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Hi folks; sorry for the missed 2ANewsletter last week. Due to AT&T’s abysmal communications system, both my internet and phone service unexpectedly quit for the entire week of 1/5-1/12, so I never got to send the newsletter, much less research and compile it.

Parts of Mississippi closed to hunting (except waterfowl) due to flooding.

The Jackson area, and probably others, is on track to set a new all-time January precipitation record.

NRA boondoggle update

The NY Attorney General has issued 90 subpoenas to people with ties to the NRA, seeking to learn how money was transferred between the Association and the NRA Foundation, which is the NRA’s tax-exempt charitable organization. The subpoenas look into campaign finance, payments made to board members, tax compliance, and the hiring decisions and salaries paid to the 76 NRA BoD members.

The NRA Board has responded to the members’ petition drive for a board member attendance policy and voted (without objection) to adopt one.

The NRA has revived parts of its lawsuit against NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, claiming that secret, sealed documents show conspiracy to deprive gun groups of insurance. Well, duh.

About the Second Amendment Foundation

I send them money every year. If you know how tight I am, that’s saying something.

ATF felony update

The man convicted of fatally shooting Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, in a case that exposed the felonious federal gun running program known as “Fast and Furious,” was sentenced to life in prison last week in Tucson. Heraclio Osorio-Arellanes is one of seven defendants who were charged in the 2010 slaying of Brian Terry, and two of ATF’s criminally smuggled guns were found at the murder scene. Osorio-Arellanes was convicted of first-degree murder and other charges last year after being extradited from Mexico in 2018. Five of the seven men charged in Terry’s killing are serving prison sentences after pleading guilty or being convicted and one has not been tried. Former US Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt by Congress for refusing to turn over documents related to the sting.

No criminal charges have been filed against any government agents or employees for their complicity in ATF’s deadly gun smuggling operation, in which ATF “encouraged” (forced) gun dealers to make straw sales to Mexican drug cartel members and other criminals or prohibited persons in order to orchestrate the discovery of the guns at crime scenes in order to gin up political support for more US gun control. The corruption reportedly went at least as far as former US AG Holder, if not the Obama White House and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Whatever it wants

Secret Service shooting & lying

An unidentified off-duty US Secret Service agent shot and killed a leashed dog in Brooklyn, NY this week, then the agency issued a false statement saying the dog was not on a leash and had barked and scared the agent.

Presidential Election

“I wasn’t there and I don’t know the facts that somebody in the congregation had their own gun and killed the person who murdered two other people, but it is the job of law enforcement to have guns and to decide when to shoot. You just do not want the average citizen carrying a gun in a crowded place.” — Michael Bloomberg, commenting last month on the recent church attack and defensive shooting in Texas at the West Freeway Church of Christ.

In other words, Michael Bloomberg prefers that the whole congregation die, if that’s what it takes, before some “non average” person with a gun shows up to draw chalk lines around the bodies. Of course he and his bodyguards aren’t “average” either, and therefore deserve to live.

Tell you what, Mikey, we don’t want the average bigoted, fascist, abusive, treasonous, filthy rich, armed-bodyguard-protected, radical New York politician telling us we’re not worthy of staying alive. So go away, you little evil man.

“…who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people, except for a few public officers….the people have a right to keep and bear arms.” — 3 Elliot, Virginia Ratification Debates on the U.S. Constitution at 425-426. (1788) — George Mason

“I don’t feel safer going to my church knowing that somebody could be sitting next to me with weapons.” — Elizabeth Warren, who I now must presume will be giving up her armed security detail. Oh, and Ms. Warren: What article of the Constitution says you have a right to FEEL safe, especially at the expense of others’ rights to BE safe? Frankly, I don’t believe she goes to church, except as a political opportunity.

Gun-banning US Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), has dropped out of the presidential race.

Disobedience needed

Magpul donated 1,000 30-round PMags for the NRA to give out to those who attended the January 13th NRA rally at the Virginia State Capitol. Virginia is proposing a magazine ban.

However, I suggest those magazines would be more properly distributed in jurisdictions that already have such an unconstitutional ban.

Charlie Daniels weighs in

Counter-ambush tactics

Situational Awareness Skills: Teaching Kids Observation Skills


Some guy named “Eminem” (real name Marshall Bruce Mathers, III), who is some sort of singer, has released a sick song and video from the perspective of the Las Vegas massacrist, espousing gun control.

An Open Letter to Women Who Want Gun Control

Where there’s a will…

After Walmart infamously instituted a no-open-carry policy in a knee-jerk response to shootings in two of its stores last year, a female shopper with a child at a Tampa, Florida, Walmart last Saturday picked up a Mason jar, alcohol and brad nails – the container, fuel and projectiles for an improvised explosive device. A diligent security guard called the sheriff’s office and enlisted the help of an off-duty Florida game warden who was inside the store. The woman assembled the materials into a makeshift bomb and was attempting to light a shoelace wick before the guard and warden stopped her. Well, at least she wasn’t open carrying – that’s what counts, right?

The Only Ones

Over in the UK, two soldiers who served as the Queen’s guards are accused of committing seven robberies in South London last July.

