Asya Branch, Miss USA 2020 winner

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Veteran tribute

“I just want to be the man he showed me how to be.”

Didn’t win the lottery but woke up in the best country in the world

Election – critical runoff

After the election we’ve had reports of widespread riots and looting by the apparently losing side. No wait, that’s not right – it seems that for the most part only the Left does that sort of thing. But at least half of our nation voted this month to continue killing unborn babies; they voted in support of people who refuse to condemn outlaw mobs who feloniously destroy others’ property, and believe its justifiable to kill people with whom they disagree.

Gays protest in favor of Sharia Law that would have them executed

There are two critical runoff elections in Georgia, for both U.S. Senate seats. These will determine control of the U.S. Senate. The elections will be held Jan. 5, 2021. If you are in Georgia or know anyone who is, be sure to VOTE. You can still register there to vote in this election until Dec. 7, 2020, if you’re not already registered. Everytown for Gun Safety and its minions, Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action, announced their support for the Democrat candidates in these races. One of those candidates, Jon Ossoff, is the CEO of a London-based documentary company and has received compensation from an anti-democracy Chinese media conglomerate. The other, Rev. Raphael Warnock, has a pretty checkered past, including hosting and supporting Communist Fidel Castro.

One commentator notes that if the Harris-Biden administration has the ATF redefine semiautomatic firearms that can be fired in bump stocks, as machine guns, the option of NFA registration would be moot in light of the Hughes Amendment to FOPA 86 (No newly-registered machineguns allowed.), and possibly there would instantly be created a hundred million new felons. He goes on to note that the Hughes Amendment was acquiesced to by the NRA.

We have just learned that new U.S. senator-elect space cadet Mark Kelly (D-AZ), has extensive financial connections to China and in fact met his current wife (former U.S. Sen. Gabby Giffords) while both were in that country. Gee, I wonder what they were doing there? After less than 30 years of federal employment, Kelly is reported to have an estimated net worth between $15 million and $27 million, of which $3.4 million is shared with his current wife. Where did all that money come from?


Perhaps you’ve heard of H.R. 5717, the Democrats’ current flagship federal gun control bill. The FIRST LINE of the body of the bill says:

“it shall be unlawful for any individual who is not licensed under this section to knowingly purchase, acquire, or possess a firearm or ammunition.”

The bill goes on for over 100 pages, but that’s pretty much all you really need to know. But it does get worse.

Turn in your weapons and go to the gun-free zone!


Second Amendment attorney Reed Martz is looking for a good contact person in the Alabama Attorney General’s office to help facilitate some pro-gun legislation. If you know anyone there, I can put you or him in contact with Reed, or you can contact him directly. Thanks.

The Second Amendment Foundation, joined by the Firearms Policy Coalition and Louisiana Shooting Association and two individuals have filed a federal lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, challenging federal law that prevents young adults aged 18-20 from purchasing and owning handguns. Named as defendants are the BATFE and Acting Director Regina Lombardo, and Attorney General William Barr, in their official capacities.

The Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, joined by the Firearms Policy Coalition and San Diego County Gun Owners along with two private businesses and nearly a dozen individuals, have filed a federal lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California against the State of California in a challenge of its recently-expanded ban via its so-called “Roster” laws. Under this “Roster” scheme, California residents may not legally buy or build any of thousands of handgun models that are available anywhere else in the country, because they’re not on the arbitrary state list of approved guns. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Luis Lopez, director of the state Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms, are named as defendants in their official capacities. The case is known as Renna, v. Calif. Attorney General Xavier Becerra,

The Second Amendment Foundation and Defense Distributed (the 3D gun printing software company), have filed suit in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas, Austin Division against the U.S. Department of State and New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, alleging violations of the First Amendment and administrative law. Named as defendants are Grewal, Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Trade Controls Mike Miller and Sarah Heidema, director of Policy, Office of Defense Trade Controls Policy, in their official capacities. The case is known as DD/SAF v. Department of State, et. al.

Today, Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court is considering two gun-related cases in conference. One case deals with a local gun ban in Boulder, Colorado, while the other challenges the seizure of two firearms from a Rhode Island man, and has huge implications not only for our Second Amendment rights, but our Fourth Amendment rights as well.

