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That was in 1775. Then in 1789 we created the Second Amendment, ratified in 1791. There will be no questions.



U.S. Senate Republicans have introduced the Federal Firearms Licensee Protection Act of 2021, which would double the maximum penalties for firearm thefts from licensed gun dealers. Not explained was why thefts from gun dealers are somehow worse than thefts from everyone else. At least dealers can pass on their losses to consumers.


U.S. House Republicans are reportedly gearing up to impeach David Chipman in the event he is confirmed as ATF Director, a nomination that is by all accounts in deep trouble. But if Republicans can’t stop the confirmation in the Senate, there’s little chance that they can get a successful impeachment in the House. We note that one cannot support Chipman’s nomination and the Constitution, which senators apparently forgot they took an oath to defend.


The DHS/FBI publish written guidance on identifying “homegrown violent extremists.” Problem is, one of the “risk factors” they claim is someone having “possession of, access to, or familiarity with weapons.” Of course that doesn’t include themselves I suppose…

More than a dozen CEOs of major health systems reportedly sent a letter to Congressional leaders Wednesday calling for support of President Biden’s proposal to fund $5 billion in hospital and community-based gun violence intervention programs. But make no mistake; what they want is to ban guns and armed citizens. However, what’s really driving the medicos’ push is money: they want government funding for their programs. The systems include CommonSpirit Health, RWJBarnabas Health, Sanford Health, Intermountain, and Northwell Health. I am not linking the source article, written by Marisa Fernandez on Axios, because it contains lies such as the blatantly false claim that Congress has banned research in the field of gun related injuries and deaths. We also note that doctors reportedly kill hundreds of thousands of Americans annually.

Outgoing Rochester, New York, Mayor Lovely Warren (D) was arraigned on weapons charges this week. Warren and her husband are charged with criminal possession of a firearm, which is a Class E felony. They also face two counts of failure to lock/secure firearms in a dwelling and with child endangerment. Warren reportedly is a member of Michael Bloomberg’s Illegal Mayors Against Guns group.

President Biden says it again: ban all guns.

All my friends are on federal watchlists


Open carry in Texas! (battleship gun)

Places to hide guns

I am not recommending any of these, particularly if your premises will ever be visited by children. Just FWIW.

Credit card security

Disclosure: I have not used this company. My Capital One card has most of these same benefits. Under no circumstances do I recommend the use or carrying of a debit card.



Handgun Hunters International is back

They are reserving old HHI membership numbers for previous members until 08/31/21.


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