Veterans' Day

MS AG Opinion, School Attack Study, AR-15 Need

Monday is Veterans Day. Thank you, veterans.

MS election

Mississippi Republicans won 8 of 8 statewide offices, have majorities in Legislature, Transportation Commission and Public Service Commission. First Republican attorney general since Reconstruction. Republican supermajorities remain in the Legislature, with 3 seats added in the Senate and 1 lost in the House. The Democrats now control nothing in state government, so whatever happens before the next election will be the Republicans’ fault.

One highlight is in House District 16 in Lee & Monroe Counties, where 36-year incumbent Rep. Steve Holland (I) lost his reelection bid to former Lee County justice court Judge Rickey Thompson (D) in a tight race. Holland, widely known for his wild, nutty speeches in the House, is very anti-gun toward most of us, but thinks his own family should be exempt from his socialist gun-control ideas. I don’t know Thompson’s positions. Thompson previously served as a Justice Court Judge in Lee County and was removed from office by the Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance. So, we’re not very optimistic.

Our condolences to residents of other states who didn’t do so well.

MS AG opinion

Perhaps outgoing MS Attorney General Jim Hood heard my complaint about falling behind on official opinions, because his office posted a slew of new ones this week. The linked one (.pdf) is about the legality of a resigning police officer buying his service weapon.

Judiciary update

As of this week, President Trump has so far appointed 158 now-confirmed impartial, non-activist federal judges, and said his appointments will total more than 180 judges by the end of the year. Mr. Trump’s nominees now occupy one-quarter of the seats on the US Circuit Courts of Appeals. Mr. Trump has always nominated judges who have a proven track record of standing up for the rule of law as written, not as imagined. We have Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to thank for ushering through the record number of Senate confirmations.

School attack study

The US Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center has released a new comprehensive study (.pdf) on school attackers and found that almost none of them “just snapped.” In fact, virtually every one of them exhibited warning signs and, as such, the murders they committed could have been prevented. Researchers found a common pattern among the killers; they were bullied, got in trouble at school, and were never reported to authorities, no matter how bothered others might have been by their behavior. The study, which looked in-depth at 41 school attacks from 2008 through 2017, is the most comprehensive review of school attacks since the Columbine shootings in 1999.

Work CCW bans

A commenter notes that it’s been claimed that the reason that many employers ban carry by employees is that they’ve been advised that it is typically less costly to let worker’s compensation pay for employee injuries, including death, than to defend a lawsuit by someone shot by an employee, even if justifiably.

However, we wonder how costly it would be if employees sued them for placing employees at risk or in actual death or harm due to such bans. We also suggest that those particular individuals and attorneys who care so little about their employees are perhaps most at risk?


The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms says Democrats have a hidden agenda behind the impeachment efforts led by Nancy Pelosi and it is designed to tie up the US Senate and derail efforts to confirm more pro-Second Amendment judges to the federal courts.

Even the Brady Bunch knows we’re right. They always did.

NRA Board

Another one bites the dust.


When disgruntled NRA member and donor David Dell’Aquila decided to issue letter grades to members of the NRA board, he gave Tom King an “F,” saying he has not provided effective oversight/direction to the CEO, while Dan Boren received an “A,” with the notation that he has been named in court documents as having participated in the attempt to oust Uncle Wayne.


NRA drops SF lawsuit over the city’s resolution labeling the gun-rights group a “terrorist organization.”

Psychiatrists vs. guns


Joe Biden denied communion. “If Francis wasn’t a fraud, Biden, Pelosi, Cuomo, et al. would be excommunicated.” — David Codrea


Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack told Business Insider that the “buycott” of his chain (stopping gun sales) really didn’t help his company’s bottom line, but that the boycott of Dick’s by Second Amendment supporters did hurt the company’s finances. I wouldn’t buy a ping-pong ball from Dick’s, but would step in to “carelessly” use the facilities.


The lamestream media. I don’t even watch TV news anymore, because it isn’t.

Detroit:JUSTIFIABLE Homicides 25x National Average, Murders Lowest in 50 years.

California: Apparently leaving for a more gun-friendly state is actually a thing.

