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Constitution needs to be re-read, not rewritten

In an interesting aside, Tom Gresham informs us that if SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts, a liberal, votes with the dissenters (minority) in a case, he does not get to pick who writes the SCOTUS decision on the case. However if he votes with the majority he does get to pick. So that may determine just how strong the written decision is. Now if we can just win all the cases with Roberts dissenting…

An opinion released last week by the Kentucky attorney general says local governments in Kentucky cannot prevent their employees from carrying weapons “at all times and places” while on duty. Just an opinion, not a court ruling.


More fallout from ATF, Chipman, Gunwalker, etc.

Failed ATF director nominee David Chipman is blaming the NRA and the National Shooting Sports Foundation for his failure to be confirmed, instead of recognizing the problems of his own sordid past. But that still works for me.

More on ATF’s massive expansion.

NRA debacle reports

Just how bad is it? Real bad.

2022 NRA Board official nominees. I see no one on the list who isn’t a part of the problem.


Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is reported to be pulling back from public-finance business in Texas because of new state laws that prohibit anti-gun banks doing business with the state taxpayers’ money. The bank, which is ranked as the sixth biggest municipal-bond underwriter in 2021, is joining rivals Citigroup Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. in halting such business in Texas, at least temporarily.

Meanwhile the Louisiana State Bond Commission removed two JPMorgan Chase-related items from its agenda Thursday, due to the firm’s policies that discriminate against gun rights or the legal exercise of such rights. Louisiana law also prohibits the state’s doing business with such companies.

Anti-gun serial police chief Art Acevedo, formerly of Houston, TX, and now in Miami, FL, is being fired.

We had a report that Dos Equis and Heineken beer are sponsoring an event for a gun ban group. Word spread and upset customers reached out to corporate, who it turns out was unhappy about their logos being used, especially because they were not actual sponsors. The bar hosting the event removed their post and will not be using the logos on further promotional materials for their events without further permission.

Anti-gun Katie Couric’s Still A Dishonest Hack. But I repeat myself.

Don’t Feed the Gun Prohibitionists! (big list)

The Muzzle-loading Argument

Some folks say that the Second Amendment only applies to weapons existing at the time of its ratification. Fine, but remember that government permission to carry your gun – any kind of gun – anywhere you wanted was not a thing at the time. Continuing to follow that logic, organized police departments and telephones, let alone 911 and police cars, also didn’t exist. So you get to pick; EITHER evil black self-loading or automatic high capacity rifles, and trained and equipped police officers summoned in minutes with a phone call, OR muzzle-loading firearms and no police, no phone, and no help, after which the horse-towed “ambulance” may or may not arrive.

Now while we’re at it, consider the folks who follow the illogical premise above. They are likely the same folks who oppose legal homemade “ghost guns” without a serial number or paper evidence of existence. You know, the same kind of guns that were the only ones extant at the time the Second Amendment was adopted to protect them…


Two U.S. Postal Service workers were fatally shot last week at a postal facility in Memphis and a third employee identified as the shooter also died from a self-inflicted gunshot.

But that can’t happen. Post Offices are gun free zones (.pdf document).

A Danish man was arrested for a bow-and-arrow attack on a small Norwegian town last week that killed five people and wounded two others – at least one was an off-duty police officer. Later reports indicated that although the attacker was armed with a bow and arrow, which he shot at several people, wounding at least one, all five of the deceased were fatally stabbed, not shot with an arrow. Denmark and Norway have similar firearm laws, with strict licensing and ownership of handguns restricted to those who participate in some sort of club-based competition. Both nations ban carry in public. The suspect is a Danish citizen and Muslim convert who had previously been flagged by authorities over concerns that he had become radicalized.

The Only Ones

Yvonne Wu, 31, a degenerate Brooklyn NYPD cop, shot her girlfriend and killed her girlfriend’s other girlfriend after catching the two together last week. I don’t suppose the NYPD would consider decent vetting qualifications for officers now. Nah, they called the perpetrator a model officer whose annual evaluations “exceeded expectations.”

