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BUT the Court only granted review to a limited question presented: “Whether the State’s denial of petitioners’ applications for concealed-carry licenses for self-defense violated the Second Amendment.”

FPC sues Tennessee over gun rights of 18-20 year-olds.

An Illinois Circuit Court judge has ruled that the state’s Firearm Owner ID card requirement is unconstitutional for guns kept in a residence.

A three-judge panel on the Ninth Circuit has held that Judge Lasnik of Washington State did not have the authority to stop a State Department rule change upholding the First Amendment on 3D printing. The ruling will lift restrictions on exporting specs for 3D-printed guns, but there will likely be an en banc review by the court, and President Joe Biden announced in early April that the Justice Department would issue new rules for ghost guns within 30 days, making the ruling irrelevant.

But Defense Distributed, via its DEFCAD site, has already made all of its 3D files available to the public. Anyone can download them free of charge and Defense Distributed has released all copyrights on the designs. Have fun.


The “Second Amendment Mandates Equality (SAME) Act of 2021

Action item: Red flag laws. The U.S. Senate is considering gun confiscation from U.S. citizens who have committed no crime.

ATF Spying on Gun Buyers Through NICS

How gun laws work

The Left is constantly saying we need more laws. But what about the laws we have, which they said we needed? For instance, the one that prohibits lying on the Federal gun purchase form and that prohibits straw purchases and the one that prohibits transfers to minors. I believe one can get 5 to 10 years in federal prison for each count on those felony offenses. Except in this case the guy got 100 DAYS for illegally purchasing the firearm that was used in a murder-suicide at an Air Force Base.

Joe “Lieden”

“We need a ban on assault weapons (sic) and high-capacity (sic) magazines again.” – Joe Biden

Because it worked so well the first time?

“In the 90s, we passed universal background checks… …Mass shootings and gun violence declined.” – Joe Biden

Nope. Both lies.

“No amendment to the Constitution is absolute. You can’t yell fire in a crowded theater.” – Joe Biden

Actually, you can – you are free to do that. But there are consequences. And we don’t gag people going into theaters to try to keep them from yelling fire. Besides, what if there IS a fire? Wouldn’t it be good to have that warning? Same with guns.


Retire LaPierre

Meanwhile, despite millions of new first-time gun owners, NRA memberships are down and on sale.

The Only Ones

Veteran Philadelphia (PA) Police Detective Robert Redanauer, 51, was arrested after he allegedly threatened to shoot a woman’s son who found him naked in her bedroom. He’s the 10th Philadelphia police officer to be arrested this year, according to KYW-TV.

DEA agent Harold Duane Poole has been charged with murder in the killing of an alleged trespasser on Poole’s property in Copiah County, MS.

(Now former) Wilkinson County, GA, Sheriff’s Deputy Cody Richard Griggers, 28, pleaded guilty Monday to one count of possession of an unregistered firearm in U.S. District Court. In all, authorities said they found eleven illegal firearms, including an unregistered short barrel shotgun in Griggers’ home.



Yes, a BB can kill you. Treat airguns accordingly.

Autistic son started talking when we learned he loved being outdoors

Local range to re-open

Precision Shooting Center (formerly Sherman Hill) in Forest, MS, preps to re-open in June. Local media reports. Tell Clyde I sent you.


NP3 gun finish update

Iver Johnson has (had) Model 1911A1 carbines, and has announced a new .22LR four-barrel pepperbox derringer, the Pocket Ace, expected to begin shipping by end of this year. They also have some interesting defensive shotguns. However according to the website, all of their guns are sold out at this time.

Streamlight’s new ultra-compact Pocket Mate®, is a weather-resistant, USB rechargeable keychain light that delivers 325 lumens on high. 2 inches long and weather resistant. $35.

Just what you’ve been looking for: Hoppe’s now has No. 9 Bore Cleaner and No. 9 Gun Lubricating Oil in gallon jugs. $130 for the Bore Cleaner and $164 for the Oil.

CZ’s new All-Terrain Series includes the semi-auto 1012 and double barrel Bobwhite G2, Drake, Redhead Premier, and Upland Ultralight models. Barrels and receivers feature an OD Green Cerakote finish. Stocks are walnut. The double barrel models feature an innovative patent-pending earth magnet design to keep shotgun shells in place when the gun is open. All models have sling swivel studs, perhaps the most useful feature.


Anytime anyone says “I support the Second Amendment, but…,” you must delete everything said before the “but.” – Tom Gresham

“A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.” – Vladimir Lenin

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