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Memorial Day

About those red flag gun control laws

Rand Corporation: No studies have shown that “red flag” laws had a positive or negative effect on outcomes including mass shootings, violent crime, and suicide.

Anti-gun researchers: No evidence that California’s Gun Violence Restraining Order implementation was associated with decreased “firearm assault or firearm self-harm.” (sic – How does a firearm harm itself? – JP)

And let’s clear up some of those gun control lies.



The Wisconsin State Supreme Court by a 7-0 ruling struck down a provision in state law that barred all those convicted of the misdemeanor crime of disorderly conduct from obtaining a concealed carry license, finding that disorderly conduct isn’t a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence under federal law and therefore doesn’t disqualify a person from holding a concealed carry license.

Eleventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals: Illegal aliens not covered by the Second Amendment


BATFE’s Illegal Gun Registry

We have a report that the ATF has rescinded the cease & desist order previously issued to JSD supply stating that JSD Supply could not sell both unfinished frames (non-firearms) and firearms parts (also non-firearms) to the same person no matter if they were purchased at different times. Keystone cops.

Meanwhile, President Biden’s nominee for ATF Director, Steve Dettelbach, told the Senate Judiciary Committee he is in favor of an “assault weapons” ban. But he couldn’t tell them what he thought an “assault weapon” is, although he offered to help Congress figure it out as they write ban legislation. That’s because either: (a) he’s ignorant (likely), or (b) he wants to leave it open to the broadest terms possible to ban as many guns as possible (also likely). At the same time, Dettelbach testified that he was unfamiliar with the 1994 Clinton “assault weapons” ban. He’s obviously wholly unqualified.


Failed former ATF Director nominee David Chipman apparently quietly left the Giffords gun ban group last month. Something smells fishy there.

Pope Francis, the grand pooh-bah of the Catholic church but not of America, and who is himself protected by a private army with assault rifles, once again called for gun control this week.

Lead Ammo Bans – Action Item

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is drafting the 2022-23 Hunt Fish Rule, proposing to ban lead ammunition and fishing tackle on several National Wildlife Refuges, likely with more to come.

You can register your opposition here.

Not to be outdone, the U.S. Senate is considering S. 4157, a bill that would ban lead ammo on 568 National Wildlife Refuges.

Texas School Massacre, Active Killers, and Stopping Them

stop an active shooter

A newly-released FBI report on “active shooter* incidents” in 2021 revealed four of those killers were stopped by armed private citizens.

Now imagine that if in every case there had been armed citizens present. Oh, wait, we already did. Read it.

School districts in Texas have several options for armed security, including two that do not require hiring additional personnel. Under the School Marshal plan, school employees may be authorized to undergo an 80-hour training program for certification and licensing to work armed. Under the School Guardian plan, employees may be authorized to work armed without the expense of specific training to do so. It appears that the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde had neither, but a Border Patrolman who just happened to be working nearby reportedly rushed to the school and fatally shot the attacker. But that was after 21 other people were fatally shot, all apparently in a single classroom. These massacres always and only end after someone with a gun responds. What if an armed citizen defender had actually been present? Would ~20 murders have been prevented?

The Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Employee Handbook states (p. 65):

“Possession of Firearms and Weapons
Policies DH, FNCG, GKA
Employees, visitors, and students, including those with a license to carry a handgun, are prohibited from bringing firearms, knives, clubs, or other prohibited weapons onto school premises (i.e., building or portion of a building) or any grounds or building where a school-sponsored activity takes place. A person, including an employee, who
holds a license to carry a handgun may transport or store a handgun or other firearm or ammunition in a locked vehicle in a parking lot, garage, or other district provided parking area, provided the handgun or firearm or ammunition is properly stored, and not in plain view. To ensure the safety of all persons, employees who observe or suspect a violation of the district’s weapons policy should report it to their supervisor or principal immediately.”

Well, that didn’t work. It seems this is simply another case of a tragic failed gun free zone.

It turns out that apparently police responding to the Uvalde massacre kept concerned parents and neighbors from trying to save the children, while refusing to enter the school themselves until after desperate bystanders shamed them into it. This went on for 40 minutes to an hour. Cops bragged that they kept the killer contained to one room (where he went right on killing 20 people).

Now let’s dig a little deeper. Read.

“The only way to have a realistic chance of an attack ending in a single-digit victim count is for someone who is already at the attack location when it starts to act aggressively (FIGHT) to end the attack in the first minute, preferably in the first 30 seconds.”

