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A Valentine’s story


Valentine joke


Alec Baldwin

Finally. Someone is blaming Baldwin. The family of the cinematographer who actor Alec Baldwin fatally shot on the set of the film “Rust” is suing Baldwin and the movie’s producers for wrongful death. Still no word on any criminal charges.

About the Remington Sandy Hook settlement (more here). “First thing you do is kill all the lawyers…”

Don’t evacuate into a parking lot!

I don’t care what your boss said. If some sort of attack or threat of attack happens, go AWOL down the back sidewalk and around the block, not out into your main parking lot. Also pay attention. A fire alarm or drill might not be one – it might be a false alarm to get everyone to stand around like victims in the parking lot.


Important ones.

Chamber empty carry…

…Will get you killed.


On Disparity of Force

Data. We like data.

Not that statistics matter when justifying civil rights.


But not this kind of data. The FBI is strongly pursuing false convictions.

I’m not any sort of forensic scientist, but I’ve been saying a lot of this stuff for years, just because the “expert” testimony tends to not explain exactly how they came to their conclusions. It seems I was right – many of these folks are perjuring themselves.


Meanwhile the ATF says its illegal gun sales database is used to trace firearms used in crimes. Nope. They’re still lying too.

And there’s this. It’s the same thing the Nazis did. Maybe we ought to report some of those gunwalking ATF agents to the ATF.


Mayors Against Illegal Guns, part of Michael Bloomberg’s New York-based gun ban group Everytown for Gun Safety, announced Tuesday that Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly would be one of 10 co-chairs nationwide. Kelly has been a member of MAIG since last year.
Here are the others.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bloomberg is now working for the U.S. Department of Defense. Really.

After the ATF admitted to Congress that it’s (illegally) keeping nearly 1 BILLION records on gun owners, Gun Owners of America’s Facebook post that warns the public about the illegal registry is getting censored by the ultra-liberal anti-gun social media giant based on a clearly false “fact check.”

And more liars

The New York Times admitted they’ve been lying about guns for the last 30 years. I told you so.

Department of Idiocy

Brooklyn College [NY] banned armed police officers on campus, so they had to call for armed police from other schools during an active shooter scare on February 3. Really. The question is, just how stupid does one have to be to go there, and how much more stupid will you be after you graduate?

Awash in guns

Police in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina say that folks may be finding guns washing up on the Outer Banks beaches, and if they do, they should call police to pick them up. No thanks; I’m perfectly capable of picking up a gun. FYI, most police officers aren’t “gun guys” or particularly knowledgeable about guns.

Private civil war & guns museum in Vicksburg, MS


Warne has a new line of magazine extensions for handguns and rifles.

Meopta’s new DichroTech coating enables reticles in multiple color configurations to automatically adjust color tone and intensity in varying light conditions without the use of a battery, to provide maximum contrast and visibility.

Volquartsen’s new VT2 is a .22 WMR or .17 HMR no-tools takedown semiauto rimfire rifle. $2352 (or $2871 with both calibers included).

The Heritage Rough Rider Tactical Cowboy SA revolver. In case you need an inexpensive pest gun.

Henry Repeating Arms truck gun. Literally.

2022 MS gun bills

Summary of gun related bills still alive this legislative session. NOT guaranteed complete.

Next deadline: March 1 for committee action on bills from other house.


Referred to Senate Jud. B
By: Rep. Barnett
Ref: Jud. B

Slightly relaxes prohibitions on felons possessing non-firearm weapons.

Referred to Senate
By: Reps. Oliver, Aguirre, Bain, Bell (21st), Boyd, Carpenter, Crawford, Criswell, Felsher, Goodin, Gunn, Hale, Hobgood-Wilkes, Hood, Horan, Horne, Mangold, Pigott, Rushing, Wallace
Ref: Jud. B

Second Amendment Preservation Act, with exceptions for universities and colleges, beefs-up state preemption of local gun laws and prohibits enforcement of federal laws violating Second Amendment.



By: Sens. Blackwell, Barnett, Butler (36th), Butler (38th), DeLano, Hickman, Horhn, Jackson (11th), Simmons (12th), Simmons (13th)
Ref: Public Health and Welfare

This is the “medical” marijuana bill. I am only including it here as a reminder that under federal law, marijuana users are prohibited persons for guns. My understanding is that possession of a prescription or state-issued weed card may be evidence enough to trigger a federal prosecution.

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2 thoughts on “Litigation, Tactics, Fibbers, MS Bills”

  1. Avatar

    HB 1418, Second Amendment Preservation Act, has an unconstitutional clause that gives local governments the go-ahead to regulate open carry. This needs to be pulled out of that bill.


  2. Avatar

    Chamber empty carry……Will get you killed.

    The proper method of weapon carry in this video is loaded chamber, weapon out of holster in hand, safety on, at ready. Also, if you must do this in an open public path, people should be controlled and routed.

    Now, that is for this situation. When I am welding, working under my tractor, digging a ditch in the summer and sweating profusely, cooking my lunch, sleeping with my weapon under my pillow, or carrying in Walmart with no visible threat condition near me (but not like in this video) my weapon is chamber empty. That is the proper method to carry a weapon in those situations.

    I will welcome comments on my comment here.


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