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We have a report that Operation Choke Point is back — financial institutions, under pressure from the federal government, are refusing or terminating service to gun related businesses.

NRA debacle update

Last week’s emergency meeting of the NRA board was canceled, reportedly because of “multiple Covid exposures” to several people necessary to operate the meeting. Or maybe it was because of this:

The meeting has been rescheduled for Dallas, TX for March 28th.


City of Jackson, MS, extorts cash from gun show vendors, with orders from Mayor Lumdumba. That’s another reason I never spend a nickel in Jackson if I don’t have to.

Joel Koehler, owner of Eagle Arms Productions, Pennsylvania’s largest gun show promoter, banned the sale of unfinished frames and receivers (80% guns) from all future gun shows. After the predictable backlash, Eagle Arms has reversed its decision and will continue to allow 80% kits to be sold at the company’s shows. That doesn’t mean they support the Second Amendment — only that they support their income.

Yahoo Sports says the great outdoors is racist.

Dept. of Idiocy

Former president Barack Obama said this week that the shootings in Atlanta justified enacting “common sense gun safety laws” such as background checks, in order to “root out the pervasive patterns of hatred and violence in our society.”

  1. We already have a background check law, which the killer could pass.
  2. Background checks do not and cannot find “pervasive patterns of hatred and violence.”
  3. Obama is constantly protected 24/7/365 by men with guns, on your dime. Give those up, live unarmed, and maybe we can talk.



Tenth U.S. Circuit rules that bump stocks are machine guns. We hope and expect this case to be taken up by the Supreme Court.

ATF letter


More restrictive gun laws = more crime

Be Smart


Hathcock still getting recognition


AR stuff

The Pate Revolving Cannon


FWIW, I do not think the small 1911 variants are a good choice for most folks.



Take Biden’s stimulus check and buy those guns he says you shouldn’t have.

S&W has introduced the “new and improved” M&P 9 Shield Plus.

Ruger’s new MAX-9 is a concealed carry option

XS Sights +2 Mag Extension Kit for Remington 870

Finally! Butler Creek’s new Element Scope Caps have a rubber-stretchable sleeve to fit multiple diameters of scopes (37-47mm ocular and 35-65mm objective), a fully customizable, printable, data disk that provides wind and elevation information in either the eye or objective cap, 180- & 270-degree lip open positions, and stainless steel hardware. $30 each.

LMT’s 37mm grenade launcher

And how to install it

Dark Storm Industries DS-25 Typhoon AR-10 style rifle. Under 7 lbs. Y’all can send me one for my birthday. $14.95.

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