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Monday is Memorial Day. Let’s take a moment to reflect on what we owe and how to be better stewards of our freedom, purchased with innumerable sacrifices.

Patriots have no skin color
19 and responsible enough to have a gun

Mary a girl who says things like...


Action item – The ATF is accepting comments following the release of its proposed rules to restrict so-called “ghost guns.” You can take action here. Please consider adding a custom comment in the box above GOA’s message. ATF requests comments on the proposed rule from all interested persons. All comments must be legible, and include the commenter’s complete first and last name and full mailing address.

More info on homemade guns here.

Perhaps every firearm manufacturer should officially designate and label a line of their products as “ghost guns,” just to confuse the issue. They could re-name all those zombie guns.

U.S. Senators Chris Murphy (D-CT) and John Cornyn (R-TX) say they have been negotiating a “small but consequential tweak” to current law, to explicitly define firearms dealers and therefore clarify who is required to obtain an FFL and comply with FFL-related statutes. Why don’t I trust them?

Texas tells banks to behave.

Another action item – defeat gun banning David Chipman’s ATF nomination

Chipman had his hearing this week. “Chipman began the hearing by apologizing for lying in a 2019 Reddit post about helicopters being ‘shot down’ during the Waco shootout.”

Also accused of fraud.

Twenty state attorneys general signed a letter in opposition, while seventeen Democrat state attorneys general are encouraging Chipman’s confirmation.

69 U.S. House members encouraged U.S. Senate leaders to block Chipman’s nomination.

You can sign an opposition letter here. Do it.


Jeff Knox weighs in, FWIW.

Board Member Phillip Journey’s effort.

Forbes takes notice.

The NRA has announced its 150th Annual Meeting & Exhibits to be held in Houston Sept. 3 through 5, 2021. If the NRA is still solvent.


Virulently anti-gun activist Chicago priest the Rev. Michael Pfleger will be reinstated as the leader of his parish after an investigation found “insufficient reason to suspect” he sexually abused children, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago has announced. An earlier version of the Archdiocese’s statement read “no reason to suspect.” At least three different men accused the priest of molesting them while they were under-age. Rev. Pfleger accuses the NRA of somehow orchestrating the allegations against him. Meanwhile, no word on any official investigation of the allegations by, oh say, a police department.

Report: USPS “Internet Covert Operations Program” Is “Much Broader in Scope Than Previously Known”

More about our enemies

A breath of fresh air

I actually saw some GLOCK commercials on NBC this week, during prime time!

Department of Idiocy

“Under a new policy, remote access could be granted only when officers are responding to suspected crimes of violence or other similar dangers. For ordinary encounters, like routine traffic stops, the box would remain locked.” – Brian Sheppard, in Slate.com

When is revolution appropriate?



A lawfully armed school employee in Utah thwarted an attempted kidnapping this week when a man grabbed an 11-year-old girl at a school playground in Ogden, then tried to break into the school. Imagine that was your 11-year-old child. Now, do you have a problem with armed good guys at schools? “If it saves just one life…”


You’ve heard about the railyard massacre in San Jose, CA this week. California’s plethora of “no gun” policies was completely ignored by the killer. The location was a gun free zone. Some of his magazines were illegal. California has pretty much all of the gun-ban crowd’s wish list of gun control. Yet the left says that despite the fact the laws didn’t stop the tragedy, that doesn’t mean the laws are ineffective, and they want more of them. Well, you know what they say about the definition of insanity.


Claiborne County, MS

Interesting numbers

Hummers & Tanks

“I once got my tractor stuck in the lake.” Been there and done that. More than once. I’m a redneck too.

We also once cut the grass and found an old car. But this takes the cake: “UK Farmer Unearths WWII Amphibious Assault Tank That Disappeared 74 Years Ago

“It’s believed the vehicle may have been used in the crossing of the Rhine in March 1945…”


Industry news

Several ammunition manufacturers tell us that the supply will not likely catch up to the current extreme demand for another 2 or 3 years. You might want to take up fishing.

CZ has completed its acquisition of Colt.


Federal #7 TSS: Breaks clay at 180 yards

Sierra’s new MatchKing Competition ammo

Beretta’s new Ultraleggero lightweight O/U shotgun.

The often overlooked FN 509. Try one. I think you’ll like it. Based on my much longer personal experience with the model, I disagree with the author’s conclusion that the Tactical version is too large for CCW.

Trulock is now accepting orders for special choke tubes. They can furnish you with special exit diameters or complete special designs. Surcharges for special chokes start at $25.00 per choke. Delivery times typically run about 30/45 days depending on your specifications from the date of order. Call or email Trulock ([email protected]) to discuss your specifications and get price and delivery information.

Heckler & Koch is apparently working on a new single stack 9mm pistol.

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