a 10-year felony?

Meanwhile, following the clarification by a federal judge regarding the scope of a preliminary injunction in the Second Amendment Foundation’s case against the new “arm brace rule” – that it applies to SAF members – interest in membership was so heavy during the first 24 hours it crashed the website. I do recommend SAF membership, and not for that reason. They’re a very worthy organization.




Gun Law Reform Goals


Closing the Baldwin Loophole

In a major change to the way Hollywood movies and TV series are made, live ammunition will be banned from production sets under a new agreement reached by the Directors Guild of America and studios. Apparently real firearms will continue to be allowed.

But I thought that was already the ammo rule. How will it be enforced? What about legal CCW by non-actors? What about security & cops? And what about criminals?



“I can tell you, if you kick my door in, in the middle of the night, I will kill you graveyard dead, and the owners of the house would certainly have every right do to that.” – Polk County (FL) Sheriff Grady Judd

  • Also not a DGU, but should have been. Note the condition of the victim. Looks to me like a very good place to have had a Remington Tac-13.

The Only Ones / Not a DGU

  • Democrat California Judge robbed while walking from the parking garage into work at the courthouse.
  • A Wisconsin corrections officer was killed by police and deputies responding to a domestic call at his house.
  • Secret Service agents didn’t see an intruder get into a Biden official’s home because they were distracted on their cell phones.
  • A Syrian refugee armed with a knife attacked a group of pre-school children playing by a lake in the French Alps Thursday, wounding four as well as an adult in the frenzy, before he was shot by police. France has a total ban on citizen carry of weapons.


Last Sunday, many DC-area residents were reportedly “terrified” by a sonic boom emanating from Air National Guard F-16 fighters that were responding at speed to an unresponsive private plane flying across restricted air space. Sadly the plane crashed, apparently due to lost pressurization and unconsciousness. But the news here is that adults are terrified by jet noise. I’ve never heard of anyone around here being scared of a fighter jet. But of course we also have the Sonic Boom of the South, which only freaks out a few old white guys.

Do not dumb here

Survey Says

More than half of Protestant churches rely on armed members as part of their security plans, according to a Lifeway Research survey of pastors.


The Boys of Bedford. Dabbs.


Tactics & stuff

Industry News


  • Stephen Willeford’s book. I haven’t read it.
  • For the first time in over 50 years Weatherby will introduce a new centerfire rifle action, the Model 307, a 2-lug, fully cylindrical action compatible with many aftermarket accessories. It features a fluted bolt with a tool-less disassembly, TriggerTech trigger, and a detachable magazine. Offered in 15 calibers. Actions are $750 and rifles start at $1200.
  • Winchester’s newest pump shotgun variant is the SXP Trench Gun, which is just what it sounds like. No bayonet lug or sling mounts. Around $400 through Davidson’s Gallery of Guns.


“What good does it do to ban ‘some’ guns?” – The thankfully late U.S. Sen. Howard Metzenbaum (D-OH)

“Sometimes violence is the only answer.” – Tom Gresham

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