A grand jury has indicted two former Houston police officers Gerald Goines and Steven Bryant for their roles in a deadly January 2019 drug raid that killed a couple. Goines was indicted on two counts of felony murder, and both Goines and his former partner, Bryant, were indicted on charges of tampering with a government record. Additional charges have been filed and more may be filed.

Church security post-incident actions

About those pesky lower receivers

Smith & Wesson Internal Revolver Locks and History

Ballistic gelatin comparisons: Part III

  • None of the factory fresh, clear synthetic blocks passed FBI calibration, despite the fact that the included warranty cards indicated they would.
  • Bullets tend to under expand and over-penetrate in the clear synthetic gelatin, compared to 10% calibrated gelatin.

Build your own chronograph?

For you folks missing John Connor’s writing

Zombies and the Walking Dead. For Real? From Dr. Dabbs.

Gander Mountain

Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis has announced that twenty-seven former Gander Mountain retail stores will close by the end of January. (The stores remaining open are now branded Gander Outdoors.)

Deer tracking dog

FWIW, I have used two different Labrador Retrievers, which were untrained for tracking, to find lost deer. Try it.

2019 NICS check record

The number of background checks on firearm sales, transfers, and concealed carry applications reached a record high in 2019, according to the FBI, which reported that there were nearly 3-million background checks performed in December, which made the total number of 2019 (unadjusted) NICS checks 28,369,750. That’s 3% higher than the previous record set back in 2016, when concerns over a possible Hillary Clinton presidency drove gun sales to that record high.

In other words, the FBI literally counted nearly 30 million prior restraint and Second Amendment civil rights violations by the federal government in 2019.


Make your own speed strips for reloading revolvers.

Early reports indicate that the new Colt Python revolvers are BETTER, stronger, more durable, and have better triggers than the original. That’s saying a mouthful.

Marlin will be making its Model 1895 lever action in a smoothbore shotgun version chambered for the 2.5″ .410.

Federal Premium, the largest ammunition manufacturer of the world, has an estimated total of 133 new individual product SKUs in more than 34 cataloged product lines. That is a company record for the number of new loads and components introduced. CCI has 14 new rimfire loads.

SK Ammunition is marketing its German-made .22 rimfire ammo in the USA.

Vihtavuori is now offering the new N555 High Energy Series smokeless powder, designed for precision rifle platforms chambered in cartridges such as 6mm & 6.5 Creedmoor, .284 Winchester, .260 Remington and .30-06 Springfield, among others.

The Senior Citizen Defender. It kind of corrupts the definition of “hand” gun.

Walther has released its CCP M2 pistol chambered in .380 ACP.

Mossberg has followed up on its popular MC1 subcompact pistol with the MC2c. The MC2c is a compact double-stack 9mm pistol with a width of just 1.1″ and a magazine capacity of 13+1 or 15+1 rounds, with flush fit and extended magazines respectively. Five initial offerings will include two frame variants (standard and cross-bolt safety); choice of slide finishes (black DLC-finished or bead-blasted stainless steel); and optional TRUGLO® Tritium Pro™ Night sights. Starting at $490.

The new Lee Precision Automatic Processing Press (APP) is a frameless single station reloading press claimed to also be the fastest and easiest way to prepare cases and size cast bullets. It offers almost unlimited hand clearance, a centrally located handle, no bench under-swing and convenient, positive primer disposal. It is the first press of its kind with the ability to mount the die to the top or bottom of the press, using a unique pass-through shellholder, allowing previously unheard of automation on a single station press. Just $75. The Deluxe APP model includes the Automation package, making it the world’s fastest single stage press. The Deluxe model includes a revolutionary new kind of case and bullet feeder.  Jaws automatically open and grasp the bullet or case. They then rapidly position the case or bullet into the operating position.  Once in position the jaws instantly open and return for the next case or bullet. Now you can deprime, primer pocket swage, bulge bust or size cast bullets as fast as you can operate the lever. Just $110 for the Deluxe APP.

Lyman’s new Mark 7 Evolution is a 10-stage manual CNC machined aluminum loading press that can incorporate options from additional sensors, accessories and an autodrive. It comes complete with an 11″ case feeder, a mechanical powder measure, and a standard stacked priming system. The manual hand-operation is ambidextrous, and the press will accept add on options and sensors and even an autodrive. The Mark 7 Evolution Autodrive increases bullet production for up to 3,500 rounds an hour* by automating the Evolution manual press. It comes with a 10″ high definition tablet and mount and JamSense and TorqueSense sensor ware. Optional sensors include a Wired Remote Stop, DecapSense, SwageSense, PrimerSense, PowderCheck, BulletSense, and a Primer Orientation Sensor. The Mark 7 Evolution 10-stage Manual Loading machine is $2,995 and the Mark 7 Evolution Autodrive is $1,995. Optional sensors start at $199.95.

The Bracken Collection.  Essays and Short Fiction 2010 to 2019.” Recommended.

My Daddy Has a Gun: … and My Mom Does Too!” by Rob Pincus


Saying gun rights only apply to a militia is like saying free speech only applies while in the process of petitioning the government.

“It’s a lot easier and lot more productive to treat people the way you’d want to be treated – even if the person you’re dealing with has made a mistake or is in trouble – than it is to get in a verbal or physical confrontation.” — Phil Bryant, former deputy sheriff & former MS governor

“Willingness is a state of mind. Readiness is a statement of fact!” — John Farnam

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