Hey Libs, grin and Barrett


Study of stereotypical association between racial minorities and violent crime (.pdf link)

Interesting but not surprising to me. But something to keep in mind – an open mind.



Summary of Surviving a Carjacking:

  1. Pay attention.
  2. DON’T keep your car keys attached to any other keys.


Asya Branch, Miss USA 2020 winner

Asya Branch, Miss Mississippi USA/Miss USA:

  • Black
  • From Mississippi. Ole Miss student.
  • Daughter of a convict
  • Sang the national anthem at a Trump rally and worked with Trump’s team
  • Shooter
  • Flawed and in need of much more information, but still on our side.


Liberal New York Daily News reporter Gersh Kuntzman vs 7-year-old Girl:

We have a report that ATF Acting Director Regina Lombardo told Shotgun Joe Biden’s people this week that her top priorities would be to ban pistol braces and 80% lower receivers.

We continue to get reports that Fakebook is deleting gun group and gun company pages. Well duh. Why are gun folks even on Fakebook?

The British are coming!

Dept. of Idiocy

An Omaha man told police he was just trying to make sure his was handgun was safe when he shot himself in the leg. The man said he was sitting in his car, preparing to meet friends for drinks, when he decided to make sure his gun was safe. He said he removed the magazine from the gun and pointed it “in a safe direction” toward his feet before pulling the trigger and shooting his leg. FYI, if you point a gun at yourself and pull the trigger, expect to get shot. And ridiculed.

It’s time to take the New York State Common Sense Gun Quiz

The Illinois State Police accidentally issued a Firearm Owner’s ID card and a concealed carry license to a convicted felon who allegedly teaches concealed carry classes and works as an unarmed security guard. Prosecutors have now charged the man with five counts of unlawful use of a weapon by a felon, felony armed violence, felony possession of body armor, felony possession of heroin, and felony possession of cannabis. No word on charges for the complicit ISP officers.


An Ohio man suffering a medical emergency died after his family’s calls to 911 went unanswered. The county blames the problem on the failure of a power distribution unit for the 911 center.

Be prepared to survive in the absence of 911. They are the second responders.

Chicago & Jackson

Chicago, which has many of the left’s touted gun control laws, has seen this year’s homicides increase by almost 50%, non-fatal shootings by 58%, and arsons by at least 63%, compared to all of 2019.

Jackson, MS, which does not have onerous gun control, has long since broken its homicide record and the number continues to climb, with nearly 120 so far this year, compared to the previous annual record high of around 95. One city councilman blames Covid. Maybe they should pass a law.

Jackson’s murder rate is almost three times that of Chicago: Murder per population of 100,000 for Jackson is 50.48 for the year, with 18.67 for Chicago.

Gun Free Zones

We have a breaking report of a brutal massacre of as many as 500 unarmed civilians in the town of Mai-Kadra, Ethiopia, who were allegedly attacked and slaughtered by an insurgent group doing battle with the country’s federal forces earlier this week. The massacrists apparently used knives, hatchets and machetes. Earlier this year the Ethiopian government passed a new gun control law aimed at cracking down on private gun ownership in the country. That way, insurgent groups can better slaughter hundreds of innocents.

Not Gun Free Zones


Mexican Revolution song about the Winchester .30-30 carbine:

Glue Gun Stanley

First Aid

Better yet, take a good first aid course

Industry news

Vista Outdoor Inc., makers of Federal, CCI, Blazer, Speer, Estate, Remington, and Independence ammunition, has reported over a year’s worth of backlogged ammunition orders worth more than $1 billion. Some are saying that ammo prices will continue to rise.


Federal Premium has new 16- and 28-gauge Prairie Storm FLITESTOPPER (FS) lead loads with the FLITECONTROL FLEX wad, suitable for use with all upland chokes. The shot load is a mix of 70% standard copper-plated lead and 30% FS lead shot. The FS pellets are the ones with a circumferential ring that makes them look like the planet Saturn and which offer improved penetration and lethality. Loads offered include 28 ga., 13/16 oz. #6 and 16 ga., 1-1/8 oz. #4, 5, or 6. $36-37 per box of 25.

We hear, but cannot confirm, that Ford’s new Bronco comes with an optional Picatinny rail on the dash.

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