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NRA updates


We wrote last week about the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals letting stand the Trump administration’s bump stock ban, and this week a panel of the Fifth Circuit has also upheld the ban.


Nightmare TSA Experience



This just in from Salt Lake City:

Police response time for highest-priority emergency calls has improved to 13 minutes. In other words, your body will have cooled off by the time they get there.

The Only Ones

An unidentified Houston Police Department SWAT team member left an AR-15 style rifle in a public parking lot at a Fiesta shopping center in the Katy-Cypress area after the officer placed the rifle on a car and drove away. The rifle fell to the ground and was left in the parking lot.

Federal law enforcement agent Carmelo Manuel Viera, 47, allegedly attached to Homeland Security, was Tased, arrested, and charged in South Carolina with two counts of pointing and presenting a firearm at a person, unlawful carrying of pistol, and resisting arrest with a deadly weapon. I would have bought a ticket to see that.

The Santa Clara County [CA] Civil Grand Jury has indicted Sheriff Laurie Smith (reported to be Republican) for willful and corrupt misconduct in office, notably including her infamous “pay to play” CCW permit system. Those payments are in addition to her ~$300,000 annual salary. On Tuesday, the Civil Grand Jury accused Sheriff Smith on seven counts of corruption, including illegally issuing concealed carry weapon permits to VIPs, failing to properly investigate whether non-VIPs should receive CCW permits, and keeping non-VIP CCW applications pending indefinitely. Smith testified before a grand jury last August, and along with her second-in-command ended up invoking her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in response to almost every question.

Dept. of Idiocy

The Chicago PD is offering to pay criminals for their crime guns and then to dispose of the evidence for them.


Communist congressman. Really.

Anti-gun payment company Square Inc. has changed its name to Block Inc., and is being sued by direct competitor H&R Block Inc. for trademark infringement. H&R accused the Square company of “stealing Block’s name in order to co-opt the reputation and goodwill that Block has earned through decades of hard work.”

Bible gun


Square your scope

Important if you ever shoot beyond your sight-in range.


Remington Ammunition has announced the temporary reintroduction of the nostalgic Peters Paper shotshell, featuring the classic retro blue paper hull, clean and reliable primers, carefully selected powder blends, and high antimony shot for tight, uniform patterns.

Peters Paper Shotshells

Berger offers .223 Remington 77 Grain OTM Tactical rifle ammunition

Springfield Armory has a 35-round extended magazine for the XD-M® and XD-M® Elite series of 9mm pistols. Cool, but probably makes your pistol a bit heavy and unwieldy. $50.


“There’s no fight as ill-considered as a fair one.” – Jim Shepherd

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