"You'll carry your own gun where we say you can"

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THIS is why we elected President Trump. It was worth it.

Here Come Da Judge


In an attempt to out-do Mike Bloomberg, Shotgun Joe Biden said this week that he is “coming for” gun manufacturers and “taking them down.” Last week, he pushed for a ban on all repeating firearms. Back to this week (he’s been busy), Biden claimed in Tuesday’s debate that guns have killed 150 million people in the United States since 2007. That’s roughly half the US population, which apparently didn’t include any idiotic Democrat presidential candidates. Neither the moderators nor his competitors, who are all shills for the gun ban crowd, corrected his error. Molon labe, Joe.

Meanwhile in Nashville, Alex Friedmann, a convicted violent felon and former adviser on criminal justice issues to Sen. Bernie Sanders, was arrested last month after plotting a violent prison escape and stashing guns and ammunition inside a soon-to-be-opened prison. You can’t make this stuff up.


Students sue Wisconsin schools over gun shirt bans

For law geeks: Corpus Linguistics and D.C. v. Heller

Federal Gun Control Law History

How Bureaucracy Doesn’t Work

Meanwhile in Michigan, the statewide application system for CCW licenses and renewals has been down since February 14th across the State due to technical issues. There is no estimate as to when the problem will be fixed. That’s all it takes for your “rights” to be gone, and that’s yet another reason not to have government permission slips for rights.


As suspected, the location of this week’s massacre at a Molson Coors brewery in Milwaukee, WI appears to be a gun free zone.

Club free zone

Mississippi Knife Laws

Military “Intelligence”

The Navy and Marine Corps will prohibit foreign troops and their accompanying relatives from buying and carrying personal weapons as the military continues reacting after a Saudi officer carried out a terrorist attack on a US military base where he was training. Foreign troops assigned to Navy and Marine Corps bases will now be prohibited from possessing, storing, using, transporting, carrying, purchasing, selling or transferring personally owned firearms, weapon components or ammunition, the new policies state. All international military students and their local family members over the age of 18 will have to sign agreements on the new rules or risk getting kicked out of the training and this country.

Questions for the DoD:

  1. If you can’t trust them with a pistol, why would you trust them to train with our military on our bases?
  2. If you can’t trust them with a pistol, why would you trust them to honor their signed agreement?
  3. Are you just crazy?

The Only Ones

Joseph Ryan, 56, a retired 33-year veteran sergeant of the Greenwich, CT, Police Department who had a number of commendations on his record, including awards for life saving and an Excellent Police Duty Medal, was arrested on a federal charge of knowingly providing police-seized firearms to a convicted felon and drug dealer. The federal complaint also alleged that Ryan was supplied with heroin.

School guards


"You'll carry your own gun where we say you can"

The American Bar Association continues its attempt to undermine Americans’ civil rights.

Left-wing rock band Bon Jovi says their next album, “Bon Jovi 2020” will be packed with political fare including gun control.

Docs and guns


IWA postponed

IWA is the annual European equivalent of our SHOT Show. Most of the world’s major firearms manufacturers are there in Nuremberg each January. This Year’s IWA OutdoorClassics was scheduled to run from March 6 to 9, but due to the new situation regarding the spread of the corona virus, NürnbergMesse has decided to postpone IWA OutdoorClassics 2020 from the planned date of 6-9 March 2020. ENFORCE TAC, a defense and security trade show which precedes IWA OutdoorClassics, has also been postponed. Although the announcement states the events will be rescheduled to later this year, there is no update on when this may be.

Dept. of Idiocy

A small survey by 5W Public Relations found that 38% of Americans wouldn’t buy Corona beer “under any circumstances” because of the Corona virus outbreak.

Folks, those people can vote.

Gun Talk

Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk Radio has been on the air for 25 years. When he first started he was asked “How can you talk about guns for 3 hours?” Easy – he talks about guns all the time. Congrats, Tom.

Chainsaws and Canoes – Dr. Dabbs’ latest.

Rock in the Glock


Python problems update

USMC optics

The USMC has selected Trijicon’s VCOG 1-8×28 as the service’s new Squad Common Optic. $64 million contract.

.32 ACP Defensive Ammo Test


Streamlight’s updated Stylus Pro® USB penlight has a slimmer, matte black body with a sliding protective sleeve for the micro USB port and provides 350 lumens, a 109-meter beam distance, and a 1.5-hour run time on high; on low mode, the light offers 90 lumens and a 58-meter beam distance, with a 3.5-hour run time.

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