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Judge Ronald Leighton of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington (state) has (erroneously) ruled that Washington’s voter-approved Initiative 1639 is constitutional and will remain law. The law implemented the same enhanced background checks, waiting periods, and purchasing requirements that have been in place for handgun purchases. The case resulted from a lawsuit filed against the state by several plaintiffs, including the NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation. The groups plan to appeal. The SAF is a good place to donate pro-gun-rights money. We also note that having popular (majority) public support does not make anything constitutional. Quite the opposite. The Bill of Rights is there specifically to protect the minority from the majority.

“The government can take away civic rights from ‘unvirtuous’ citizens even if they are not dangerous, but individual rights are a different story.”

Maybe I should be a federal judge – I’ve been saying this for decades.

An Adams County, CO, judge failed to read the entirety of the relevant Colorado law to jurors in a homicide trial, which caused the Court of Appeals to throw out the defendant’s second degree murder conviction last week. Never having served on a jury, I always wondered if the courts actually expect jurors to believe the law says what the judge or attorneys claim it says. Personally, I would insist on being provided with an actual code book with the claimed relevant statute tabbed. I also notice that neither the judge nor the attorneys are sworn to tell the truth in court trials, like the witnesses are.

Gun law seminar in MS

On September 11, 2020, gun rights attorney Reed Martz will speak at a continuing legal education Zoom seminar hosted by the University of Mississippi School of Law’s Center for Continuing Legal Education. The title of the one hour long talk is “Restoration of Rights…WHAT ABOUT MY GUNS?” and will focus on the options, and problems, persons with mental health or criminal histories face in restoring their right to own a firearm. Looks like attorneys and staff only. $175 for the whole seminar.


“We need to get training about human dynamics and decision-making into the training sequence much earlier.” Amen.


The take away? Don’t attend a riot. Period.

Predicted election aftermath

“A landslide for Joe Biden resulted in a relatively orderly transfer of power. Every other scenario we looked at involved street-level violence and political crisis.” – Transition Integrity Project

Back in my day, when people attacked America, we killed 'em.

Another sales record month

August 2020 saw more gun sales than any other August on record. A Washington Free Beacon analysis of FBI NICS data found a 57% increase in retail sales compared to August 2019. There were at least 1.6 million sales last month, which was the sixth month in a row to set a new sales record with March seeing the most gun sales of any month in the history of the FBI background check system. Sales through the first eight months of this year are up 43% over the previous record.

“Their first instinct was to face the crisis by buying a gun” – Marketwatch

Bear Spray Fails, Gun Works

That being said, always carry pepper spray.

Rifle Record

Enemies in Portland

Portland’s Socialist Mayor Ted Wheeler says he’s looking for a new place to live after his Pearl District condo building has been the site of repeated “demonstrations.” But the far-left Wheeler supports the protestors and has ordered police to stand down and not stop the riots. Hopefully his fans can keep up with him.

The Only Ones

Some time ago, a friend who works for the FBI informed me that the agency had no plans for securing its own buildings and facilities from protest mob attacks or from pandemic threats, and he and others in the agency were working double shifts to try to fill that gap after COVID-19 and the rash of protests against police cropped up this year. He admitted under questioning that such preparations should have been in place generations ago. That makes me wonder for what else they’re woefully unprepared.

Tampa police officer Edwin Perez was suspended for one week after an internal affairs investigation concluded he did not “properly store” his loaded gun inside him home, leading to a tragic shooting death of a 15-year-old boy the officer’s son got the gun. Commit a crime resulting in a death, get a one-week suspension.

The Phoenix City Council agreed to pay a settlement in a civil suit after (now) former Phoenix Police Officer Christopher Meyer pointed guns at a peaceful black couple and threatened to shoot them after their daughter took a doll from a store without their knowledge. Meyer should have also been charged with criminal armed assault and disturbing the peace.

Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies fatally shot a man for dropping a gun. At least that’s the initial report.



“In my past, I have looked down gun barrels and I have counseled people about their conduct — but never at the same time.” – Jim Wilson

“The reason they’re coming after me is that I’m the one between them and you.” – Donald Trump

“Donald Trump IS the third party.” – unknown

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