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If you did not receive the 2A News Special Edition concerning Mississippi legislation on Wednesday night, check your spam folder.


U.S. Rep. Eric Burlison (R-MO) and a group of House Republicans have introduced legislation to repeal the unconstitutional National Firearms Act of 1934 after nearly a century of abuse. Good luck with that.


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has decided that Citigroup’s policy regarding the firearms industry violates Texas law, under which financial groups that engage in anti-gun business practices are barred from doing business with Texas. Paxton said that “It has been determined that Citigroup has a policy that discriminates against a firearm entity or firearm trade association.” Well, duh. So Citigroup is now barred from underwriting most municipal bond business in the state.

Numerous gun groups and hundreds of individuals have filed several federal lawsuits challenging Illinois’ new gun control law. You know – the one all the sheriffs refuse to enforce. The Protect Illinois Communities Act bans so-called assault weapons (semiautomatic rifles and pistols), 50-caliber guns, and high-capacity magazines from being manufactured or sold in the state. The law also requires residents to register their banned firearms.

Tennessee has agreed in a federal case that its under-21 handgun carry ban violates the Second and Fourteenth Amendments and says it will start processing carry permit applications from 18-20-year-olds.


History Lesson

“The jurisprudence of the Second Amendment is: it was ratified to protect the existing right of the people to keep and bear arms. It did not create new rights.”


Some on the Left want guns to be regulated by the anti-gun Consumer Product Safety Commission. You know: the same folks who want to ban gas stoves.

The President of Associação Nacional da Indústria de Armas e Munições (ANIAM), which is a joint venture between Taurus and Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (CBC), Salesio Nuhs, issued a letter pushing gun control and the formation of an ATF agency in Brazil. Nuhs also proposed banning the civilian ownership of any guns in calibers other than .38, .357, .380 and 9mm, and a cumulative total of four weapons. The letter was sent and signed by Nuhs as the President of ANIAM. Nuhs also holds the title of President of Taurus Brazil. Taurus in Brazil is separate from the U.S. entity of Taurus Holdings Inc., but the Brazilian branch produces most Taurus firearms. Taurus USA issued a statement included in the linked article. Taurus also owns Rossi, Heritage, and Braztech.

Has gun trainer Rob Pincus, who previously came out in favor of gun control (2A News, April 2, 2021) and a supporter of Hillary Clinton, lost his mind? He was reported as agreeing with Joe Biden on warning shots. Pincus backpedaled and convincingly claims he was misquoted about “psychological stops.” Perhaps he should say what he means in the first place.

Poop Francis recently lamented that the use of guns by civilians to defend themselves is becoming a “habit.” Perhaps he should instead be concerned that the felonious assault on those defenders is becoming a habit, and concerned that society’s leaders blame the victims instead of the perpetrators and themselves, who are complicit with the criminals.


University of Wyoming has created the nonpartisan Firearms Research Center to tackle discussions that are usually isolated — including criminal violence, Second Amendment rights and the firearm economy — by bringing together a variety of scholars and experts. Further, the center intends to create a pipeline for law school graduates wanting to serve as firearms attorneys. The University of Wyoming College of Law “will become the premier law school for practitioners who serve the legal needs of all those who produce, employ, own, and regulate firearms.” Cool.


We hear a lot about shootings in Chicago. Just last week a man was shot on the Chicago Transit Authority’s Green Line train. He was shot in the leg by a CCW license holder. The “victim,” who was attempting armed robbery with a gun on the train, has had 32 arrests and 4 felony convictions in the last 10 years. I suggest some marksmanship training for the defender.

"Well I'm all broken up about that man's rights"

About Massacres


A 32-year-old Kansas hunter was found dead on the front seat of his truck last week, with the sheriff concluding that he was killed when his dog stepped on the trigger of his rifle, which was in the back seat area with the dog. We note that most long guns are cocked when loaded, and there is generally no good reason to have a round in the chamber of a long gun while it is in a vehicle.


Industry News

Natchez Shooters Supplies, an online retailer specializing in shooting, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and outdoor supplies, has rebranded as Natchez Shooting & Outdoors. Natchez has a lot of my money from their catalog days.


  • Federal #1B Flitecontrol. Nope, not yet.
  • We are apparently still waiting for someone to make a .380-sized pistol chambered in 30 Super Carry, which was the whole point of inventing that cartridge.
  • Bushmaster Firearms, which was sold off when Remington went defunct, is back.
  • Winchester’s new .22LR SUB22 is made to cycle rimfire handguns consistently while remaining subsonic with a copper-plated 45-grain round nose bullet.
  • Winchester’s new Xpert Rimfire load has a copper-plated 42-grain “Max” hollow point bullet with a very deep cavity at 1,320 FPS. It ships in 100-round boxes.
  • Glock’s new Performance Trigger is a drop-in separate part for existing Glock pistols. Not available factory-installed on new guns. It is smooth, with a crisp break and snappy reset and breaks at four pounds and change. John Farnam says that’s too light for serious purposes. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t come on factory guns.
  • The Bond Arms concept lever action rifle. No-gas AR upper. Remington 870 stock. Interesting.
  • Trijicon, the tritium sight folks, now offers several thermal optics. $6-11k.
  • Holosun has coming a thermal red-dot system. This will provide the user with an ability to both identify and aim in the dark. $2.5k.
  • Since the Remington bankruptcy, DPMS is now owned by Palmetto State Armory, and they’re building the Panther compact 9mm pistol on the PSA Dagger 9mm frame. The pistol has a 15+1 capacity, 3.9″ barrel, an optic-ready slide cut and will fit GLOCK 19 holsters. It will also be compatible with lots of PSA Dagger accessories. $350.
  • Hornady’s new Sub-X 7.62x39mm 255 Grain XTP subsonic load was designed for accuracy and performance below the speed of sound.


“The National Firearms Act of 1934. There has seriously never been a more egregious violation of both the spirit and the letter of the U.S. Constitution enacted since the genesis of our Great Republic. Abbreviated as ‘NFA,’ this accursed thing is a case study in unconstitutional government overreach.” – Will Dabbs

“Every person that handles a gun has a duty to make sure that if they’re going to handle that gun, point it at someone and pull the trigger, that it is not going to fire a projectile and kill someone.” – New Mexico First Judicial District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies

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