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Two survivors and the son of a man who died in the 2021 mass shooting at an Indianapolis FedEx facility filed a lawsuit last week against American Tactical, Inc., the distributor of the magazine used in the incident that left eight people dead. The lawsuit alleges that ATI intentionally used “reckless marketing tactics” targeting young men at risk for violent behavior, and alleges that the distributor “failed to prevent dangerous people” from purchasing “high-capacity” magazines. The plaintiffs claim in their suit that ATI “knew, or should have known, one of its customers would” commit a massacre with its products.


The Nebraska Legislature has passed a permitless carry bill for adults 21 and over, and the governor is going to sign it. That makes 27 states with so-called “Constitutional Carry.” In addition to doing away with permitting requirements for gun carry, the bill includes knives and strengthens Nebraska’s preemption statute by removing the authority of local governments to enact gun regulations that are stricter than state law. Once signed, the bill will take effect 90 days after the end of the legislative session.


UK warns of ammo shortage


ATF & forced reset triggers




A bunch of Nashville singers showed up at the Tennessee capitol this week to talk about themselves and shill for more gun control. They are:

  • Allison Moorer
  • Allison Russell
  • Amy Grant
  • Ben Folds
  • Ben Rector
  • Brandy Clark
  • Brittany Howard
  • Brittney Spencer
  • Charlie Worsham
  • Devon Gilfillian
  • Drew & Ellie Holcomb
  • Emmylou Harris
  • Gabe Simon
  • Hayes Carll
  • Jason Isbell
  • Jars of Clay
  • Jess Ray
  • Jimi Westbrook
  • John Tibbs
  • Kacey Musgraves
  • Karen Fairchild
  • Kelsea Ballerini
  • Kelsey Waldon
  • Ketch Secor
  • Langhorn Slim
  • Leah Blevins
  • Lola Kirke
  • Lucie Silvas
  • Lucinda Williams
  • Lydia Luce
  • Madeline Edwards
  • Maggie Rose
  • Margaret Becker
  • Margo Price
  • Maren Morris
  • Martina McBride
  • Mat Kearney
  • Matt Maher
  • Maxi Diaz
  • Michelle Branch
  • Mickey Guyton
  • Miko Marks
  • Nick Howard
  • Patrick Carney
  • Paul McDonald
  • Rodney Crowell
  • Ron Pope
  • Ruby Amanfu
  • Ruston Kelly
  • Ryan Hurd
  • Sarah Buxton
  • Sarah Jarosz
  • Shane McAnally
  • Sheryl Crow
  • Sierra Hull
  • Sista Strings
  • Sixpence None the Richer
  • The Brook & the Bluff
  • The Cadillac Three
  • The Wood Brothers
  • TJ Osborne
  • Will Hoge

BusinessInsider.com is parroting the anti-gun Gun Violence Archive, claiming that the U.S. suffers nearly one shooting massacre per day.

Irrational children. Literally.

Here’s an idea. Have your anti-gun U.S. Rep. get you a pro-gun U.S. flag commemoration.

The Only Ones

Josiah Ernesto Garcia, 21, a National Guard member in Tennessee, has been criminally charged in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee, for hiring himself out as a hit man.

IRS agent alleges DOJ thwarting criminal prosecution of Hunter Biden. Well, duh.



4,227-yard shot.


Tactics & Stuff.

“The biggest impediment to prevailing in any fight is not our ability to shoot well, it is our willingness to fight in the first place.”

Not gun-related, but interesting. Women engineers. Dr. Dabbs says there were none at his school (Ole Miss, I think) when he started there in 1984. However, when I was at Mississippi State a few years earlier, there were a number of women in pretty much every engineering discipline, though sadly only about two in civil.


Tiger McKee, author, gun trainer, and owner of ShootRite Firearms Training Academy in Alabama, passed away in his sleep last Sunday. He was in his early 60s. Memorial services will be held at 2PM (Central) this Sunday, April 23, at Grace Fellowship Church, 925 West Main Street, Albertville, Alabama. The family is requesting casual dress – even blue jeans – in honor of Tiger. There is a GoFundMe account to benefit his widow, Gretchen. It doesn’t seem to work with Chrome browsers.


belt-fed ammo

Kimber’s new K6xs ultra-light, ultra-slim, 6-shot revolver has a fluted cylinder, is chambered in .38 Spl. +P, and weighs 15.9 oz. $679.

Kimber’s new KD9SC is a 15+1 capacity double-stack aluminum alloy framed 9mm 1911, with an optics plate system that accepts multiple patterns of red dots including the Holosun K optics. 4″ barrel, 28 oz. $1500.

The FoldAR is an M4 clone with a side-folding stock, and side-folding forend and barrel. It folds down to 9″ long in pistol configurations and 18″ in rifle versions. $2500.

Want an FN AR rifle for less than a grand? The Guardian goes for $999 MSRP.

A new magazine loading tool. If anyone has experience with the Bullet-Loader-Tray, please give us a report.

Remington has released an all-copper hollowpoint projectile load in several calibers in its new Core-Lokt Copper line. Reliable expansion, near 100% weight retention, and lead-free primers.

What I’m reading.

The Bullet Garden

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