Jackson, MS: Big Brother is watching. Literally.

Why does anyone “need” an AR-15 rifle?



The Only Ones

An unidentified male LEO from an unidentified agency (not JPD) shot himself in the leg during training at the Jackson, MS Police Firing Range last week.


Veteran Rochester, NY, Police Officer Manuel “Manny” Ortiz, 52, was on his way to work when he fatally shot himself in the left thigh with his personal weapon while driving his SUV, rupturing his femoral artery.


St. Louis Police Officer Matthew Eernisse, 26, has been charged with first-degree assault and armed criminal action for purposely shooting an unarmed and reportedly non-threatening car thief in the back while chasing the person on foot back in 2018. The officer responsible for writing the probable cause statement described Eernisse as “a danger to the victim and the community.”


An internal report from the Coral Springs, FL, Police Department indicates officers were over 30 minutes late to a June 9, 2019, shooting scene because 911 call center supervisor Julie Vidaud was watching Netflix.

.380 Ammo

Buffalo Bore LFP vs. Hornady Critical Defense

Police unintentional weapon firing study

Researchers for Force Science News collected detailed descriptive information on 137 “unintentional discharge” (UD) (I would say negligent) occurrences from a cross-section of police departments within the US. The findings are also relevant to the rest of us. I got both questions right. Did you?

In summary: Quit messing with your gun — you might shoot yourself.

When UDs occurred, the involved officers were engaged in some “routine firearm manipulation” 60% of the time. UDs most often occurred when officers were clearing a weapon, accounting for about 1/3 of the incidents in this category. Other relevant manipulations included storing/moving the weapon (about 23%), holstering/unholstering (17%), conducting function checks (16%), and performing maintenance (10%). The common departmental mandates to unholster, unload, put away, and then reverse the process for each shift change literally creates hundreds of unnecessary opportunities PER OFFICER PER YEAR to have a UD. Instead, just load, make ready, holster, and leave it that way until the weapon is fired or needs maintenance.

Yeah, dropped live ammo CAN go off

But it’s not very dangerous.

Study: A buck’s daily home range may be smaller than some hunters think

140 acres.


Did you know?

The old TV series “Gunsmoke” once had an episode in which a mysterious sniper kills victims with a suppressed .30 caliber lever action rifle. The series was set in the 1870s era, but Hiram Percy Maxim (son of the machine gun inventor) didn’t invent the silencer until around 1902. It was patented in 1909.


Mark 7 Reloading has electric autodrives for your Dillon progressive press


Federal Premium now has its Syntech ammo available in Bulk Buckets of 250 to 500 rounds packed in cubical plastic buckets that stack, store and transport easily. 9mm, .40 and .45 ACP. ~$100-$200.


Want a $200 electrically-driven minigun? Here ya go.


Czechoslovakian manufacturer Alfa Proj is bringing an extensive line of mid-size, six-shot double-action revolvers to the US market. These are reportedly mid-price-range and mid-quality-range.


Black Aces Tactical’s new Pro Series L is a lever-action 12-gauge, 6+1 extended-tube-mag-fed shotgun with an 18.5″ barrel (Benelli/Beretta Mobil chokes). Some models ship with a matching pistol grip in addition to the shoulder stock. I’m not sure a lever-action unstocked weapon is all that ergonomic. $400+.


Heritage Manufacturing Inc. has the new Rough Rider Rancher .22 LR revolving carbine with a 16.125″ round profile barrel, adjustable Buckhorn sight system and a straight, checkered walnut shoulder stock. $300.


Magnum Research now offers its BFR revolvers in a 6-shot version in .357 Mag. and .44 Mag.


Norma is offering reloading components. I think the powder has been available for a long time, but now they’re advertising cases and bullets too.


The RCBS Summit™ steel and cast iron single stage reloading press looks like a hoss. It’s kind of inverted — the case does not move; the reloading die comes down to the case. It has compound leverage, a 2-inch-diameter ram, and 4½-inch operating window. ~$281.


Check out these discrete gun cases. Available at Amazon for ~$150.


SOG’s new Sync I and Sync II Traveler multi-tools are bladeless and they claim TSA compliance so you can fly with them.

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