Joe Biden: AR-14 Salesman of the Year!

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“These are very high-powered artillery weapons, and this is why this city keeps fighting for gun control,” Philadelphia Sheriff Rochelle Bilal told the media last week.

And what, exactly, are those “artillery” weapons to which the sheriff refers? An AR-style rifle, a pump shotgun, two 9mm handguns and some ammo. What a liar!

Joe Lied’n

Joe Biden: AR-14 Salesman of the Year!

Government corruption

The NSSF reports that firearm and ammunition manufacturers surpassed $14.1 billion in contributions to the Wildlife Restoration Trust Fund since its inception through the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, commonly called the Pittman-Robertson Act, in 1937.

The law imposes an 11% federal excise tax on “sporting” arms and ammunition and archery tackle and a 10% tax on pistols and revolvers, to fund wildlife work, hunter safety, and shooting ranges. I am unaware of any firearms or ammunition not subject to the tax.

The rub is this: imposing an extra tax, above whatever is charged for any other purchase of any other product, on a product of which possession is explicitly protected by a core constitutional right, is simply unconstitutional. It doesn’t matter where the money goes. Suppose they charged a tax premium on Bibles, a tax to vote, or a tax for being born a particular race?

NRA debacle

Misc. News

A veteran Tampa police officer has filed a lawsuit against Sig Sauer, alleging that his Sig Sauer P320 service weapon fired by itself, seriously injuring him. While many of us think that’s not possible, we have heard that in the case of the P320 (and presumably some other weapons), the accumulation of tolerances within the gun can result in insufficient engagement of the foot of the striker with the sear, allowing release of the striker with minor impacts, such as the holstered pistol getting bumped. That’s a risk you take when using a gun that normally has a “cocked” striker or hammer, especially if there is no safety device blocking the striker or firing pin. Presumably a similar risk exists should a critical part in the process simply break at an inopportune location.

Team USA

USA Shooting earned six medals at the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, making this their best performance at the Games since the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. (The 2020 games are held in 2021, due to COVID.)

USA Shooting athletes won gold medals in Men’s Air Rifle (William Shaner), Women’s Skeet (Amber English), and Men’s Skeet (Vincent Hancock), silver medals in Mixed Team Air Rifle (Mary Tucker, Lucas Kozeniesky) and Women’s Trap (Kayle Browning), and a bronze medal in Mixed Team Trap (Maddy Bernau, Brian Burrows).

Team USA Shooting


July’s NSSF-adjusted NICS background check total of 1.3 million was up very slightly from June and represented the second highest adjusted total for any July on record, after last year’s 1.8 million month. That brings the total so far for this year to around 11 million.

Ruger has reported second quarter sales and earnings that have approximately doubled compared to the same quarter last year.



“As long as there is no ‘Iron Curtain’ of armed guardians to protect children, parishioners, or employees, ‘No-Gun Zones’ will continue to be the myth they are, merely a Free Fire Zone where deadly evil is tacitly allowed to focus on harming innocents.” – Ron Borsch, retired Army, retired LEO, LEO trainer and subject matter expert

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