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The NRA has requested to join in the federal lawsuit filed by SAF and its associates in a challenge of the BATF’s new “arm brace rule,” hoping to have the existing injunction against the rule also apply relief to NRA members.

Meanwhile, the National Association for Gun Rights filed a new suit in federal court in Texas against the ATF and its pistol brace rule in conjunction with the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty and Texas Gun Rights, presumably also seeking an injunction for its members.

A three-judge panel for the Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the online firearms marketplace Armslist cannot be held liable for negligence under Wisconsin law for two shootings in that state with guns bought through ads posted on the site, because Armslist is not a firearms dealer.

Bruen update: the “sensitive places” farce.

“But the notion that our constitution only protects things in existence 200 years ago is odd when the argument is taking place in a courtroom filled with computers and flat screen TV’s, fed by the internet, and protected by metal detectors.” – Oregon Firearms Federation

So when are we gonna get Heller and Bruen type decisions regarding unconstitutional bans and infringements on machine guns, suppressors, switchblades and the like?


They're going to kill you

NRA has a bad day in court


Bank of America has been revealing information to the FBI about its customers’ purchases – especially gun purchases – without a warrant. We already knew that BoA was anti-gun. Now it seems they’re anti-freedom.


On Monday night, country music singer John Rich warned that Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (R) is pressuring state lawmakers to support “red flag” gun control. Go get ’em John.


Giving the Constitution Teeth: The Truth About Aggravated Infringement—a Felony

By Alan Korwin. Something to consider.


Learning the Hard Way

The Only Ones

An unidentified Houston, TX, police officer was arrested and faces a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for shooting his wife in the face with a rifle.

An unidentified Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force recruit shot three instructors, two of whom were killed and another seriously injured, on Wednesday during a live-fire rifle training exercise at the force’s firing range in central Japan. It was not an accident.



Tactics & Stuff

Selling guns?


no such thing as ghost guns

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