I don't always listen to socialists... but when I do, I buy more ammo

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It’s after Memorial Day, but it’s never too late or inappropriate to pay respect to service members, both living and deceased.

Action Item

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) is still reportedly working on a deal with rabid anti-gunner, Chris Murphy (D-CT) to pass universal background checks (a de facto ban on private sales). However, Sen. Cornyn said this week that he and Sen. Murphy had cut off talks after being unable to reach an agreement.

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A BIG win in California. U.S. District Court Judge Roger T. Benitez has ruled that California’s 30-year-old “assault weapons” ban is unconstitutional. The case, Miller v. Bonta, was partially brought by the Second Amendment Foundation. The state is appealing to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which will likely overturn the 94-page ruling, sending the case to SCOTUS to consider. “The ban on assault weapons will not put an end to all gun violence…” – CA Attorney General Bonta

Florida Appeals Court: Judges and “law enforcement” officers need to learn to follow the law.

U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals: Judges need to stop issuing unconstitutional search warrants.

The Second Amendment Foundation has filed a federal lawsuit in Minnesota, challenging that state’s ban on concealed carry by young adults between the ages of 18 and 21, alleging the ban violates the Second and 14th Amendment rights of those citizens. The lawsuit was filed in U.S District Court for the District of Minnesota. The case is known as Worth v. Harrington.

The Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) has filed a new federal Second and Fourteenth Amendments lawsuit challenging Massachusetts’ wide-ranging handgun ban. In addition to State laws requiring that gun owners obtain a Firearms Identification Card or License to Carry Firearms, Massachusetts also prohibits the commercial sale of handguns that are not on its ‘Approved Handgun Roster” or prohibited by Attorney General Maura Healey’s “Handgun Sales Regulations.”


Meanwhile, we have a report that the NRA has increased its membership by roughly 225,000 members since January, with a total of more than 5 million dues-paying members.

Your most recent NRA magazine should have a ballot for this year’s board election, and it doesn’t look good. I’ll have a recommendation prior to the voting deadline of August 15.



The DOJ also published model legislation and detailed commentary to help states to craft “extreme risk protection orders” (red flag laws) authorizing courts to temporarily bar people in crisis from accessing firearms.


Did Chipmunk lose his gun? And lie about it?

Wouldn’t a perjury conviction make him a “prohibited person?” Inquiring minds…


Big Brother

Do you read online news? Big Brother wants to know. Really.

ATF doing warrantless searches

Big Amazon

Amazon Echo smart speakers and Ring security cameras have the ability to make a new kind of wireless network called Sidewalk that shares a slice of your home Internet connection with your neighbors’ devices. (Since I’m on AT&T, for me that would only mean that my neighbors would have a piece of nonfunctioning internet.)

I don't always listen to socialists... but when I do, I buy more ammo





“Country” Music Television (CMT). Really. Of course they haven’t played country music in the last decade or two. Owned by Viacom/CBS.

Brookfield Properties now has a security dog monitoring Baybrook, Deerbrook, First Colony, Willowbrook and The Woodlands malls in the Houston, TX area. The dog is trained to sniff out firearms with his nose (gunpowder residue, apparently). Which just goes to prove that Brookfield admits their “no guns” signs don’t work. Pro tip: Take a pocket full of gunpowder with you to the mall and scatter it around everywhere and everyone…




Chip McCormick, 64, the man renowned for creating industry-leading 1911 magazines, triggers, parts and accessories through his company, Chip McCormick Custom, as well as the STI 2011 and Kimber 1911 pistols, has passed.





Industry news


“If we called legally owned guns ‘undocumented firearms,’ would Democrats suddenly support them?” – John Velleco, The Washington Times

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