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Action item

Democrats trying to pack the courts. Send letter from here. (Click the “next” button to get to the GOP letter version.)

The D.C. Circuit already tilting left.


Major NRA donor David Dell’Aquila, who is leading a class action suit over accusations of financial impropriety, says he will request a court-appointed trustee to temporarily oversee operations of the organization. Also, NRA director Phil Journey, who is a Sedgwick County, Kansas, District Court Judge, has filed a motion for appointment of a special examiner. It was explained to us that a trustee would have the authority to fire the current management team, but a special examiner could simply investigate the allegations of corruption and other misdeeds and report his findings to the bankruptcy judge. Sources indicate that there is not conflict between the two requests and if the bankruptcy judge is unwilling to appoint a trustee, a special examiner would be a less drastic option for him. The good thing is that either appointment could undermine NRA EVP Wayne LaPierre & company’s attempted cover-up of his misdeeds, but the bad thing is the judge could appoint an anti-gun or anti-NRA representative. Meanwhile, the US Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation had turned down the NRA’s request to consolidate all their cases into U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas.

Jeff Knox with the Firearms Coalition has posted documents in the case here.

Also, Knox’s take on the situation is here. A good read.

NRA circling the wagons.



Ex-ATF agent says agency knows their interpretations of gun laws are total garbage.

Well, duh.



The Las Vegas Sun sat on an exclusive and radical anti-gun interview with presidential candidate Joe Biden for a yearuntil after the election. We note that Nevada was a “battleground state” that wasn’t called for Biden until several days after Election Day.

political meme

It turns out U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been bypassing her own metal detectors on the House floor. Because she, and only she, is “special.” Question is, was she packing, and was it legal or not? We also have a report that Pelosi would not allow Republican New York Rep. Claudia Tenney to have her son present in the gallery for her swearing-in Thursday, apparently because Pelosi considered the man, a U.S. Navy officer and graduate of the Naval Academy, a “threat.” Of course, probably every thinking American should strike fear in Pelosi.

It’s the pigs

And in related news, the Southern Poverty Law Center hate group has announced that it’s shutting down its black nationalist hate groups listing category because “the hate is not equal.”

Bank of America breaking the law?

The Only Ones

Chicago police officer Joseph Cabrera, 38, has been charged with attempted murder and other charges in an off-duty attempted shooting last October in which he allegedly confronted a couple while intoxicated, then lied about what happened.

Also in Chicago, an unidentified on-duty veteran CPD detective was robbed while investigating a homicide Monday night.



Defense against impact weapons

How many times do you shoot a guy coming at you with a stick? 12.

When? Probably a lot earlier than this deputy did.

Note: The above is not legal advice.




Misguided Fudd

Nick Gevock, the conservation director for the Montana Wildlife Federation, recently penned an opinion piece attacking a Montana resolution, which in turn opposes extra taxes on firearms and ammunition. HJ 5, which aims at the Biden administration’s gun tax proposals, is sponsored by Rep. Brad Tschida, R-Lolo, and states that taxing firearms is unconstitutional and unenforceable.

Gevock says Rep. Tschida and supporters of the bill therefore oppose having abundant wildlife and world-class hunting, citing the positive effects of the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act of 1937, most commonly known to hunters as the Pittman-Robertson Act (P-R), which imposes federal excise taxes on the sale of firearms and ammunition, the proceeds of which are then used to fund wildlife management and conservation, hunter education and safety, firearms training, and gun range facilities.

Gevock is wrong. Dead wrong.

While the uses that the P-R funds are put to are positive and commendable, that is absolutely irrelevant to the argument of whether the tax is constitutional in the first place. Basically, one cannot levy extra taxes or special taxes or charge a fee to exercise constitutional rights. It matters not where the tax money goes. You can impose the same sales tax, for instance, on Bibles, newspapers, lawyers, or guns as you impose on all sales. You cannot add a Bible tax, newspaper tax, lawyer tax, or gun tax that you’re not levying on everything else. Period. Now don’t get me started on CCW and gun licenses and fees.

