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Action item against anti-gun provisions in popular federal bill. Take a minute.

Please stop resisting Ma'am!


Fully half of the U.S. states are urging SCOTUS to uphold the Second Amendment. This is an interesting but incomplete discussion.

Meanwhile as we previously reported, fourteen other U.S. states attorneys general – who have sworn to defend the rights of the citizens of their states and defend the Constitution – have instead sided with the Brady bunch in an amicus brief supporting Mexico’s lawsuit falsely alleging that U.S. gun manufacturers participate in negligent [but legal] business practices and are responsible for “massive damage” that is “destabilizing” their country. Dude, what do you think your illegal imports into the U.S. are doing?

Facts in the news. Really.

“Having a gun is by far the safest course of action when people are facing a criminal by themselves,” Dr. John Lott, an economist and president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, told Fox News Digital. He pointed to unarmed women in particular, who “behave passively” and are “about 2.4 times more likely to end up being seriously injured than a woman who has a gun to protect herself.”

Although the efficacy of guns for self defense is irrelevant to the right to keep and bear arms, it’s good to know that being armed is in fact a practical defense to violent crime.

Handgun as perfect accessory for your rape whistle

Armed Citizen Considerations in the Time of the Active Killer

“If you KNOW that you are looking at the killer and he has not yet seen you, you are not obligated to announce yourself or to make verbal challenges commanding him to drop the gun…”


At the same time I was reading about folks hearing bomb explosions near the Russia/Ukraine border a couple of days before news of the war broke, I also read that the Ukrainian parliament was on the verge of giving civilians the right – with lots of restrictions – to bear non-military arms. Probably too little, too late. Ukraine retains a plethora of Brady Bunch style gun laws. Of course Brady, Everytown and the Demanding Mommies have been silent on this news. And FWIW, if the U.S. plans/planned to participate, shouldn’t we have already had assets in place to defend from the get-go? Perhaps we should drop the A-bomb at the beginning of this war, and drop it right on Putin’s head. We probably should have kept Trump. I’m also not the first to wonder if Putin is playing the stock market.

Since this item was written, Russia declared war on Ukraine and attacked. According to the Daily Mail, President Zelenskyy has promised today that every citizen willing to have a gun will have one, thus proving an armed citizenry is “necessary to the security of a free State.”




Teachers unions: Dead teachers are A-OK, Protecting teachers with guns is Not-OK.

We hear that there’s a new push by the anti-hunters to ban lead ammunition (both shot and bullets), allegedly to save bald eagles from lead poisoning. Back when the feds illegally banned lead shot for hunting waterfowl, they sold it to us by saying it was to save the ducks. (Which was likely not true – it was actually to save the raptors that were eating the ducks that had ingested lead shot off the bottom of the potholes. Since hunters allegedly cared more about keeping duck populations up than they did about raptors, we were told we had to save the ducks.) Suspiciously now, aside from the eagles, there is no mention of vultures, hawks, opossums or the like dying from the same sort of lead poisoning. And the eagle claim is nothing but a false hypothesis. In other words, they’re making it up. Again. To this day, it’s still legal to use lead shot in many of those same duck potholes, as long as you’re hunting something other than waterfowl, because apparently lead squirrel shot doesn’t poison ducks. But now they’re trying to ban lead squirrel shot too, even though we no longer hear reports of ducks dying.


Lawyers for Britain’s Prince Harry say he does not feel safe bringing his children back to the “gun-free” United Kingdom because of a lack of police protection for his family, The Associated Press reports. Well, what chance would a commoner have in that cesspool of crime?

Uber. (Also correctly filed under “Enemies” and “Department of Idiocy.”)

Department of Idiocy

Someone saw a man wearing a gun on his belt at Market Basket last Saturday and called the police. Geez, I saw a man wearing combat boots this morning – should I have called the police?


An interesting news tidbit. A local man was lured to an apartment by a perpetrator using the first man’s girlfriend’s cellphone. The man who was tricked fatally shot the person who apparently lured him. Police initially are calling it justifiable homicide, while simultaneously calling the shooter the “victim.” One wonders if the cops went to cop school.

I’m putting this here because I don’t have a DCU category. When an armed crook is chasing a fleeing hostage, he richly deserves this. Language warning.

The Only Ones

Off-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent Stevan Djordjevic, 44, accidentally fatally shot a visiting relative at a Sierra Vista, AZ, residence last week. We have no other details.

Baltimore Police Officer Robert F. Cherry, outspoken former FOP president, left his personal gun in a Mount Vernon restaurant bathroom on Feb. 12. The gun was still missing at last report. So much for those background checks.

(Video) Alleged NYPD off duty cop improperly carrying firearm has firearm taken away by thug. If this is actually an officer, it speaks volumes to the quality of the NYPD recruitment and training process.


Grizzlies vs. pistols

(I don’t recommend either caliber in grizzly country.)


The .500 S&W Special

CZ-USA has two new versions of its Bobwhite G2 side-by-side guns. The Bobwhite G2 Intermediate has dimensions that are a little more compact than the standard guns, and the Bobwhite G2 Southpaw is designed with the correct stock cast for left-handed shooters.

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