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Clean house


The Supreme Court ruled last Friday that judges can be more lenient in delivering punishment for some gun crimes, finding that those sentences can run concurrently alongside sentences for other crimes, due to conflicting federal laws on the matter.

The Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this week in Atkinson v. Garland that the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, must rehear Atkinson’s conviction for felon in possession of a gun. Atkinson pled guilty to felony mail fraud in 1998 and has a clean record since then. The circuit court vacated and remanded back to the district court to reconsider the case in accordance with the Bruen standard.

The Second Amendment Foundation has filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania court challenging that state’s promulgated firearms regulation and its enforcement by the Pennsylvania State Police and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, which includes searches without warrants or probable cause.

Florida judge: Schools can’t trump state gun laws or fire employees who obey them.

Hunter Biden

President “Shotgun” Joe Biden’s son “Junkie” Hunter Biden has finally after five years been charged with willfully failing to pay $1.2 million in federal income tax and with illegally possessing a firearm. Hunter has reached an “unusual” agreement with the Justice Department stipulating that he will plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax offenses for his felony tax crimes in exchange for probation and is expected to reach a pretrial diversion agreement with federal prosecutors on the 10-year felony charge of illegally possessing a firearm as an unlawful drug user or addict, in which he will not plead guilty, will not be prosecuted and will not go to prison, but will forever be a prohibited person. Hunter also made – but apparently was not charged for – a false statement that enabled him to obtain a firearm, which is a 10-year felony under legislation pushed through by then-senator Joe Biden. If Hunter successfully meets the conditions of the diversion program, the gun charge would be removed from his record at the end of that period. It’s a sweet deal if you can get it. The deals still have to be approved by Delaware U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika, scheduled for July 26. The gun case almost didn’t happen. The gun store owner who sold Hunter the gun later accused the Secret Service of attempting to take the background check form related to the sale in a potential effort to cover up the incident, according to Politico. The owner refused and turned the records over to the ATF instead. Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s DOJ continues to jail legal marijuana user with guns.


The Internal Revenue Service served a warrant at a Montana gun store and seized thousands of Form 4473s even though the forms were not listed on the search warrant. Perhaps the dealer should file an appropriate criminal complaint with the ATF, FBI and the local sheriff for felony armed robbery.

Felon gun acquisition


Meanwhile, Congressional Delegate Stacey Plaskett (D-USVI) said during a live MSNBC television interview about the Trump indictments that Mr. Trump should be shot.


The Left


New Mexico prosecutors say they will file new manslaughter charges against Alec Baldwin if further testing by an independent expert shows that his gun was working at the time of his “Rust” homicide.

911. Don’t depend on it.

Jackson, Mississippi’s 911 system was out of service for several hours last Friday after storms knocked out electrical power service all around the area. The backup generators also did not work. When the power went down at 911 dispatch, it also went out at the Hinds County Emergency Operations Center. Entergy Mississippi reported that last week’s storms resulted in the most outages on record since Hurricane Katrina.

The Justice System. Don’t depend on it.

Note that this case also started with a failure of the officer responding to a 911 call.

Ambush of police and big gunfight in Pennsylvania

Police sniper stats

Marines done with 1911 pistols

  • The Marine Corps’ time as the last major user of M1911 variants within the U.S. military has finally come to an end.

Hunters attacked

U.S. ammo in Russia

Friends(?), Enemies, Idiots. Sort ’em out.

  • Former Republican Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey said last week that he was “better educated” and had “learned a lot” since supporting an “assault weapons” ban during a state Senate run in the 1990s. “I was 29 years old. I’ve learned a lot since then,” Christie said during a CNN town hall after the host noted that Christie had opposed GOP efforts to repeal the state’s ban on so-called “assault weapons” in 1993.

While I heartily encourage lifelong learning, I knew WAY before age 29 that the Second Amendment prohibits the government from banning guns for most American citizens.

  • Meanwhile, all major Republican presidential candidates – except Chris Christie – have either vowed to reform the top ranks of the FBI upon assuming office, enact sweeping structural reforms or dismantle the bureau entirely. Christie is the only one who has explicitly said he would not fire FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Joe Biden. Make up your own caption. It’s just too easy.

“Made it harder for people buy stabilized brief— braces. Put a pistol on a brace, it turns into a gun, makes it more, you can have a higher-caliber weapon, higher-caliber bullet coming out of that gun.”

More from Lying Joe:

“For the first time ever, we explicitly made gun trafficking a federal crime. They say, ‘What the hell? It wasn’t already?’ No, I’m serious. Think about it.

You go home and tell your mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, and uncle that, ‘Whoa, gun trafficking is now a crime.” They’re going to look at you like, ‘What are you talking about? It’s always been a crime.’ It wasn’t a crime.

We did the same thing for straw purchases. That’s when a middleman, who can pass the background check, buys a gun usually for someone who can’t pass the background check. It’s now a federal crime if you do that.”

“I’m a Second Amendment guy. I taught it for four years, six years in law school.”

  • Rep. Massie bombs VP Harris
  • A secretive division of the Pentagon is now tasked with protecting its high-ranking officials not only from assassination and other bodily harm, but also from negative or embarrassing portrayals on social media. I guess I’m in big trouble. But technically, they’re embarrassing themselves. Just wait ’til we find out who cooked up this nonsense.
  • Matthew Lee Comiskey, 39, a South Florida ardent anti-gunner, was sentenced last week to 15 months in federal prison and one year of probation for threatening U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-CO, in a series of social media posts that targeted the Congresswoman for her strong Second Amendment support.
  • Nearly 100 percent of political donations from self-identified fact checkers—including those whose employers claim journalistic neutrality—go to Democrats, a Washington Free Beacon analysis of federal campaign finance disclosures found.


Not a DGU

A Rockport, Texas man was mauled to death by a pack of dogs early Tuesday. Deputies with the Aransas County Sheriff’s Office responded to a residential area after receiving a report that a man was screaming for help. The attack was still in progress when deputies arrived at the scene and shot one dog. The injured canine and the rest of the pack fled the area.

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