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There will probably be no 2A Newsletter next week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Y’all enjoy and give thanks.

University of Virginia update

Last week we posted an item about the University of Virginia, which cited fears of “gun violence,” to explain ceasing a 21-gun salute to veterans that’s been a part of the university’s Veterans Day celebrations for a decade. Now we have a report that due to backlash from veterans, alumni, and students, the university is reversing the decision for next year’s commemoration, with University President Jim Ryan saying, “Sometimes you make mistakes.” Yep. They even weenied-out on being weenies.

New Zealand & UK updates

New Zealand’s mandatory “buyback” gun confiscation program’s failure is so big that the country’s top cops have been reduced to begging the nation’s criminal gangs to turn in their firearms.

And in the disarmed UK, knife crime is so bad that London bobbies are distributing bleed control kits to bars and nightclubs.


Update on Folajtar v. Attorney General Barr, et al. and Holloway v. Attorney General Barr, et al., two US Third Circuit cases that challenge the federal government’s lifetime ban on firearm possession for “any person . . . who has been convicted in any court of, a crime punishable (but not necessarily punished — JP) by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year” under 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(1).

City of Madison, MS, violating state gun permit law.

The US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has denied immunity to a cop involved in a no-knock raid that left the raided house’s resident paralyzed.

Judiciary update

School and/or mass attackers

Of the 27 Deadliest Mass Shooters, 26 of Them Had One Thing in Common: Fatherlessness

“Women make children, but only men can make men.”

More on the Secret Service study of school attackers


We understand that regarding that recent double murder/suicide at the Walmart parking lot in Oklahoma, a witness said that the perpetrator fired nine rounds into a car, killing his estranged wife and her new boyfriend (there’s a lesson there). Then, when an armed citizen walked up to the murderer, put his own pistol to the killer’s head, and ordered him to stop shooting, the killer shot himself in the head. Not a smart tactic by the citizen. If the killer had instead chosen to shoot the good Samaritan, he likely would have succeeded.


How bad it must be in Chicago (which has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation) when a single day with no shootings is cause for a news item.

How well do you listen?

Me? Not so well. Good read.

How to Spot Thieves, Thugs and Terrorists

Massad Ayoob’s Tips and Tactics for Staying Alert and Aware

The Pain Cocktail

In case you haven’t heard of it.

Combining Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and Acetaminophen (Tylenol) will provide the best OTC pain relief. Some medical studies (in fracture patients) showed this combination of 800 mg Ibuprofen and 1000 mg of Acetaminophen (taken every 8 hours) produced pain relief equal to or better than taking Vicodin or Lortab (hydrocodone). But it’s pretty hard on your liver.

Liberal Liars. But I repeat myself.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe show last week, co-host Joe Scarborough claimed there was an “epidemic” of kids walking into gun stores, buying AR-15s, and shooting up their schools.

First, epidemics are disease, not object, related. Second, an epidemic, by definition, is characterized by a large or widespread number, or excessively prevalent. That would imply more than one. So I challenge Mr. Joe to provide us with two specific examples of kids buying AR-15s at gun stores and subsequently shooting up their schools. Just two. We are waiting, Joe.


Shotgun Joe Biden asked last week, “Why should we allow people to have military-style weapons including pistols with 9-mm bullets and can hold 10 or more rounds?”

I can answer that for you Joe. Because “PEOPLE” are in charge of this country and there is no “we” who “allows” us to be free. To the contrary, the PEOPLE, who govern the country, have made it a point to arm the PEOPLE to ensure that your “we” cannot abuse the people by force, even if there are more than 10 of you. It’s the Bill of Rights, not the Bill of Allowances.

That clear now?


In an apparent bid to appeal to non-Christian and non-religious voters, queerdo left-wing Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg (who claims to be Catholic/Anglican/Episcopal — pick one) said that his Christian faith (he was baptized as an infant) and teachings of Jesus call on him to aim for a “world with no weapons,” and compared guns to a “false God.” Buttigieg is a pretty good example of what Jesus taught against, but we won’t go into Petey’s other aberrant, immoral proclivities. Suffice it to say this guy is in NO position to lecture on morality. Check Luke, chapter 22.


More of Bloomberg’s Illegal Mayors Against Guns members have been arrested for corruption:


Anti-gun Illinois State Rep. Curtis J. Tarver II (D-Chicago) is facing misdemeanor charges after police cited him for carrying a concealed firearm with a revoked license earlier this week.


