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Election, Litigation, Studies

Election – vote THIS Tuesday in MS

Also don’t forget to vote for NRA Board candidates and get your ballot in before March 29.


Shotgun Joe Biden has happily received former rival Francis O’Rourke’s endorsement and revealed he wants the Francis to lead his campaign’s effort to ban guns. During one of the Democratic debates when he was still in the race, O’Rourke stated, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.” When he was pressed on the issue and how he would approach gun owners who would refuse to hand in their firearms, O’Rourke said police would have to take them away. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttgig have also endorsed Biden. All are gun-banners.

Bloomberg out and endorsing Biden? This just after Mini Mike said he planned to stay in the race until the Democratic convention in July despite no expectation of winning any state in his first ballot test.

Bloomberg called out, lies, called out again, FOX melts down and runs for cover.


Liberal gun owners in a quandary.


Maybe dumber than a stump

Right now, I’m thinking vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary of what now appears to be a very close two-donkey race, because the “experts” say he’s weaker in the general election. The Mississippi Primary is THIS Tuesday, March 10th.


If you look at MS Congressional candidate Mike Espy’s endorsements, you can see why not to vote for him.


Meanwhile in response, gun sales are up 30%.

Original musket assault rifle


Supreme Court rejects challenge to ban on gun “bump stocks.” Dispute may return to SCOTUS at a later date.

Second Amendment Foundation cases (The SAF is where I send my political donations.)


A University of Washington study of rural sixth-graders revealed that a much higher percentage of children who handled firearms endorsed pro-handgun politics than kids who didn’t. We call it inoculation. Take a kid shooting.

Researchers: Schools Shootings Not on the Rise, Schools Safer Than in the ’90s. “There is not an epidemic of school shootings.”


FBI Report

Active Shooter Incidents: Topical One-Pagers, 2000 – 2018 (18 pages – .pdf)

The highlights:

  • 277 incidents.
  • The majority of wounded occurred in “Open Areas.”
  • The average active killer event results in two people injured for every one person killed.
  • Out of 277 total incidents, only four involved multiple suspects.
  • Twelve of the 282 shooters were women.
  • Most (66%) active killers used handguns.
  • 35% of the killers carried more than one weapon.
  • Most of the active killer attacks, and deaths, took place in commercial businesses.
  • Three (3) of 282 perpetrators were killed by armed citizens.
  • 103 killers (37%) committed suicide.

Two things immediately occurred to me:

  1. In 37% of cases, the killers controlled the outcome – they committed suicide. Do you want to wait until he decides to end it, or do you want it stopped NOW? Who do you want in control?
  2. There were probably not nearly enough cases where armed citizens were present. Why?


Flashback: The post-Miami FBI ammo tests


The Only Ones

NYC narcotics officer Stephen Abreu, 31, an investigator with the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor, was arrested and charged with felony attempted murder, reckless endangerment in the first degree, attempted assault with intention to cause physical injury, menacing and a slew of other misdemeanors after he allegedly flew into a violent rage in a local bar when a woman ignored his advances. When the bartender told him to leave, Abreu punched him in the face, then pulled out a gun and fired two shots inside the bar.


What we know now, what’s coming, and how to prepare:

Coronavirus: What we know now, what’s coming, and how to prepare


New flashlight standards announced.

Are you one of those cool long-range ninja shooters with tactical shoelace aglets and scope adjustment turrets that stick out like Pinocchio’s nose? Got any money left? Well, these are for you.

The FireTail Weapon Light Switch

Pack & Load – basically a big magazine-loading stripper clip for your MSR, available pre-loaded


“The goal of socialism is communism.” — Vladimir Lenin

“Any place there are people, there is a potential for violence. Every community, no matter how small or peaceful appearing, has violent criminals and mentally disturbed individuals. Accept that fact. Once you accept that fact, it becomes easier to put up with carrying your gear, religiously, every day. You don’t get to pick the day you need your gun. Someone else gets to pick that day, and they will typically only inform you at the last minute.” — Tom Givens

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    From Active Shooter Incidents above:
    “There were probably not nearly enough cases where armed citizens were present. Why?”
    Yes, why? Because they find an excuse not to have their weapons. Always have your weapon. There are few actual laws that prohibit all weapon carry in all places. There are many who will say it is against the law. Ask them, “What Law?”

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