Dear GOP

Elections, ATF, Civil Disobedience, GFZ

Coming soon: Mississippi gun legislation report.

Presidential Election

“I would like to be able to be back in high school and just have he (Pres. Trump) and I in a room.” — Shotgun Joe Biden, during an appearance on “The View”

  1. Where’s the “red flag” report and Biden’s subsequent disarming and charges for the threat?
  2. Trump would probably clean Biden’s clock.
  3. Biden needs to learn English.
  4. I would sub for Mr. Trump if he’s not available.

And Charlie Daniels weighs in on Bernie.

NRA endorses Rep. Guest

US Rep. Michael Guest (R-MS) has been endorsed by NRA’s Political Victory Fund in his 2020 re-election campaign.

NRA Election

We have another endorsement to pass along. Tom Gresham says that he’s known Phillip B. Journey, a Kansas judge, for a long time and that he’s a good one.

Deadline for ballot receipt is March 29. Please vote.

ATF still creating illegal gun owner registries

Read and take action here.

And especially do it here.

Disobeying Gun Laws Is An American Tradition (and a moral imperative)

disarm thought

SCOTUS – Wilson v. Cook County, Illinois

Is a local gun ban constitutional?


Every time a Moslem stands up in Congress and tells us they will change the Constitution, impeach our President, or vote for socialism, remember they said they would destroy us from within.

Dear GOP

Don’t be MAWOL

Back when I was out and about every day, I did a lot of people watching. By far the single most common behavior, with well over 90% participation, was folks in public areas (sidewalks, halls, buses, parking lots, etc.) sitting, standing and walking with their noses buried in their electronic pacifiers. Literally herds of victims.

Bill and Bruno


About Pepper Spray

“This idea doctors have that AR-15s make mass shooting incidents magically more deadly than pistols is fundamentally, scientifically, and self-evidently wrong. It is a lie.”

“The Sandy Hook shooter fired 154 shots in five minutes. The Parkland shooter fired 150 shots in seven minutes. Neither shooter engaged another armed opponent, where reload times would have mattered. Either shooting could have transpired just as easily with a 10 round magazine as a 30 round magazine… The limitation on both instances was not fire rate, nor reload time, nor in fact range. The limitation was how many rounds the shooter could fit in their school backpack.”

Gun Free Zone

Judging only by what was reported, it appeared the unarmed security guard, may have intervened after the perpetrator (a “prohibited person”) shot the first victim or after he produced a gun. If so, I’m guessing the type of “intervention” was not appropriate for the circumstance. The guard was unarmed allegedly because he was just arriving at work and had not yet picked up his sidearm on campus as per policy.


  • An unarmed person is not a security guard. Instead, he is a victim.
  • All perpetrators/suspects/victims/people must be considered possibly armed.
  • Policy will get you dead.
  • People who implement policies attempting to disarm the general public or their employees do not care whether you live or die. They are not your friends. They only care about whether they have a legally defensible position of “following policy.”
  • In Mississippi, anyone with an enhanced CCW license can legally carry at any hospital, sign-posted or not, with the exception of “federal facilities,” such as those owned and operated by the US Dept. of Veterans Affairs or perhaps on tribal lands.
  • Carry. Always.

"horn free zone" cartoon

The Only Ones

Two unidentified Bryan, Texas police officers, both with the department’s Tactical Response Team, were injured this week when a gun “accidentally” went off at the police station. No word on who pulled the trigger.

Also in Bryan, off-duty assistant Police Chief Wayland Ray Rawls, 47, was arrested and charged with assault causing bodily injury after he allegedly beat a man who did not hit him.


Very sad. But BSA brought it on themselves, especially in recent decades by publicly violating its own Scout Oath, even to the extent of implementing official policies that violate the Oath. reports that they are receiving reports of emails being blocked by select service providers and they are working with the providers where possible. If you are having email issues please let Customer Service know.

Known Problem Providers:



The new Mepro Foresight by Meprolight is an “augmented” optical sight with lots of innovative, hi-tech electro-wizardy features. Check it out.

The EndoSnake bore scope. Starting at $50.

Rossi has introduced versions of its R92 lever rifle called Triple Black, which include black wooden furniture, forward barrel-mounted top Picatinny rail (these are top-eject guns), wrapped large-loop lever, threaded 16.5″ barrel, 8-round full-length magazine, and Cerakoted metal parts. 34″ OAL, 5.9-6.1 lbs., .357 Mag./.38 Spl. or .44 Mag. $857.85.

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    The OneClickPolitics site referenced above does not allow those of us who block Cookies to participate. This from their web site:
    “You should be aware, however, that by disabling cookies you may be unable to access certain services and features of OneClickPolitics.”.
    It always seems counter to me that we people who choose not to dance the commercial advertisement dance of OneClickPolitic’s cookies or Pay-pal’s anti-gun purchase dance should be kept from participating in efforts directed towards freedom to discuss things or freedom to purchase whatever they want.

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