Dilemma: "Racist cops" vs. "Only cops should have guns"

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Independence Day is this weekend. Y’all go be responsibly independent.

Why do you want to be an American? When asked of “Ank” (Hank), a French-Moroccan paratrooper, his reply was:

“You kee-deeng me? More free! Very big, purple mountain majesty, wave of grain, cool! ‘Ot dogs at baze-ball game! Yankees, Indians of Cleve-land! Cruising in Chevy Camaro! More pretty chick-ladies, all kinds! Cheeseburger, chili! Taco! America! Ronal’ Reagan, President, keeks ass! Land of free, home of brave! Bon temps!”

I can’t say it any better.


The Colorado Supreme Court ruled Monday that a 2013 state law banning sales of “high-capacity” [sic] magazines (over 15 rounds) does not violate a person’s state constitutional right to bear arms, in a case filed by Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.

After a long, twisting saga, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has struck down an attack on the state’s Constitutional Carry law.

Shotgun Joe Biden is a liar. Still.

He’s also a bigot, vowing to consider only black female judges for the Supreme Court for his first appointment, if elected. But then again, maybe he’s lying.

Bad vs. Good

John Lott debunks RAND Corporation “study” on gun control

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS): Far Right Terrorist Violence

In a report released last week, the Escalating Terrorism Problem in the United States, CSIS analyzed 25 years of domestic terrorism incidents and found that the majority of attacks and plots have come from the far right.

Department of Idiocy

The Los Angeles Unified School District Tuesday night voted to cut the police budget by 35%, or $25 million and ordered LASPD officers to turn in their uniforms and patrol off campus, reported CBSN Los Angeles. The $25 million taken away from the LASPD will be diverted to school programs to help “students of color.” The LASPD chief has since resigned.

This is not going to end well.

Dilemma: "Cops are Violent Racists" or "Only Cops Should Have Guns"

Call 911 and die

You’re on your own

Surviving the mob

Pretty simple, really. Don’t be there.

The Only Ones

Police chief’s dog attacks neighbor, gets shot.

After voting to defund the city’s police department in the wake of George Floyd’s death and in the midst of skyrocketing violence in the city, three members of the Minneapolis City Council have reportedly been provided by the city with a private security detail, at a cost to the taxpayers of $4,500 per day.

FBI guns and ammo

Well, they’re down to losing just one gun a month.

Contempt of court

Yes, please.

Sales still spiking

Background checks for gun sales spiked again in June, setting a new record for the highest number of checks in one month, with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System reporting 3,931,607 checks in June, an increase of 70% over June 2019 and breaking the previous monthly record of 3.7 million checks set in March. Those are raw numbers and do not represent actual gun sales, which will be around 2.3 million for last month. Adjusted numbers should be out it a week or so.

[How-To] Rack a Pistol Slide With Weak Hands

If you have a lot of trouble with this, you may be using the wrong gun.

.327/.32 Revolver Ballistics

Positive Hydroxychloroquine study

12 gauge, 12 shots (unaimed), 0.72 seconds

Industry news


Remington Arms Co. (which owns a bunch of gun brands) is preparing to file for Chapter 11 protection for the second time since 2018 and is in advanced talks for a possible bankruptcy sale to the Navajo Nation. We hear that Remington had already shut down their AR brands and missed out on the boom due to COVID-19, and while pistols are also selling like hotcakes – except for 1911s. Again, Remington missed out.

The Navajo Nation has the second-highest tribal membership in the U.S. and the largest reservation, making it a significant Democratic stronghold. Back in 2018, when it made a failed bid to purchase Remington, The NY Times noted that the tribe “intended to shift the company away from its consumer business, including curtailing the sale of the AR-15-style weapons frequently used in mass shootings [sic], to focus on police and defense contracts,” and “to use profits from those businesses to invest in research and development of advanced ‘smart guns’ – those with fingerprint or other technology intended to prevent anyone but the gun’s owner from using the weapon.” We also hear that the Navajo Nation has sovereign immunity, perhaps exempting it from liability such as Remington is accused of for the Newtown murders in Connecticut.