Why should you have a gun?

Actual headline: “NYC woman calls 911 three times as she’s terrorized, slashed by ex-boyfriend, but cops don’t show up until next day

What about the 20 gauge for self defense?

There are a couple of reasons to prefer the 20 over the 12 (the only other reasonable choice) for self defense with buckshot. These reasons are:

  • That’s what you have.
  • That’s what you can shoot or hit with, perhaps because of size, strength, and gun weight.

But if you can, use a 12.

What About the 20 Gauge for Home Protection?

Firearm Forensics is Flawed

We’ve touched on this before. Examiners cannot reliably determine whether bullets or cartridges were fired by a particular gun. You lawyer types especially should be familiar with this.

The Only Ones

The cops “deliberately concealed their appearance so that they could hunt civilians by sneaking up and shooting them with 40mm rounds,” and the victim, who was doing nothing wrong, lawfully shot back only after he was hit by a round fired by the disguised cops. I’m thinking $1.5M is a lot light, and the cops should be imprisoned on felony charges.


We have a report that NRA’s latest IRS Form 990, Schedule J, Executive Compensation, revealed that EVP Wayne LaPierre made $1.66 million (in addition to all the millions he is accused of embezzling), and Director Marion Hammer made $259,000. Directors are unpaid positions.

Industry News

The Second Amendment Foundation’s 2022 Gun Rights Policy Conference, the 37th one, will be an in person as well as streamed across multiple platforms event. It will be held Sept. 30 – Oct. 2 at the Westin – Dallas Fort Worth Airport in Irving, Texas. The conference itself is FREE and you will be responsible for your own travel, meals and lodging. You can register here. Hotel reservations can be made here.  Booking through this link will give you the SAF negotiated rate of $115 per night Thursday, September 28th – Sunday, October 2nd. 

Wilson Combat has acquired Melvin Forbes’ New Ultralight Arms, LLC (NULA) in Granville, WV, along with Melvin’s expert technical assistance. Production of NULA rifles will relocate from West Virginia to the Wilson Combat plant in NW Arkansas and initial product offerings will be the Model 20S (.223 Wylde, 300 HAM’R or .350 Legend) and Model 20 (.243 Win., 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm-08 Rem, .284 Win. or .308 Win.). Also planned are the Model 24 (.270 Win. or .30-06) and Model 28 (7mm Rem. Mag. or .300 Win. Mag.).

Vihtavuori Powders is celebrating their 100th Anniversary. They make good stuff.


Benelli’s 828U O/U shotgun is now available in 20 gauge. 6 lbs. $3200.

Also from Benelli comes a warning about fraudulent online dealers.

FN America, LLC has three new FN 15 models in designated marksman rifle (DMR) configuration. In its third edition, the FN 15 DMR3 is now available in anodized matte black or Cerakote flat dark earth or tungsten gray. The DMR3 features an 18-inch Hybrid profile barrel, chrome-lined with 1:8 twist, made from FN’s proprietary “machine gun barrel” steel, a Geissele G2S 2-stage precision trigger, and a SureFire ProComp muzzle device. 7.4 lbs. No price listed.

FN has also introduced the FN 509 Midsize Tactical, which combines FN’s full size tactical slide, equipped with the versatile Low-Profile Optics-Mounting System, and the midsize grip frame.

Primary Arms Adjustable Mini Tactical Beverage Vest

Midwest Industries has new AR-15 style M-LOK G2 Handguards for most Henry lever action rifles that don’t feature barrel bands like the Henry Model X. It appears these replace the Henry forearm. $180.

Walther Arms USA has launched its new WMP 15+1 .22 Magnum pistol. 28 oz. $549.

Springfield Armory has announced the newest addition to the popular XD-M Elite series — the XD-M Elite 4.5″ OSP 10mm. 16 rounds.

Sig Sauer has introduced the full-sized P320-XTEN, a P320 chambered in 10mm. 5″ bull barrel, Nitron finished stainless steel optics ready slide compatible with a ROMEO2 and RMR optic with front and rear serrations, and XRAY3 Day/Night sights. The P320 XTEN FCU will swap into other P320 grip modules including offerings in other calibers, but other P320 FCUs likely won’t fit inside the P320 XTEN’s grip module. Ships with (2) 15round steel magazines. 33 oz. $800.


“Most police administrators care absolutely nothing about your safety. Relying on their ‘protection’ is a mistake with potentially fatal consequences.” – Self defense trainer and retired cop Greg Ellifritz

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