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ATF is now accepting comments on the firearm frame/receiver definition, an attempt to get rid of gunmakers, both commercial and individual.


The American Accountability Foundation has released a report on ATF Director nominee David Chipman, saying he “has an ideological furor that is coupled with an inadequate understanding of firearms regulation.” That’s putting it mildly. Some of the key moderate Democratic senators needed to confirm the nomination are reportedly still undecided about whether they will vote for him, and the tide may be turning against him. Keep the pressure on.


U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez found the U.S. government was 60% responsible for a mass shooting in which a former Air Force airman used firearms he by law should have been prohibited from purchasing to kill 26 people at a rural Sutherland Springs, Texas church on Nov. 5, 2017. Judge Rodriguez said the Air Force did not use reasonable care when it failed to enter the killer’s plea to domestic violence charges in a database used for background checks for those buying firearms. No word on sentencing for the Air Force responsible for this 60% massacre. 60% x 26 people = 15.6 murders.

No. The government’s failure to execute its silly paperwork laws does not cause one to commit mass murder or 60% of mass murder.

And what about the government’s 90+% failure rate on NICS checks false positives, which preclude non-prohibited people from buying guns and cause them all sorts of untold grief in trying to get off “the list?” Isn’t the government responsible for violence perpetrated on some of those folks who couldn’t defend themselves because the government illegally restricted their right to buy a gun with which to protect themselves? What percentage of that is the government’s fault? I suggest 100%.


  • ATF.
  • Media.
  • Media again. Reporting 10-20 times as many mass shootings as the FBI records

6:00 news - manure spreader
If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes journalism

MS anti-gunner retires

Former MS state Sen. Sampson Jackson, a life-long Democrat, served seven terms in the state Senate, where he introduced and supported many anti-gun bills. He suddenly retired in mid-term this year after having talked to a state retirement system representative and learning for the first time that his retirement check would be bigger than his paycheck. He had a total of 48.5 years of public service credit, but did not know that. When I was in state service, at any given time I knew precisely how long I had been there, when I could retire, and what my check would be. But I guess liberal anti-gunners do things differently.

No, no, no. I'm not insulting you. I'm describing you.

Children and guns

Another 12-year-old did it. Defeated an adult home invader. Well, that’s why they make varmint rifles.

The ABC’s of keeping our daughters safe


Bought my daughter a rape whistle - rifle

Guns and Proportion – data on violence from 2019

There are some interesting stats quoted here.



The Army has upgraded heroism awards for 60 Special Forces soldiers who took part in Operation Gothic Serpent, better known as “Black Hawk Down,” in the 1990s in Mogadishu, Somalia.

All guns are always loaded.

A vendor at a Fort Worth, TX, gun show last month had a loaded revolver on display, with the predictable result that a customer “dry fired” it, causing a minor ricochet injury to another person’s foot. The very lucky vendor has been banned from future shows.


Ammo seems to be coming back a bit. Now y’all don’t go buying it all up, ya hear? But if you see any cheap 16 ga. ammo with big lead shot (#2 birdshot to #4 buck), let me know.


This is the old folks home I’ll be going to…

Gatling gun wheelchair



The new Ontario Knife Company Retractable Bayonet easily attaches to any firearm outfitted with an underbarrel Picatinny rail. With a 6-inch retractable blade made of 0.1875″ thick S35VN steel, the bayonet measures 13″ in the open position, and 7″ closed. With one-handed operation, the bayonet deploys with a quick pull of its spring-loaded, stainless steel knob, which can be used to easily retract the blade back into its housing.

The SOG PopGrip Multi-Tool features a small, detachable flat multi-tool tucked into the back of a custom designed cell phone PopSocket PopGrip with TwistMag™, a built-in magnetic twist system, and features a bottle opener, mini pry bar, and ¼” and 4 mm hex bit drivers.

Wilson Combat has multi-caliber AR-15 and AR-10 magazines. Just what you need to increase the risk of an uh-oh.

The Raven Concealment Lictor M4 Magazine Carrier is a minimum-sized, single, ambidextrous, belt-mounted magazine carrier for M-4 magazines that can be quickly put on and taken off without threading a belt through belt loops.

Holosun is introducing lots of “green dot” versions of its popular electronic sights. Check ’em out.

Wift upset her husband never buys her guns

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