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Tennessee court steps up for private property rights.

In the case of Hunter Biden’s felonious firearms purchase, the ATF won’t admit whether it investigated claims corroborated by Hunter Biden in his laptop computer regarding his gun because doing so, they claim, would be “an unwarranted invasion of [his] privacy.” Then get a warrant. That’s what you do in felony cases.

Government enemies. But I repeat myself.

Did NBC News & Pennsylvania AG’s Office Commit Multiple Felonies? It’s NBC. They are experienced in such things. The Second Amendment Foundation is calling for an investigation of these possible gun law violations.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner refused to file charges against an armed robbery suspect who tried to steal a marked police car and pointed a gun at officers on two weeks ago.


The Nation magazine correspondent Elie Mystal is doubling down on his claim that the U.S. Constitution is “not good” and “actually trash.” I know of an alternative who I would call trash. But what do I know – I’m a white male who thinks the Constitution’s protection of rights applies to all citizens.

While Chicago’s violent crime rate is at 25-year highs and worsening, inept gun-banning Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is protected by nearly 100 armed Chicago police officers assigned for her personal safety. Your tax dollars at work.

And there’s more! Inept gun-banning Democrat NYC mayor, former gang member and former police officer, Eric Adams is seeking Lightfoot’s advice on lowering crime. NYC crime is up 45% over last year. Adams, who ran on a platform that he would not carry a gun, is doing an end-run around that by also being protected by a phalanx of armed police officers.

New gun owners

A new survey released last week from NORC at the University of Chicago (pdf link) showed that 86% of English-speaking first-time “pandemic” gun buyers identified in the survey were under 45, compared to 41% for pre-pandemic owners. 69% of the new buyers were people of color, compared to 26% of pre-pandemic owners. The survey considered the pandemic as the two-year period between March 2020 and March 2022. The survey also showed that the first-time gun buyers overwhelmingly share the same opinions on gun laws as previous owners.

Since the survey was limited to English-speaking respondents, the margin of error is likely larger than advertised. Further, the fact that new gun owners share opinions with old ones may not at all add to the block of “gun voters,” as those new folks may have already been with us, or may not change their political habits.

Another new survey from the group Gun Made revealed that roughly one-third of U.S. voters intend to purchase a gun due to the Russia and Ukraine war.


U.S. gunmakers ship firearms to Ukraine. Also, Kimber has donated 200 handguns and 20 rifles with 20 Leupold-donated scopes.

Ukraine war reintroduces U.S. politicians to the Second Amendment. Stephen Halbrook makes the Washington Times. If you’re not familiar with Mr. Halbrook, get some of his books and start reading.

Department of Idiocy

USA Today reported this week that a duck “delivered her babies in the atrium of a Florida labor and delivery hospital,” apparently forgetting that ducks lay eggs; they don’t deliver baby ducks. But that’s USA Today.

Oscar winners are almost seven times more likely to suffer from mental health and addiction issues than other people. Figures show that 10% of the general population has a mental health issue, but this rises to 68% among Oscar winners. No word on the mental health of those who vote for them. But remember this when a celebrity is offered up as an authority on anything.

The promise and illusion of safety

“When as society values safety over everything else, then it inevitably turns towards ‘strong figures’ that promise to provide that safety. This begins a downward cultural spiral of giving up righteous liberties for incrementally more safety. Freedom as a primary value is supplanted by safety.”


Not DGUs

Ayoob speaks

“I’ve lost count over the years of how many criminal cases and lawsuits were hung on the hook of the defendant ‘negligently modifying the firearm in question.'”

Shotgun ammo for home defense



If you have innocents in the next room on the other side of the drywall, then BIRDSHOT. This is for same-room usage at ranges from about 0-5 yards (15 feet). Prepare for multiple shots.

SLUGS may be called for at extended ranges or when the perpetrator is behind some cover. These may not be defensive uses.

Shotgun Ammo for Home Defense

Shooting Through Bags and Purses

WHY we keep our finger off the trigger


“Untraceable Ghost Guns”

But remember that “matching” fired brass or bullets is not nearly as certain as people, including attorneys and judges, believe.

First Aid

If you haven’t taken a basic Boy Scout/Red Cross first aid course, do so.


scorpion hiding in hearing protection

Browning is now in the suppressor business. The new Browning suppressor line is called Iridium and initially offers three direct thread cans – one for .22LR firearms and two different-length rifle suppressors rated to up to .300 Win Mag.

The GoGun Gas Pedal

KY Gun Co. has Emperor 12 ga. pump home defense shotguns for just $128. Don’t say you can’t afford a home defense shotgun.

Check out the affordable M*CARBO spring kits.

All In Vain

It’s quiet tonight on this lonely hill,
the guns are hushed and the men lie still.

There lingers a silence beyond all compare,
The smoke from the battle looms in the air.

Today they fought, these daring young few,
Today they died for me and for you.

They were your sons, Americans all,
From all races and creeds, they answered the call.

And what may I ask, did you do today?
You rioted and protested to get your way!

You burned your draft cards to prove us wrong,
You shouted protests to a doubting throng.

You murdered to silence an innocent voice,
Yet here men died, for they had no choice.

For these heroes it’s over, there is no more pain.
Let us all pray to God that it wasn’t in vain.

— Pfc. Ivan G. Hiestand
Charlie Company
1st Battalion, Third Marines
Vietnam, September 13, 1967


“Advanced skills are the basics mastered.” – Bruce Lee

“There is no advanced gunfight.” – Louis Awerbuck

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