Problem solved: No Coronavirus Sign

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MS bills

The Mississippi Legislature has adjourned the current session until at least April Fools Day (go figure) and will adjust the remaining legislative deadlines. A number of other state legislatures have also closed up shop. Now if we can shut down Congress…


Last chance to “bullet” vote for NRA Board candidates and get your ballot in before March 29. Go find your magazine with the ballot.

Did you notice the party of diversity has narrowed down its presidential candidates to two rich old white guys?

Dept. of Viruses


You probably now know that the Coronavirus scare has triggered a run on guns and ammo, especially in states hit hardest by the illness — California, New York and Washington. Apparently some of those low information leftist voters were surprised to learn that they can’t buy guns online from out of state and have them shipped to their homes. I suspect that’s mostly the folks who say you don’t need a gun, but who for some reason suddenly think THEY need a gun.

Graphic: Ammo sales increase by state (+1000% in MS)

The NICS system has experienced delays and a 200-300% increase in checks. (A right delayed is a right denied.) And there might be a NICS shutdown.

February 2020 was the busiest February and the third busiest month the NICS Office has ever seen. More than 2.8 million checks were run last month and more than 5.5 million have been run so far this year (through the end of February). February 24th to March 1st was the third busiest week for NICS firearm background checks in history. And it hasn’t eased up. The March numbers will be interesting if NICS and FFLs continue to operate.

Some state and local CCW licensing agencies are suspending services. (A right denied.)

Problem solved: No Coronavirus Sign

Some police departments have stopped making arrests for a range of crimes including drug sales, thefts, burglary, stolen cars and more. Therefore the gun and ammo sales spike. No word on police suspending enforcement of laws requiring CCW licenses in locations where issuing agencies have stopped issuing/renewing licenses.

An Effective Treatment for Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Turns out my wife is already on this stuff. Pres. Trump had the FDA fast-track its approval this week for Coronavirus treatment. It’s already in short supply.

Meanwhile, the CDC is wasting your tax dollars pursuing gun control instead of finding cures for diseases.

In New Orleans, Mayor LaToya Cantrell (D) has signed an emergency order allowing her to later ban the sale and transportation of firearms. Apparently they didn’t learn from Katrina. Should the mayor actually attempt to implement such a thing, one might not be surprised if the good citizens refuse to be illegally bullied and killed this time. The same sort of order has also happened in Champaign, IL, and the state of Pennsylvania, where they probably don’t remember Katrina.


Lauderdale County, MS, Chancery Judge Larry Primeaux blamed legal gun carry in courthouses for a fellow judge being ambushed and shot in an outside parking lot by someone with a “high power” rifle this week, which basically means Primeaux is either ignorant or untruthful, and either way cannot be trusted.

The Only Ones

It appears that an unidentified Montgomery County (MD) Police Department officer may have murdered a man asleep in his own bedroom, then orchestrated a department cover-up attempt.


Kids & Guns, with Dr. Dabbs (likely our youngest national treasure)


Army ammo

US Army’s 7.62x51mm XM1158 Advanced Armor Piercing Round Set to Replace M80A1 EPR

US Army’s XM1158 Advanced Armor Piercing Round Set to Replace M80A1 EPR


FN’s new 503 9mm pistol is a slim compact CCW model.

Stoeger’s new very affordable STR-9 pistol line includes the STR-9 Full Size with available Tritium night sights, STR-9 Optics Ready and the STR-9 in Flat Dark Earth.

Ruger’s new PC Charger “Pistol” takes Ruger or Glock magazines. I’m not sure of the PC Charger’s benefit over just using a Ruger or Glock pistol.

FX Airguns is working on a centerfire version of its doppler radar pocket chronograph. $500-ish.

Gerber now lets you sort-of custom design your own EDC knife.

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