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  • The NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, Safari Club International, Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation, and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation have together filed motions to intervene in and dismiss a lawsuit challenging the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision to expand hunting and fishing opportunities on more than 2.3 million acres of land at 106 National Wildlife Refuges.
  • The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to an en banc reconsideration of a decision by a panel of three Republican-appointed judges holding that a California county’s mandates forcing gun shops to close to combat the COVID-19 pandemic were unconstitutional.

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Biden = disaster


  • Vista companies Remington, CCI, Speer and Federal Ammunition have announced they will be donating a total of one million rounds of to the Ukraine Armed Forces. This is in addition to the million rounds pledged by Ammo, Inc. You can help.
  • Adams Arms has been doing business with Ukraine for years and continues to ship piston-driven AR style rifles to the embattled nation.

“I’d never held a gun in my hands till February 2022. My wife and I had several hours of training just to figure out what to do with it. Just in case. And now I regret like hell that I didn’t do that training before.” – Ukrainian writer

  • Russian troops say they’re desperate to quit war in Ukraine, partly because “Everyone here has an assault rifle. Everyone.”
  • Metal prices are rising due to the war. That’s another reason for ammo prices to rise, in addition to the extra demand for ammo.


Peter Ambler, the executive director of the anti-gun Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence has accused gun rights advocates of being “deeply irresponsible” for contending the Ukraine crisis provides strong evidence of the Second Amendment’s importance to liberty. I suggest he be drafted and sent to the front lines (without a gun) for a firsthand look.

While a half dozen states are working to eliminate their requirement to obtain a government permission slip to practice the Second Amendment right to bear arms, some police groups and politicians with badges are objecting, citing the wild wild west or some such. These objections ALWAYS happen and their predictions NEVER happen. They are lying, while carrying guns themselves everywhere.

What would U.S. citizens do in the face of Russian attack such as is happening in Ukraine? According to a Quinnipiac poll, 40% of Democrats said they would stay and fight for their country, while 52% said they would flee like cowards. Republicans said they would stay and fight by a margin of 68% to 25%, and independents would defend our country by a margin of 57% to 36%. No word on whether the poll included politicians who have actually taken an oath to defend the Constitution. Of course, there’s a big difference between saying and doing.

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Department of Idiocy

Alec Baldwin meme

“You don’t want the actors doing the [weapon] safety check. They can’t even make coffee, they’re so stupid.” – Actor Alec Baldwin
For perhaps the first time, Mr. Baldwin and I agree on something.



Defensive shotgun stuff

“I dug deeply into the details of almost 1800 shootings for my study on firearm stopping power. Outside of cops shooting at barricaded suspects, I never saw a single gunfight where the defender emptied his shotgun.”

A little good news

Can anyone explain?

Why do supposed gun “experts” incessantly claim that lighter recoiling weapons are a prime choice for women, youth and smaller-statured men, but not for big men? Are they just pooh-poohing little people? If the gun fits and the person is not particularly recoil sensitive, why wouldn’t a 150-lb person be able to use the same gun and caliber as a 300-lb person? Yes, he gets knocked around more, but at the same time, if he provides less inertial resistance, the little guy is probably getting more of a non-bruising push than the big guy is, because the big guy isn’t moving as much with the recoil. FWIW, I’m a little bitty guy who has been known to hunt deer with an elephant rifle, and my only concern was not getting kicked out of the tree stand.

Lesson from a Southern woman

Industry news

Another warning about scam gun & ammo sales websites. In addition to the tips reiterated here, if a site claims to have plenty of a particular gun or ammo that is impossible to find, and especially if it seems to have lots of everything that you can’t find at known legitimate dealers, that is a big red flag.

Beretta Holdings is acquiring Ammotec, the ammunition manufacturing business formerly owned by Switzerland’s RUAG International, with manufacturing facilities in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, France, Australia, Hungary, Austria and the U.S. RUAG brands include RWS, Rottweil, GECO, Norma, and Hirtenberger, and include shotshells, centerfire and rimfire ammunition.


Springfield Armory’s new Hellcat Pro pistol model is essentially an upsized Hellcat. The original holds 11 rounds in the standard flush magazine and 13 rounds in the extended magazine, which adds a bit of grip length via a grip sleeve. The Hellcat Pro has an extended grip and comes with a 15-round flush fit magazine, which would seem to preclude the use of the original’s magazines in the Pro. No extended magazines for the Pro have been announced. In addition to the lengthened frame, the Hellcat Pro also has a longer barrel and dustcover area with a longer strip of Picatinny rail. My sources seem to disagree on magazine and holster interchangeability between the two models, so caveat emptor. $634.

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Lyman’s new Mark 7 Power Trim Express is a press-mounted electric case trimmer which can be used on a progressive loading press so you can do your case trimming while you’re loading. They say it works on most progressive, automated, turret or single station presses. $315 without a press.

Volker Precision is working on a project to manufacture Beretta 92 slides that are optics ready and allow for the lowest possible mounting platform for micro red dot optics.

A company called Bioamo is making shotshells which are 100% biodegradable/compostable (except for the shot, with both lead and nontoxics available).

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