How do they fit all that stupid into one head?

NRA Meeting, Litigation, Looneys

NRA meeting

The NRA has officially announced that the 149th Annual Meeting of Members, previously scheduled for Saturday, April 18, 2020 in Nashville, TN, has been rescheduled for Saturday, September 5, at the Springfield Expo Center located at 635 E. Saint Louis Street, Springfield, Missouri. The Meeting with take place in Halls A/B/C of the Expo Center and commence at 9:00 am Central Time. All members are invited to attend. Apparently this is the members meeting only, and not the exhibits and peripheral seminars.


What if…. the cop charged in the Minneapolis case triggering all the protests is found not guilty? How could that happen? The prosecutor could charge the cop with a higher-level crime than the evidence supports. (The officer was initially charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter, but now the charges have been upgraded to second-degree murder.) Remember the riots after the Rodney King beating case? This would likely be much worse.

And a bit of perspective.

Apparently Walmart (at least some of them) have re-shelved their gun stuff. I still don’t shop there.

The Rest of the Story About Police Shootings

New Zealand banned guns and violent crime went up


The New York Times recently published yet another article pushing the false narrative that owning a firearm increases the risk of suicide. ANYTHING with the name Garen Wintemute on it is bogus. It’s debunked here.

Trump Stocks


The US District Court for Connecticut has issued a preliminary injunction (link to .pdf document) blocking the Governor of Connecticut’s executive order allowing the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection to suspend taking fingerprints (necessary to purchase a firearm) during the declared coronavirus emergency.

Anti-gun Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried blinks.


The Everytown gun ban group has announced its first round of US Senate endorsements, so we know who to vote against.

Dept. of Idiocy

How do they fit all that stupid into one head?

HBO Max’s new Warner Bros Animation-produced Looney Tunes cartoons will, in the interest of “modern sensibilities,” take away Elmer Fudd’s shotgun, but will leave him with a scythe instead. It is worthy of note that the lamestream media reports misidentified the shotgun as a rifle. Yosemite Sam will likewise be disarmed of his revolvers. “We’re not doing guns,” said head Looney Peter Browngardt, executive producer of the series, “But we can do cartoony (sic) violence – TNT, the Acme stuff.” Because it’s apparently OK to blow folks up with explosives, but not to go wabbit hunting with a shotgun. I’d say Browngardt’s living up to the Looney Tunes name, and to all the “Fudds” out there, we told you so.

[The derogatory term “Fudd,” from Elmer Fudd, is often used by civil rights advocates to describe those who hunt or target shoot but are disinterested in or downright hostile to serious gun rights. Fudds are described as feeling that as long as their hunting guns are left alone, it is unimportant to try to protect guns for defensive or militia use, and they may even be hostile to folks’ possession of things like machine guns, handguns, suppressors, normal capacity magazines and evil black rifles. One litmus test for this is when a Fudd says something like “I support the Second Amendment — I’m a hunter.” In fact, anytime someone is asked about gun rights and volunteers without being specifically asked, that he/she is a hunter, that is a big red flag. The Second Amendment ain’t about hunting.]

If they ever go after Barney Fife’s gun, I’m gonna slap a knot on their heads.

National Guardsmen in Washington D.C. were told NOT to carry guns or ammunition by Defense Secretary Mark Esper (who himself undoubtedly has the protection of real armed guards). I guess they wasted our gas going up there. Why were they there if they can’t shoot back? This sort of nonsense is a major reason why I never joined the military.

Cops Called After Teacher Spies BB Gun In Kid’s Bedroom During Virtual Class

A couple of observations from a non-lawyer:

DON’T consent to a search, or even entry. (Never consent to a search, unless you are the one who called the cops in the first place because you think an intruder might be in your house.) Ask politely to see the officers’ warrant first. If they don’t have one, politely advise them that they are trespassing and should leave, now.

The Only Ones

US Air Force active duty Sgt. Steven Carrillo, 32, fatally shot a Santa Cruz County, California sheriff’s deputy and wounded two other law enforcement officers last Saturday in an ambush subsequent to the officers’ pursuit of Carrillo. Carrillo was later forcibly subdued by an unarmed citizen. Carrillo is stationed at Travis Air Force Base as a member of the 60th Security Forces Squadron.

Shotgun stuff

Front sight colors

How to harden your cell phone

70-lb. Mississippi snapping turtle


We have a report that on May 16, pocket knives were ranked at 96 on Amazon’s best-sellers list. By June 16, pocket knives had jumped up to the top ten with an average sales rank of 9.5. The author who revealed this tidbit seems to thing people are buying pocketknives to use in self defense after the George Floyd killing. That ain’t it. Perhaps it’s Father’s Day. Meanwhile, I am repeatedly astounded at how many folks don’t have a knife in their pocket. If you don’t have a knife on you, right now, go away and come back when you do. 🙂

Phoenix Weaponry Integrally Suppressed Shotguns

Would you like a factory .38 Special +P load that does 1300 fps out of a snubby and 1600 out of a 6″ barrel?

Federal Premium now has a 20 gauge Black Cloud TSS load that blends No. 3 FLITESTOPPER Steel with No. 9 (18 g/cc) Tungsten Super Shot, which is 56% more dense than lead and more than double the density of steel.

The SNAGGLETOOTHMF from Snaggletooth Tactical allows you to add a pocket opener (a wave) to almost any knife with thumb studs. Use with caution.


“If you do not have the authority to tell me ‘yes,’ then I will not accept ‘no’ from you.”

– unidentified smart lady

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