And yes, there is case law on that sort of thing:

  • Murdock v. Pennsylvania, SCOTUS, 319 US 105, 1943
  • Minneapolis Star & Tribune Co. v. Minneapolis Commissioner of Revenue, SCOTUS, 1983
  • Price v. Barr, US District Court, District of Columbia, 2021


I’d say their basic indoctrination was complete.


Another write-up on self defense “insurance” options

FWIW, the educational information and advice that ACLDN network sends to new members is worth a year’s membership fee all by itself.


Industry news

Partners: USA Shooting and Hillsdale College

AMMO, Inc., an Arizona-based ammunition and munition components manufacturer has announced that it has entered into a non-binding letter of intent with IA Tech LLC for its (GB) business. GB is the world’s largest on-line auction marketplace dedicated to firearms, hunting, shooting and related products. The proposed transaction will involve a merger or business combination resulting in becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMMO.

We previously reported that Czech firearms maker CZ Group was negotiating for the acquisition of Colt Holding Company, the parent of Colt’s Manufacturing, LLC. CZG (Česká zbrojovka Group SE) and Colt Holding Company LLC have now completed the deal for CZG’s acquisition of Colt in its entirety, including the Colt Canada Corporation. The combination of the two gun makers creates a half billion dollar firearms manufacturing giant that will be approximately the same size as Ruger. Although CZ is a foreign company, the good news is that it IS a gun company and it is building a factory in Little Rock, AR. Hopefully they will continue Colt’s revolvers and not can them like they did the Dan Wesson line.

Canadian Special Forces Joint Task Force 2 is the only Canadian unit to have procured the Sig Sauer P320, purchasing the pistols to replace their P226s. It is reported that they have now withdrawn the new pistols pending review, after a service member was wounded in the leg when his pistol allegedly misfired during a training exercise last fall.

Vista Outdoor (Federal, CCI, etc.) announced that its quarterly sales for the period ending Dec. 27, 2020, set an all-time record for the company. Its sales were up 35% from the same reporting period the year before, coming in at $575 million. So there you go – they ARE making and selling ammo.


We have a report that while ammo companies are producing ammo as fast as possible, 24/7, quality control is dropping. If you can find/afford new ammo, you might want to check it.

Kalashnikov has developed a semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun dubbed the МР-155 Ultima that has a built-in computer and can teach its users how to shoot. It’s aimed at young people who were raised on video games instead of reality.

Vihtavuori’s new N568 rifle powder excels with heavy-for-caliber projectiles and is temperature and humidity insensitive. It is suitable for large capacity rifle cartridges.

Mississippi Legislation

Summary of gun related bills still alive this legislative session. NOT guaranteed complete.

Next deadline: March 2 for committees to act on bills originating in OTHER house.

HB 319
By: Rep. Busby
Ref: Transportation

Waives state residency requirement for CCW license applicants who are spouses of active military personnel stationed in Mississippi.

HB 634
By: Reps. Barnett, Wallace, Smith, Calvert, Williamson, Arnold, Carpenter, Roberson, Bain, Massengill, Steverson
Ref: Jud B

Enhances Mississippi’s preemption laws by adding state agencies to the list of entities that are prohibited from restricting the Second Amendment rights of Mississippi citizens. Criminal corruption charges for officials included. Good bill. Similar to SB 2107.

SB 2035
By: Sen. Blackwell
Ref: Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks
Amended bill PASSED SENATE

Makes air guns and air bows generally legal for hunting. Funny, I thought they already were.

SB 2107
By: Sen. DeBar, Moran, Chism, Blackwell, Branning, Carter, Caughman, Chassaniol, Fillingane, Harkins, Hill, McCaughn, McMahan, Michel, Parks, Seymour, Sparks, Suber, Tate, Whaley, Williams, Younger, McLendon
Ref: Jud B

Enhances Mississippi’s preemption laws by adding state agencies to the list of entities that are prohibited from restricting the Second Amendment rights of Mississippians. Prohibits localities from restricting the possession, transfer, sale, transportation, storage, display, carry, or use of firearms during declared civil emergencies. Similar to HB 634. No criminal provisions.

See Senate vote here.

Make sure you vote appropriately next time.

SB 2253
By: Sen. Fillingane
Ref: Jud A

Provides the option of combining your Mississippi CCW license with your Mississippi driver’s license, instead of having two cards and licenses.


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