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Election & media enemies

An interesting read on eligible presidential candidates, by Alan Korwin.

Biden vs. Harris

Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Charles Schumer as the next SCOTUS justices? Vote.

FYI, Liberal activists have lobbied for years to expand the number of federal judges when Democrats take the White House, enabling them to tilt the federal bench markedly to the left.

“Look-out if you supported him (DJT)… because we are coming for you next! You will feel the vengeance of a nation.” — Kamala Harris at a fundraiser in April of this year.

If we can vote by mail due to Coronavirus fears, why can’t we also buy guns that way? After all, the right to bear arms is in the Constitution; voting isn’t.

Since 2016, previous studies from analysts at the Media Research Center revealed that the coverage of President Trump on major broadcast networks was 91% negative. A new study released this week found that the coverage is now 95% negative. This illustrates why I call them the lamestream media, and believe one is far more right that wrong to paint them as such with a broad brush.

“Biden has made it clear over and over [that] he’s not interested in taking away Second Amendment rights.” — Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace (son of lying gun-ban proponent and “60 Minutes” member Mike Wallace)

Meanwhile in Florida, pro-gun GOP candidate Anna Paulina Luna won Florida’s 13th Congressional District Republican primary and will face anti-gun Yankee incumbent U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist (D, but formerly R and formerly I) in November. Presented here without comment.


More about that 9th Circuit decision that California’s magazine ban is unconstitutional:

Two of the three judges on the panel voted to toss out the state’s ban, while the third judge dissented. Barbara Lynn, Chief Judge for U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, who had been named the third judge on the appellate panel, said the majority’s ruling conflicts with decisions in six other federal appellate courts across the nation, and with a 2015 ruling by a different panel of the 9th Circuit itself. She said she would have upheld California’s law based on that precedent.

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!

This objection is not even limited to law or court decisions. This is basic thinking. Whether you are a Supreme Court justice, a trash collector, or anything in between, you are responsible to strive to do the right thing – to make the right decisions – always, REGARDLESS of what mistakes others (or yourself) may have made before. You DO NOT ever do the wrong thing just because it’s been done before, period. Judge Lynn should be handed her walking papers, or whatever it takes. She’s driving like her brother.

U.S. District Judge Mae D’Agostino in Albany, New York threw out an NRA lawsuit against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for refusing to label gun shops as essential businesses allowed to stay open during the coronavirus lockdown he ordered in March, saying that the NRA didn’t have legal standing to sue the state on behalf of its members in New York.

The Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has unanimously ruled that New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal is “subject to the jurisdiction of Texas courts” in a First Amendment case brought by Defense Distributed, a Texas-based 3D gun software firm, and the Second Amendment Foundation. The case revolves around plaintiffs’ distribution of materials related to the 3D printing of firearms. Defense Distributed and SAF contend Grewal’s efforts to prevent publication of the information online violates their First Amendment rights.

More on the NRA debacle

Jeff Knox’s take.

“If there was any wrongdoing [in the NRA], I took swift, decisive action.” — Wayne LaPierre, 8/14/2020. Right.

Situational awareness

Again. Just do it.

Department of Idiocy

Should’ve been a DGU

In Payson, Utah, a 17-year-old deranged punk struck a man in the head with a sledgehammer and then attacked children at a nearby daycare center. He was charged with one count of attempted aggravated murder, two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of aggravated child abuse, two counts of child abuse, one count of burglary, one count of obstruction of justice, two counts of criminal trespassing and one count of disorderly conduct. The first victim was reported in critical condition in a hospital ICU.

We note that a hammer is a deadly weapon and wonder why this perp survived long enough to be arrested.

Home carry

Somewhere between 20% and 40% (depending on what stats you use) of the violent crimes committed in the USA (excluding domestic violence) are committed in or around the victim’s home.

Purse carry reminder

Don’t leave your purse on the back of your chair in restaurants or other places. Always make sure you have control of your purse. Hold it on your lap, sit it between your feet on the floor, or invest in a purse hook and hang it directly in front of you.

CCW/Self defense insurance

Another company, Xinsurance, joins the crowd. I cannot say whether or not this one is any good.

Jackson, MS, homicides

So far this year (as of this writing) the number of homicides in Jackson is 71. The police chief says of the 71 homicides so far this year, 51 have been solved. Of course solving them doesn’t un-murder anyone, and that number doesn’t reflect unsolved murders from previous years. Jackson’s annual homicide record is around 91 to 96, depending on whose records you believe. So, the murder rate is on track to reach a new record this year.

Chicago vs. Mississippi

Meanwhile in Chicago, which has had 464 homicides so far this year, and lots of riots and looting, the anti-gun mayor blames Mississippi. But it seems the only direct connection is the old “underground railroad” that shuttled in the ancestors of many of Chicago’s residents from Mississippi and other southern states. My understanding is that in effect, the railroad is still in use, harboring and hiding felons that move back and forth to avoid arrest or their victims’ relatives. Maybe our new state flag design should read “Gateway to Chicago,” with an image of rioters burning and looting that city.

U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst fired back in a tweet:

“So, 26,849 guns (App. C) recovered and only 756 traced back to #Mississippi (App. E), that means

ONLY 2.8% of ‘illegal guns’ in Chicago from 2013-2016 came from Mississippi? Major source?

More concerning:
2.7M ppl
27,357 violent crimes

2.9M ppl
6,999 violent crimes”

At the same time, Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot has banned protesters from the block where her own home is and has stationed additional police officers at her home because, she says, “I have a right to make sure that my home is secure,” and “I make no apologies whatsoever for that.” Well me too, evil mayor.

And back in Jackson, City Councilman Aaron Banks, backed by Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba (who “banned” legal open carry), said he wants to put a moratorium on gun sales in the city. According to state law they cannot do that. They say they are not against guns but they are against illegal guns (whatever those are). Uh huh. They’re not against guns, just against you having one.

The Only Ones

27-year-old Georgia State Trooper Jacob Gordon Thompson was fired and arrested on charges of felony murder and aggravated assault last week after he fatally shot a 60-year-old man who tried to flee a rural traffic stop for a minor infraction, but apparently never threatened anyone. There are allegations of racial issues in the case.

Mexican army soldiers arrested an unidentified off-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent who allegedly entered Mexico in a private vehicle with ammunition at a Juárez border crossing. He was later released after communication with U.S. authorities, who apparently went to bat for one of their own.

Unidentified LAPD “Officer A” practices “dry” fire at home, shoots his blinds out (last year).

Some notes:

  • Manipulate weapons in training/practice/bedroom the same as in real life. The procedure for unloading the revolver was faulty in several ways.
  • Counting the removed rounds was not so important. But failure to check the cylinder to ensure all chambers were empty was. Also, live ammunition should have been removed from the room in which the dry fire practice was occurring.

Rule 2 violation: “Never let the muzzle cover anything which you are not willing to destroy.” That’s the biggie.


Well, who could possibly ignore this headline?

They’re shooting flying carp with shotguns in Mississippi.”

2020 AR-15 Suppressor Update

Every single one of them costs more than my rifle.

Did you know?

Back in 1957 Mossberg offered a .22 rifle with a “magic” 3-way box magazine that “adjusts instantly to load Short, Long or Long Rifle cartridges. Why can’t anyone seem to do that today?


20 ga. tactical and home defense shotguns. A breath of fresh air.

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