However, should such a scenario come to pass, look for Navajo Remington sales to fall flat on its face.


We have word that Colt is easing back into the AR-15 commercial market, after the foreign and government business has stabilized, freeing the company up to again provide some guns to our market. Not much yet, but some are in the pipeline.

2020 Mississippi Gun Bills Update

Summary of remaining gun related bills. NOT guaranteed complete.



The Legislature has adjourned sine die, so who knows what will become of unfinished but “alive” business.

HB 1018
By: Rep. C. Scott Bounds (R)
Signed by Governor. Effective NOW.

Requires LEO ID numbers or enhanced CCW permit numbers, instead of names, to be placed on church minutes for the church protection act civil immunity for armed security teams.


HB 1309
By: Rep. Joey Hood (R)
Amended version PASSED Senate
Goes to conference

Allows hunters to use air bows for deer, turkey and small game. The original bill allowed the use of air bows only by disabled hunters during archery season for deer, but was amended to allow any hunter licensed for archery or primitive weapons deer hunting to use them. The amended bill is opposed by the Mississippi Bowhunters Association and other “purists” (fascists) who for some reason are bothered by how other people hunt. The purists seem to think that everyone else should have to hunt only in ways dictated by the purists. This is by no means a new phenomenon. I am a freedom purist and instead think that generally there should be no restrictions on hunting weapons or ammunition as long as they are used safely and don’t violate other laws.

HC 42
By: Reps. Representatives Criswell, Brown (20th), Hopkins, Owen, Arnold, Barnett, Boyd, Byrd, Carpenter, Darnell, Eubanks, Hale, Kinkade, Mangold, Morgan, Newman, Rushing, Scoggin, Wallace
Ref: Rules

House Concurrent Resolution (non binding) declaring Mississippi a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” state.

SB 2225
By: Sen. Joseph Seymour (R)
PASSED: Senate
Amended version PASSED House
Senate agreed with amended version and Governor signed. Effective NOW.

Provides that disabled military veterans applying for a CCW license and fee exemption can provide a veterans health services identification card issued by the VA indicating a service-connected disability, as proof of such service-connected disability, instead of providing “verification” from the VA.

SC 552
By: Sen. Chris McDaniel (R)
Ref: Rules

Senate Concurrent Resolution (non binding) expressing legislative intent relative to the Second Amendment, Tenth Amendment, and preemption of MS law relative to intrastate firearms activities.


The Ruger .45 Blackhawk CarryHawk. I kinda dig the flat-sided barrel.

X Ray Guns (art prints) from Brookhaven, MS.


“The ‘right to be heard’ does not imply a ‘right’ to be taken seriously.”

– Hubert Humphrey

“The biggest mistake anyone can make is to apply their thoughts, morals or feelings to a street criminal. Never base a decision on how to deal with an armed opponent by applying your logic, feelings or background.”

– Dave Spaulding

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2 thoughts on “Litigation, Studies, Industry News, MS Bills”

  1. Avatar
    Henry L Blake

    “Shotgun Joe Biden is a liar”. It is a good thing we can still have cannon, though 5/32nd inch fuse is all we can have to fire them. While Joe Biden may want to take our cannon away, others have already beat him to short barrel rifles and shotguns (FDR democrat), machine guns by virtue of tax (FDR democrat), weapons larger than 50 caliber (FDR democrat), machine guns by virtue of manufacture (RWR republican), off and on evil black rifles (WCJ democrat), and last and least – bump stocks (DJT republican). Can we see that our future is narrowing, no matter what government is at hand?

    So, do we vote for the gun control on the one hand, or the gun control on the other hand? Well gosh, it does not make much difference does it?


    1. Jeff Pittman

      Good points Henry. I always advise to vote for the guy who can win and who’s more likely to appoint good judges, regardless of how he is on any other issue.

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