An unidentified retired police officer accidentally shot himself at a Miami-Dade movie theater last weekend. No details, but it sounds like a classic case of cop leg.

Dept. of Idiocy

Virulently anti-gun and anti-NRA actor Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun (allegedly with blanks and/or that “misfired”) on the “Rust” movie set in New Mexico this week, killing a director of photography and injuring another director. I presume that neither victim was in the script as having a gun fired at them. A prop masters’ union rep reported that the gun had real ammunition in it, and that the prop master on the set wasn’t a union member. That raises more questions than it answers. We have few other details yet, but this reeks of an idiotic accident. Ironically, the plot for that movie centers around an accidental fatal killing. We also note that this sort of mishap never seems to occur with actors who are real gun guys, but only with those who have little knowledge of their weapons.


Think you are safe sleeping in your own bed? Think again.

“Be prepared to defend yourself and your family because it’s going to be a long time before a cop can get there. That’s not alarmist talk. That’s a reality.” – Mike Solan, president of the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild, about the potential loss of police manpower due to city and state vaccination mandates for government employees

Misc. Info

If you can't predict the future then don't tell me how many rounds I need


Definitely a redneck. A double dose of Dabbs.

I can identify with this story and have a few of my own for which the statute of limitations likely has not expired, so I won’t tell them. Suffice it to say that as I write this, it’s been less than 12 hours since my last lethal encounter with wild mammalian pests.

Here we have Otasco, toilet paper and black powder.


Self Defense & Safety


Elden Carl. “The best pistol shot in the history of the handgun.” – Jeff Cooper

Industry news

New SAAMI resources: The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute,® Inc. (SAAMI®) has added two new web-based resources to clarify the safe interchangeability of certain ammunition in a specified firearm chamber, and identify the names of equivalent and historical cartridges.


Henry Repeating Arms is expanding with a new manufacturing facility near its Wisconsin headquarters, adding 30% to its total size and more room to grow.


Smith & Wesson has announced a Safety Recall of all M&P12 bullpup pump shotguns manufactured prior to October 15, 2021, due to reports of cracked barrels.


Purchase warning: During the shortage of ammo and reloading components, there are a number of websites out there who seem to have whatever you need in stock and at reasonable prices. However, if you go to order it you find out that they have a large minimum order size and they only accept forms of payment with little or no recourse when the items you order never arrive. Caveat emptor.

The history of the Leupold VX-3 family. If you don’t want to fool around shopping and comparing scope brands and models and just want a good scope and a good value, go pick a Leupold that suits your purpose and be done with it.

SilencerCo’s new Hybrid 46M is claimed to be the world’s first modular large bore suppressor. It’s capable of suppressing most everything from .22LR to .45-70 Government. $1117.

Remington has entered into a licensing partnership with Smokey Mountain Knife Works to develop and distribute a new version of its classic Bullet Knife, to be made in the USA. I don’t know who the maker is.

Sig Sauer’s new Kilo 10K rangefinder binocular measures distances up to 10,000 yards on reflective surfaces, 4,000 yards on trees, and 3,000 yards on deer. Good luck with that shot. To help, Sig’s system has riflescopes that communicate with their rangefinding binoculars to automatically adjust the scope’s aiming point for the range. Just point and shoot.

Standard Manufacturing’s new Switch-Gun is a tiny, folding, 5-shot single-action .22 Magnum pocket revolver. “Pardon me, Mr. Criminal, while I fish this thing out of my pocket, open it up and cock it so I can shoot you with a little bitty bullet.”

Beretta’s new BRX1 hunting rifle is a straight-pull bolt gun with interchangeable barrels of varying calibers, three-trigger weight options and fully ambidextrous bolt and extraction. $1800 in Europe; no word on US availability.

The new Bushmaster Firearms is making a new Bushmaster in .450 Bushmaster.

Cimarron will be making a replica Winchester Model 1897 pump-action Trench Gun. The original 1897 Winchester-made shotgun was based on the John Browning-designed 1893 shotgun, with improvements.

Girls vs. Guys in the fall

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