In the city of Pensacola, a horrifying truth emerges as people are being forcefully placed into boxes and taken to virus protection camps.

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Memorial Day

Monday is Memorial Day, when we give tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Think about that before you start in on the hot dogs and water skiing.

CCRKBA, SAF Hosting Free Online Grassroots Training Sessions Next Week

The 2A Acid Test, by Dave Workman

Read it. Do it.


Stamboulieh & Codrea strike again. A lawsuit was filed last week by Stamboulieh Law, PLLC on behalf of David Codrea, in the US District Court for the District of Columbia against the Department of Justice regarding the DOJ’s failure to turn over records relating to a Freedom of Information Act request seeking documentation of department actions in defense of the Second Amendment.

SCOTUS is still kicking the cans down the road.

The Mississippi Justice Institute (MJI) is continuing to pursue its lawsuit filed last month on behalf of Representative Dana Criswell against the city of Jackson and Mayor Chokwe Lumumba for temporarily banning the open carry of firearms within the capital city. The “ban” has since expired. MJI Director Aaron Rice said the group is continuing to litigate the case to try to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Many times courts consider a civil case moot if the offense has ceased or been remedied by the time it gets to court. That doesn’t make much sense to me when pretty much NO criminal cases are handled that way.

If you haven’t seen the PBS documentary “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas In His Own Words,” you should. Thomas is likely the best constitutionalist justice to ever sit on the high court in my lifetime.

ATF chief

Thankfully, President Trump has pulled the plug on the nomination of Chuck Canterbury, the anti-gun current national president of the historically anti-gun Fraternal Order of Police, to lead the BATFE, after some Republican senators signaled he had little chance of being confirmed.

We previously reported here and here.

New Zealand

We have a report from Radio New Zealand that gun-related crime and fatalities are up in the country, despite last year’s crackdown on gun ownership following the March 15 attacks on two mosques in Christchurch. Well, duh.

Pensacola attack follow-up

The FBI says the killer in a deadly shooting attack at the Pensacola Naval Air Station last December was meticulous in his planning and had been radicalized overseas for at least five years, and, surprise, surprise, was linked to al-Qaida. The attacker, killed by a civilian sheriff’s deputy during the rampage, was a Saudi Air Force officer.

Gun free zone. Except for foreign terrorists, of course.


The Mississippi Legislature is rescheduled to reconvene May 26th.

The CMP’s North and South stores will open June 4 by limited-visitation appointments.

A Prison Policy Initiative study has revealed that 32% of inmates at county jails have been set free by local governments across the US to slow the spread of the coronavirus. I’m not sure how letting them out into society is supposed to slow disease spread. Seems to me like that would spread it more. Ever heard of a leper colony? Stay locked and loaded. Sex offenders released; hair dressers arrested…

I see no mention of this one being COVID-19 related, but it’s still an illustration of how the justice system does not protect you.

It is not the government’s job to protect your health; it’s the government’s job to protect your rights.

horrific truth


A Scottsdale (AZ) physician was working in an outbuilding on his property Wednesday night when the family dog raised an alarm. The owner began to check the property armed with a shotgun. When the resident entered the room of one of his children, he was confronted and charged by a naked man holding a large piece of wood. Two shots, DRT.

Not a DGU

The 54-year-old female homeowner was hospitalized with serious injuries from being beaten. The two alleged sexual battery victims are under the age of 10.

THAT is why you home carry.

Someone broke into my house with a gun

More spree attacks

On Wednesday, a man shot three people at the Westgate mall in Glendale, AZ. In reporting the incident, local media reiterated this all-to-common epitaph: “When police arrived at the mall, the scene was no longer active.” In other words, even with a 5-minute response time, they were too late. Duh.

On Thursday, an Arab man crashed the gate and got into a shootout with guards at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi. The attacker was killed and a guard was injured in the attack, which is being investigated as “terrorism-related.”

Both are gun free zones.

Extend the Range of .22 Shotshells with Reverse Paradox Tubes

If you’re gungeeky like I am, this will be interesting. I’ve long thought something like this would be the cure for the “donut” shotshell patterns from the Taurus Judge and similar revolvers, and am interested in how well this would work with typical centerfire pistols and rat shot loads.

Arthritis Tips: How to Load & Unload Semi-Autos

Gun maintenance. Do it.

Gun vocabulary references

MS Hunting and Fishing Regulation Myths


They’re still killers.

Why “bear guns” are a thing

Giant bear claw



About gun safes

FN’s new FN 509 Compact Tactical pistol appears to be essentially identical to its excellent FN 509 Tactical, except shorter in both directions (4.3″ barrel and flush 12-round magazine). It ships with two interchangeable backstraps, one each 12-round, 15-round and 24-round magazines or three 10-round magazines. The threaded muzzle and suppressor sights seem kinda silly to me on a compact pistol, although as an old guy I can tell you those big sights are sweet.

You only thought you had everything: The North American Arms .22 Short Case Hardened Mini Revolver

Ed Brown sent a 20% off coupon that excludes firearms, holsters, knives, optics, service, or magazine exchange. That sure doesn’t leave much.

Speer’s new Gold Dot Rifle personal protection ammunition is engineered to provide industry-leading performance in FBI protocol testing through barrels less than 16 inches long. The GDR bullets use Speer’s Uni-Cor bonded construction.


  • Consistent penetration and expansion through common barriers
  • Extremely uniform jacket maximizes accuracy
  • Gold Dot bonding technology virtually eliminates core-jacket separation
  • Nickel-plated brass cases
  • 55-grain .223 Rem. (offers reduced penetration for less risk to bystanders)
  • 62-grain .223 Rem.
  • 75-grain .223 Rem. (recommended for 1-in-9″ barrel twist or faster)
  • 150-grain .300 BLK
  • 150-grain .308 Win.

CCI has announced new paper milk carton style “Pour Packs” containing 125 rounds each of popular magnum rimfire ammunition. Available loads are .22 WMR with a 30-grain VNT bullet, a .17 HMR round with a 17-grain VNT, and another .22 WMR with a 40-grain Maxi-Mag jacketed hollowpoint.


“Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property . . . Horrid mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them.” – Thomas Paine, Thoughts on Defensive War (1775)

“The strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend it.” – Albert Einstein

“My rights don’t end where your fears begin.” – unknown

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