Embattled NRA EVP Wayne LaPierre received a 57% pay raise in 2018 that boosted his overall compensation to $2.15 million. See all the NRA executive pay numbers here.

The Only Ones

Judge’s gun allegedly surrendered at police “buyback” was found next to a dead body involved in a police shooting eight years later.


Federal charges have been filed in the Houston PD no-knock raid on 1815 Harding Street, on January 28th, 2019, where the married couple, Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas were killed in their home by rogue Houston PD officers. The multiple-count indictment charges former officers Gerald M. Goines, 55, Steven M. Bryant, 46, and neighbor Patricia Ann Garcia, 53, in the case. Goines and Bryant had already been charged with state crimes in the case.


Rookie Kentucky State Troopers Landon Terry and Dustin Gross accidentally fired a rifle into an occupied apartment below. “Someone” pulled the trigger. Didn’t check on the occupants. They’re probably lucky nobody shot back.


An unidentified 16-year veteran Chicago Police officer shot himself during first aid training at O’Hare International Airport. Apparently the officer was “reaching for” (messing with) his gun when he fired it. See “Safety” item below. Maybe they should learn first aid BEFORE they’re issued a gun. Maybe they should also learn gun safety BEFORE they’re issued a gun.


San Diego Police Officers Accused of Domestic Violence Can Plead Down Charges — and Keep Their Guns. The rest of us, not so much.

Shotgun safety

A prosecutor has been shot dead after a shotgun being exhibited as evidence was being held by a police officer in Umzimkhulu Regional Court in South Africa when it slipped from his hands and hit the floor, discharging into the prosecutor at close range. Police are treating the incident as culpable homicide and seeking to find out why the shotgun was entered as evidence while still loaded. The report indicates “someone is in big trouble.”

We note three things:

  1. Safeties on most shotguns and on many hunting rifles only block the movement of the trigger — not the hammer, striker, or firing pin, and may not prevent a discharge from impact.
  2. A close-range shotgun wound is about as bad as it gets.
  3. The Rules apply in courtrooms, same as everywhere else.

Army PC fail

84% of the women who take a new Army combat-fitness test fail, compared to 30% of men. Marines show similar results.

NICS record

The National Instant background Check System (NICS) for October 2019, showed record levels of background checks. The previous record for October was in 2016, during the presidential election, when many thought Hillary Clinton would be elected and appoint at least three ultra-liberal judges to the Supreme Court.

October, 2016 set the previous all time record for NICS background checks for the month: 2,333,539 total background checks. The number, less the 1,228,216 permit checks and rechecks, means about 1,105,323 firearms sales checks were performed.

In October of 2019, the numbers were: Total NICS, 2,393,609. Permit checks and rechecks, 1,288,274. Firearms sales checks: 1,171,692.

Another speedloader test

No clear winner.

Stag move

Like Weatherby before them, Stag Arms moving from its long time home in liberal Connecticut to more gun-friendly Wyoming. Cheyenne.


We reported back in September on the closing of Robar Guns firearm business. Now we hear that Robbie Barrkman, the original owner who still owns the NP3 brand and others, will again be offering NP3, NP3 Plus, Electroless Nickel, Bluing, Parkerizing and ArmorLube. No gunsmithing. Hopefully Mr. Barrkman will be able to ensure the firearms finish business stays in business permanently.

Contact him at


“The most dangerous thing we do with pistols, by far, is place them into holsters! Upwards of ninety percent of range/training accidents happen as the student is holstering/reholstering.” — John Farnam

This is why I tell you to quit messing with your gun and I frown upon police departments that seem to be obsessed with requiring their officers to constantly arm and disarm, load and unload, multiple times a day. That’s simply insane. If they’re not good to go, send them home or back to training. If they are good to go, let them go.

Dustin Collins – Cold Dead Hands

Give it a thumbs-up.

Accurate Reloading Powder Recall

Accurate 2495, 4064 and 4350.


Nikon is exiting the riflescope business.

New steel-cased ammo with pressure-relieving case groove.

DSG’s Kylie 3.0 Drop Seat Bib coverall for women gets its name from the most unique feature: The caboose quickly drops open for those times when nature calls. The top bib zips off to quickly convert to pants only, and they have adjustable inseam length. It has 120-gram insulation and adjustable suspenders and waist tabs. $170. DSG only offers women’s gear, but this could be useful for men as well, should someone offer it.


“The merit of our Constitution is not that it promotes democracy, but checks it. — Horatio Seymour 

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