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SCOTUS nominee 100% UNqualified

“I do not hold a position on whether individuals possess natural rights.” – Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

That’s all we need to know.

Senate support for Judge Jackson is split along party lines, with RINO Sens. Lisa Murkowski (AK), Mitt Romney (UT) and Susan Collins (ME) supporting Jackson.


The Second Amendment Foundation and Defense Distributed have scored a victory in the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a long-running battle to allow online publication of information related to the 3D printing of firearms.

A three-judge panel of the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals published an opinion (pdf) in the case of Knibbs v Momphard, establishing:

  • The mere possession of a firearm by a homeowner is not sufficient to justify the use of deadly force by officers.
  • There is a right to come to the door with a firearm.
  • Officers must identify themselves as officers to gain qualified immunity.
  • Mere verbal announcement, without visual confirmation, is not sufficient to gain qualified immunity.
  • Sufficient precedent exists for officers to be aware of their duty in these situations.


Georgia has passed Constitutional Carry and sent the bill to Governor Brian Kemp, who says he’ll sign it. That makes 25 states.

Meanwhile in Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced he has called a special legislative session to be held this month, during which lawmakers could bring up other legislative issues, including constitutional carry. Other states’ bills are still in the works.

Second That - shirt


The April ACLDN and Rangemaster (pdf) newsletters are out.

“Violets are purple,
Your blood is red.
You left your door unlocked,
Now I’m standing by your bed.”

Travel Guide

Stay Out of Jail

Cooper speaks on mindset

You probably know this stuff, but here it is from the horse’s mouth. 30 min. video.

Big Brother

More on ATF

President Joe Biden is expected to announce a new nominee to lead the BATFE as early as this month. At the top of the list appears to be Steve Dettelbach, a former federal attorney for the Northern District of Ohio. Dettelbach is an anti-gunner who has called for lots of gun control. Other candidates are possible. None look good to me.

The Silencer Shop says that ATF’s new eForm process for suppressor sales now takes as little as 6 days. Never mind that government restrictions and required approvals are unconstitutional to begin with.

Amtrak has asked the TSA to start screening some of its passengers against the Terrorist Screening Database watch list maintained by the Threat Screening Center to look for known or suspected terrorists on trains.

"I just caught a terrorist!" said no TSA Agent ever.

Gang Gunfight


Meanwhile, California U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D), President Joe Biden, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr and others say that expanding California’s onerous slate of 107 gun laws nationally is the answer to preventing future mass shootings like the one discussed above. Yes, they say the solution to the problem of the laws that didn’t work is to pass the same laws that didn’t work. Genius.

Facepalm boy

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (sic) has announced it will be shutting down and merging its sister organization Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence (sic) with Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence (sic) Prevention. The new organization will be called the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence (sic) Solutions.

The Editorial Board of the Chicago Sun Times recently claimed that homemade “ghost” guns sometimes contain no metal and cannot be detected by airport security systems.

NSSF President Larry Keane says that the Biden administration is worse regarding Second Amendment rights than any previous administration, including Clinton and Obama.

The Only Ones

Granted immunity to testify against one of his previous subordinates, former Baltimore Police Sgt. Keith Gladstone admitted Tuesday to decades worth of crimes, including gun crimes, while he commanded the corrupt Cease Fire Squad.

Ukrainian & Russian female snipers

A tale of two deadly female snipers



About those studies

RAND Finds only 123 of 27,900 Gun Control Studies Meet Rigorous Scientific Standards (more here). No word on whether the RAND study is itself any good.

Where did you get your journalism degree? The toilet store.

Sales numbers

The March 2022 NSSF-adjusted NICS check figure of 1,669,578 is an increase of 300,000 from February but decrease of 18.3% compared to the March 2021 NSSF-adjusted NICS figure of 2,044,136. The March 2022 figures are the third highest for the month on record, surpassed by March 2021 and March 2020. Evidence indicates part of the strong sales causation this year is Ukraine.

SS22 Pistol Product Safety Bulletin


Filled up tank and bought ammo

This week I read an article by a veteran gun writer on the new 30 Super Carry cartridge, in which he opined, “Created specifically for concealed carry, the ’30 Super Carry’ offers performance matching (and even besting at times) the classic 9mm. All the while handily outperforming the .380 – while still fitting inside a 9mm platform.”

That is the definition of the 9mm. In case you hadn’t noticed, the 9mm has always offered performance matching the classic 9mm, handily outperforming the .380, and fitting inside a 9mm platform. Unless and until someone shoehorns the 30 SC into a small .380 platform, they haven’t really offered anything except higher price and less availability.

Do you have a Cold Steel or similar Kukri machete? If not, I will recommend it. These are not high-end products and are therefore priced very reasonably at $30 retail. If you shop around you can probably find them for closer to half price. They aren’t great, but they are functional and useful far beyond their price, and you won’t mind leaving them out on the tractor or digging in the dirt with them. They are great for keeping on the ATV or tractor for whacking the occasional bush, limb or briar. I think the steel is 1095, and it’s easy to sharpen with a large flat file. I currently have at least 5 of them, each dedicated/attached to one vehicle or another, and all get used.

Have you been looking for Lubriplate gun lubes? Here ya go.

The Galco Change Carrier. Very overpriced, like they think it’s something else.

Northern Precision’s Sabre Star bullets in .452 diameter (up to 300 grains) are now available for .45 ACP, .454 Casull and .450 Bushmaster. The cone-shaped hollowpoints have six sharp expanding points that produce a buzz saw effect on contact. Additionally, .429 (up to 300 grains) and .416 (215 grains) calibers are available for reduced-recoil loads. Standard bullets are sold in 50-round packs for $35; bonded core bullets start at $35 per pack of 25. Sample packs of any five bullets are $10.

EAA is now offering its Girsan MCP35 (Browning Hi Power clone) in a Match version, with a well-designed and -shaped bilateral safety lever, a flat-faced trigger, a windage-adjustable rear sight and fiber-optic front sight, a beveled magazine well, an extended beavertail grip safety and textured G10 stocks.

Speaking of Hi Powers, here are some aftermarket upgrades.

GForce Arms is a Nevada importer of Turkish shotguns with some interesting offerings, including a lever action .410.

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