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Mississippi’s whining and clueless liberals

THIRTY years ago this summer, in 1990, the State of Mississippi enacted its concealed carry license law, making it legal for a person with the license (also called a permit in the law) to carry a handgun in most places. Before that (and since then without the license), it was generally illegal to carry a handgun, period (because the law says they’re all illegally concealed, even when they’re not concealed). The predictions by left-wing law enforcement types, politicians and the media, including local TV and especially the local paper, were that there would be blood running in the streets and nonstop shootouts would ensue. Didn’t happen. And we have seen no reports of license holders getting in any trouble with their guns. But that leftist newspaper has about died. And then-Commissioner of Public Safety, Louisa Dixon, a yankee lawyer, psychology major and author, also railed against the law, publicly said she would not follow it, violated the requirement to issue licenses for several months, and avoided any punishment for breaking the law herself. No subsequent commissioner has been much better.

30 years. We now have enhanced permits that allow concealed carry pretty much everywhere except in courtrooms, prisons, police stations, or on federal property, and we have legal open and holster/purse carry without a permit. Same predictions, same results.

30 years. Isn’t it time for them to admit they were wrong? Don’t hold your breath.

Clint Eastwood Quote

2020 Mississippi gun bills update

Summary of remaining gun related bills. NOT guaranteed complete.


The deadline of July 6 for CONFERENCE REPORTS on GENERAL BILLS and CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS to be filed has passed, but the Legislature had already adjourned sine die, so who knows what will become of unfinished but “alive” business. I suppose it could be resumed if the politicians come back to town. I did discover one additional bill that I had previously missed:

SB 2288
By: Sens. Harkins (R), Robert Jackson (D)
PASSED LEGISLATURE, signed into law. Effective NOW.

Authorizes the issuance of distinctive boat and utility trailer license tags to supporters of the National Rifle Association. Mississippi already offers specialized NRA motor vehicle license tags, and proceeds from the sale of those plates, as well as these new tags, will go to the non-profit NRA Foundation to promote firearms training, youth hunter education, shooting range development, and other programs specifically in Mississippi.


NRA has Life Memberships on sale for just $600 through July 24. Although I am hesitant to suggest anyone send the NRA money until they do some housecleaning of the executive VP slot and some Board members, I do believe that if you aren’t already a Life Member this is a good opportunity for you to become one. The NRA is still the big gorilla and I’m optimistic it will straighten out. But by then, the price may be much higher.

NRA Whittington Center COVID update

ATF creating its own “ghost gun” hysteria


ATF: Always Think Forfeiture


Ayoob: Lessons from a Texas church shooting

Related: Head shots

Ayoob: Don’t use ball ammo for defense

Clint Smith notwithstanding, just don’t do it.

Is Hollowpoint the Best Defensive Ammo for Concealed Carry?

Purse carry redux

Purse Carry Safety

An Interview with William Aprill: The Psychology of Deterring Attackers

Part 1

  • Pay attention; be where you are
  • ACT on your instincts

Part 2

  • Don’t stop
  • Just say no

DGU: No shots fired

BUT, be very careful that you know what the score is before stepping in.

About dollar stores and crime

Long read, not really gun related.


Lauren Boebert, the owner of gun-friendly Shooters Grill restaurant in Rifle, Colorado, has upset five-term U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton in Colorado’s Republican primary. In the November general election Boebert will face Diane Mitsch Bush, a former state lawmaker who won the Democratic nomination.

Vote for Elmer


June NICS checks.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation adjusted NICS figures have been released. June 2020, while having the most raw NICS checks on records, actually is behind March 2020 when adjusted for permit checks and rechecks. The June 2020 NSSF-adjusted NICS sales number is 2,177,586.

The Only Ones

Retired Florida detective William Robert Baer Jr., 64, has been arrested in a 1999 fatal home invasion and was charged with murder and armed robbery. Baer’s former wife, Melissa Jo Schafer, was arrested in connection to the case. Baer and Schafer allegedly fatally attacked a man outside his gated community home in May 1999, and dragged the man’s wife inside and tied her up. Baer was an intelligence division detective at the time of the attack and met the victim, a convenience store owner, through work. Baer retired in 2002.

For cops: LEOSA info

The Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA), enacted in 2004 and amended in 2010 and 2013, to allow active and retired law enforcement officers to carry a concealed firearm in the U.S. beyond their home state, has some complications.

Bigger in Texas

1882 mouse trap patent.

I can’t say anything. I once shot a mosquito with a .445 Supermag, and a velvet ant with a .45 ACP. Mississippi bugs are serious.

A Visit To The Revolver Clinic

A Visit To The Revolver Clinic

AR-15 Flash Hider Shootout

If hiding flash is your priority, the A2 Birdcage is always going to be the budget champion.

AR-15 Flash Hider Shootout

Supercavitating ammo for underwater use

Although the author seems to be pretty bright, I don’t see that he has any particular expertise in weapons or physics.

Belt-Fed Bullpup Lever-Action Rifle Chambered in .44 Magnum

Genius. You can’t buy one, but you can make one. I suspect the same thing can be done with the semi-auto version.


Federal’s new HammerDown levergun ammo.

Federal also has a new Hydra-Shok Deep load in .380 ACP which is claimed to be the first expanding .380 Auto load to consistently penetrate beyond the FBI-recommended 12-inch minimum in bare gel and through heavy clothing in the FBI testing protocol. The load fully expands and penetrates 13 to 14 inches in those two tests. Testing was done from barrels 2¾ to 3½ inches long, and performance remains consistent from longer barrels. The bullet weighs 99 grains and muzzle velocity is 1000 fps from a 3¾” barrel.


“… Never before has our government been more eager and willing to take away freedoms from the citizenry. Never before has the citizenry been more willing to give them up.

History will not judge us kindly for our actions over the past several months.

Take charge of your own life. Nobody owes you anything. The government has never been more ill-equipped to solve your problems nor is it its function to do so. This is America. Stand up and be somebody. Be brave and live free.”

Bryce Hamblin – Mayor of Eagar, AZ

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