Stop Arson: Ban Semiautomatic Matches

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Action item

Congressman Steven Palazzo’s (R-MS) “yes or no” survey on gun control.


A three-judge panel of the Fourth US Court of Appeals ruled last week that survivors and family members of victims from the 2015 mass shooting at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC, can sue the federal government after the national background check system failed to prevent the shooter from being able to obtain a firearm. The ruling reversed the district court’s order granting the Government’s motion to dismiss the case based on government immunity. One commenter notes that this may be a politically motivated ruling, intended to pressure Congress to extend or remove the three-day deadline for NICS to block a transfer and create an indefinite waiting period dependent on how slow government bureaucracies run.


Bump stock update


US government’s Terror Watch List ruled unconstitutional

Well, duh.


Drejka Case Analysis: When the “Tueller Drill” 21-Foot Defense is Defined Out of Existence

This is a somewhat long read about why you don’t want an incompetent attorney, at any price. You should read it.

Red Flag laws

We have a report that the FBI used Oregon’s new “red flag” law to seize guns from a former Marine who had not committed any crime but who allegedly threatened to slaughter antifa demonstrators at a Portland rally last month.

Nothing was reported about how the FBI has any jurisdiction to enforce state laws.

Laws in general

You know, we didn’t have all these massacres with firearms back in 1930. Maybe we should go back to the same gun laws we had in 1930.

Stop Arson: Ban Semiautomatic Matches

Justin Maloney tweet

Why “universal” background checks don’t work

US Senate looking at media

US Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) has asked the CEOs of social media giants to testify in Washington later this month as part of the effort by the Commerce Committee that he chairs to look at ways to stop mass shootings. This is being done at the request of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), as part of his efforts to reduce “gun violence” (sic). Wicker said McConnell wants the committee “to look at whether our media platforms…might be airing some content that contributes to the mass violence.”

Guys. That study has been done. The results are in. You can stop farting around now.

McConnell also said the Senate will follow President Trump on potential gun legislation action. In other words, they’re gonna bounce back and forth like a ping pong ball. Rhymes with ding dong.

Mississippi carry law summary newspaper article

Where in the Bible does it say that you have a God-given right to guns?


Thoughts on the Midland-Odessa massacre

Some perspective on those massacres

I’m in fear for my life!

If you’re saying anything while under threat or attack, it should be commands, such as “stop, get back, put the gun down, get away from me, don’t hurt me, help!”


California’s new Wildlife Protection Act of 2019 prohibits the trapping, “for the purposes of recreation or commerce in fur,” of native animals including grey fox, coyote, beaver, badger and mink, along with the sale of their pelts.

Proponents of the measure claimed that fur trappers were contributing to the detrimental decline of some species, while at the same time admitting that very few animals were trapped in California anyway. So few that they couldn’t pay to run the licensing program. Of course, there is no real need for a special fur licensing program in the first place. But that’s left coast math for you.


The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution this week declaring the National Rifle Association (that’s you and me) a “domestic terrorism organization,” simply because of the NRA’s opposition to more unconstitutional gun control laws. The NRA promotes a particular (correct) view of the Constitution, files suits in defense of that view, lobbies government, trains cops and citizens in the safe and appropriate use of guns, and promotes safe, responsible gun ownership, use, and hunting, including necessary defense against terrorists. These supervisors sound pretty libelous.


Walmart CEO Doug McMillon announced the retail giant will stop selling ammunition for “assault rifles,” (sic) “short-barrel rifles” (sic) and handguns and is “requesting that customers no longer openly carry firearms into our stores or Sam’s Clubs in states where ‘open carry’ is permitted – unless they are authorized law enforcement officers.”* The company’s policy on concealed carry, whatever it is, has not changed. The company will also stop selling handguns in Alaska, the only state where it sells them, and encouraged politicians to consider further gun bans. The company also clarified it would continue to sell .223 rifles, but no ammo for them. No word on sales of “sniper rifle” ammo.

Walmart also now proudly proclaims on its own website that it is a “charter member” of the “Responsible Firearms Retailer Partnership” which was co-formed by Walmart and the gun ban groups Everytown for Gun Safety and Michael Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns.” In addition, the company does not sell fur, but does sell leather, including calfskin and lambskin.


Likewise, Kroger, Walgreens, CVS and Wegmans announced this week that they will start asking customers, except LEOs*, not to openly carry guns into their stores in states where open carry is legal. CVS says no guns, period.

*In other words, it’s not the guns you have a problem with, it’s your customers. To judge the wisdom of allowing LEO open carry, just check “The Only Ones” section in nearly every 2ANews letter.


