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Die Hard is a Christmas movie


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Jack booted thugs

About the ATF’s raids on Polymer80 and others, including customers:

The Firearms Policy Coalition has issued the following statement:

“If you own a Polymer80 ‘Buy Build Shoot’ kit or similar PLEASE let our attorneys know – ASAP [email protected] – if you would be willing to help us litigate this issue! **Especially seeking potential plaintiffs in AL, GA, FL, MI, OH, MS, LA, TX, ND**”

ATF moves forward with illegal gun registration scheme:

SCOTUS & litigation

The NRA-ILA and the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association (NYSRPA) have appealed the case NYSRPA v. Corlett, which challenges New York’s illicit and restrictive requirement for CCW license applicants to demonstrate “proper cause” to carry a firearm, to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, school board has been sued again for trying to regulate BB guns in people’s homes. As I’ve said before, the board members and complicit school officials should also be criminally prosecuted.

Smith & Wesson has sued New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewel (I did not make that up) in U.S. District Court in New Jersey over his widespread crusade against the firearms industry. It appears S&W is back. S&W’s parent company sales are up over 65% so far this quarter, compared to the same quarter last year. That may be more reflective of manufacturing and distribution capacity than of demand.

Government railroading

Evil, cowardly, communist U.S. government officials who attempt these sorts of outrages should be charged, tried, convicted, and permanently punished.

Stop drunk drivers? Ban sober drivers from driving. That's how gun control works.

Quack doctors


If your church doesn’t have on-duty police on its front steps, you probably need to make other, equivalent arrangements.

A homeowner shot all four armed men who broke into his house – two of them fatally. The surviving suspects face murder charges for their accomplices’ deaths.

Failure-to-stop reminder

John Farnam

NYC & Chicago

Did you know? In New York City, that “safe” bastion of gun control, over three thousand arrested, booked, gun-packing, repeat offenders were instantly released (so far in 2020) with no bail, fees, or whatever. Gee, I wonder what they’re doing now? Shootings in NYC are up 330% in the last week compared to the same time last year.

Meanwhile in Chicago, the violent crime rate doubles on the public transportation rail system, in spite of stepped-up police and far fewer riders. It seems that in spite of them actually admitting that “people engaging in crime and gang members” commit crimes, they haven’t actually learned that. Maybe they should pass a law.

The Only Ones

War and Peace Heroes

  • Snapshots — little things that can outshine “the big picture”

National Guard Snipers

  • National Guard snipers crushed the competition, beating even elite special operations sharpshooters in a test of their skills

2021 NRA meeting rescheduled

The National Rifle Association’s 2021 Annual Meetings and Exhibits will be held September 3-5, 2021. Originally scheduled for mid-May, the event will remain in Houston, Texas at the George R. Brown Convention Center. See www.nraam.org for updates and the latest information.

How Tanks got named

On 24 December 1915, a meeting took place of the Inter-Departmental Conference (including representatives of the Director of Naval Construction’s Committee, the Admiralty, the Ministry of Munitions, and the War Office). Its purpose was to discuss the progress of the plans for what were described as “Caterpillar Machine Gun Destroyers or Land Cruisers.”

In his autobiography, Albert Gerald Stern (Secretary to the Landships Committee, later head of the Mechanical Warfare Supply Department) says that at that meeting “Mr. (Thomas J.) Macnamara (M.P., and Parliamentary and Financial Secretary to the Admiralty) then suggested, for secrecy’s sake, to change the title of the Landships Committee. Mr. d’Eyncourt agreed that it was very desirable to retain secrecy by all means, and proposed to refer to the vessel as a ‘Water Carrier.’ In Government offices, committees and departments are always known by their initials. For this reason I, as Secretary, considered the proposed title totally unsuitable. In our search for a synonymous term, we changed the word ‘Water Carrier’ to ‘Tank,’ and became the ‘Tank Supply’ or ‘T.S.’ Committee. That is how these weapons came to be called Tanks,” and incorrectly added, “and the name has now been adopted by all countries in the world.” (from Wikipedia)

Industry news

Ruger is expanding its North Carolina facility, presumably to add production of Marlin rifles. Hurry up.

Missile launcher lampstand

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Smart Choicesfor your kids.

For 2021, Lapua is adding new cartridge cases in 6.5 PRC, .284 Win., .300 PRC, and .300 Win. Mag.

The IFLR-15 (Integrated Folding Lower Receiver) from 17 Design & Manufacturing works with standard AR15 components and has a folding stock mechanism machined directly into the lower receiver. All wearable parts are made from S7 tool steel. Around $250.


Democracy = Mob Rule


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