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No politician who supports gun control should get armed protection paid for by those he is trying to disarm

The Only Ones

Back in August, when two teenage boys exchanged gunfire in a grudge match outside a high school football stadium just as a game was winding down in the suburbs of Philadelphia [PA], three unidentified police officers responded with 25 shots of their own into a car they mistakenly believed was the source of the gunshots, killing an 8-year-old girl from 140 feet away. The two teenage boys have been charged with first-degree murder in the death of that girl. The three cops have been charged with…. nothing.

An unidentified 52-year-old “special officer” of the Carver [MA] Police Department shot himself in the leg during training on a gun range in Harwich this week.

San Francisco police Sgt. Davin Cole was charged last week with second-degree robbery after being arrested earlier this month for alleged off-duty armed robbery at a Rite Aid in San Mateo. Cole is also accused of resisting arrest.

The bad guys

Seven men were sentenced to prison this week in Madison County, MS, for trafficking in stolen guns. Their first names are Trevon, Genoris, Latavious, Kendravious, Lakeith, Laregious, and Quintavious. I am not making this up. Does anyone else sense a pattern?


CBS San Antonio Whistleblower GOES PUBLIC, Exposes Internal Diversity & Inclusion Training Where Journalists are Instructed to “Stop Thinking in Terms of Objective Journalism.”

I’ve been telling you this for decades.

Safety reminder

If you handload, ALWAYS go by the book. And always check your load with multiple books. Real reloading manuals, not some load somebody posted on the internet.

"It's a very large caliber rifle"


S&W is now offering its M&P M2.0 pistol chambered in 10mm. Built on the M&P45 platform, the pistol will accept those accessories. It is optics ready, 15+1 capacity, ships with two magazines, offers a choice of ambidextrous manual thumb safety or no manual safety, and a 4″ or 4.6″ barrel configuration. About $660. Is anyone keeping a count of how many 10mm pistol models are currently being made?

CMMG has released the FourSix™, AR chambered in 4.6x30mm, with a 40-round magazine capacity, light recoil, and great penetration at close distances. The FourSix is built on the company’s BANSHEE™, Mk4 platform. It comes standard with an 8-inch barrel and features AR15 controls and modularity. The patent-pending CMMG 40RD 4.6x30mm magazine will seat into any standard AR15-sized magwell, which means users can pair their existing AR15 lower receiver with a CMMG FourSix upper receiver and 4.6x30mm magazine. $1400, and $40 for magazines.

CZ has a new series of bolt rifles, called the 600.

The SureFire Warden blast-forward muzzle devices are back on the market.

WMD’s AmbiBeast™ is an AR equipped with fully ambidextrous controls, fully shielded by WMD’s proprietary NiB-X® nickel boron coating (extreme wear & corrosion resistance, minimal maintenance & lubrication requirements). Available In multiple calibers & finishes. $1350.

Diamondback’s new DB Sidekick is a 9 shot, single and double action rimfire revolver with a swing out, interchangeable cylinder. .22 LR and .22 Mag. cylinders are supplied. It appears to be a clone of the High Standard Double Nine. $320. This one seems to have a lot of potential as a working pest control gun. It’s on my Christmas list.

14 new guns for 2022

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