Commenting on the situation, Andrew Karwoski, deputy director of state policy for gun ban group Everytown for Gun Safety, said the method of enforcement is often less important than simply having the policy in place because “most gun owners are responsible,” and “will respect stores’ policies and just not carry there.” Well sir, if you say that’s the case, then why do you feel threatened by gun owners? Do you think they will obey a store policy but would not obey a law against murder? Or are you just a lying idiot?  That’s what I thought.


Houston, TX, Police Chief Art Acevedo doubled down in support of his murdering officers Gerald Goines, Steven Bryant and others; saying “When somebody [his officer] lies to obtain a search warrant, that’s a problem,” and “I still think they’re heroes.” Yeah, chief, that “problem” is multiple murders by your “hero” officers.


“Nobody wants to take away your guns.” Yes they do. And they admit it, to the tune of at least 100 million guns.


“The idea that we don’t have elimination of assault type weapons (sic), magazines that can hold multiple bullets (sic) in them, it’s absolutely mindless.” — Shotgun Joe Biden, who continued, saying that what he was calling for was “no violation of the Second Amendment.” Well we all know Joe is a mindless expert, and we all know that practically all magazines hold more than one round, so he basically wants to ban everything but two-shot magazine-fed guns and non-magazine guns like single shots and break-open multi-barrel guns. But he’ll get to those too.


Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke said on Labor Day that AR-15 and AK-47 owners will have to give up their firearms to the government if he is elected president. Well molon labe, Francis.


MSNBC contributor and former congresswoman Donna Edwards said this week that shooters are killing thousands of people with “automatic” weapons with “high-capacity ammunition.”



………. listed the Odessa/Midland Texas massacrist, who was very justifiably killed by police during his massacre, as a “gun violence victim.” They failed to say “deserving.”


The San Antonio Express-News says the Texas Department of Public Safety should not be selling guns to retiring troopers. It is a common practice for departments across the nation to sell or give honorably retiring officers their service weapons, as a memento of their LE career. But the paper hates guns, period, and apparently doesn’t trust these same men and women who were issued the weapons and responsibly used them long enough to retire, to continue to responsibly own them.

“What is an ‘assault weapon?'”

Liberals explain.

NRA debacle

We have an unconfirmed report that multiple NRA Board members expect EVP Wayne LaPierre to be arrested. He needs to leave or be ousted from the NRA before that happens, or even if that never happens.

Getting Hammered

The Only Ones

FBI agent Chris Brown, who left an unsecured firearm in an unattended “covert surveillance” Dodge Durango in Oakland, CA, where it was stolen back in July, won’t be prosecuted under a state law requiring law enforcement weapons be locked away when left in vehicles. It seems that because the stolen weapon was an AR-15 rifle, the state law, which covers only handguns, doesn’t apply.

CCW for ladies

Short video and short article.

Safety tip

Look for “prey” (likely victims due to bad choices and low awareness), and then look for who is paying attention to the “prey.” (H/T Jack Maple)

What can happen when you “just give them what they want”

PTSD after Good Shoot

I suspect this could be mitigated by much better training on the front end. My layperson’s theory is that if a person has not properly already gone there in his/her mind, it becomes much more problematic after it happens for real.

Not smart

In a piece by economist Bradley J. Ruffle and psychologist Anne E. Wilson, published in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, we learn that “those with tattoos, especially visible ones, are more short-sighted and impulsive than the non-tattooed. Almost nothing mitigates these results, neither the motive for the tattoo, the time contemplated before getting tattooed nor the time elapsed since the last tattoo. Even the expressed intention to get a(nother) tattoo predicts increased short-sightedness and helps establish the direction of causality between tattoos and short-sightedness.”

You know who else is short-sighted and impulsive? Criminals.

Hunter safety

A Maine man pleaded guilty to a class A manslaughter charge after failing to identify a woman whose residence he was deer hunting behind and fatally shot her. He was sentenced to serve seven years with all but nine months suspended, four years probation and perform one hundred hours community service. The woman will still be deceased when he is released.

Misc. flashlight reviews

Revolver speedloader reviews

(I give the Maxfire an F.)

Reading recommendations

Let me know when you’ve finished all of these.

Robar closing gun shop

Robar Guns, the custom gun shop best known for its quality, durable, high-tech gun finishes, is closing down shop after 35 years, due to large and lingering downturns in business. There are no potential buyers of the shop. We hope other shops can pick up and offer the technology. “Parent” company Robar and Coating Technologies is continuing commercial, non-firearms coating applications.

AA-12 Shotguns and the ATF Recall

.22 ammo

Remember the .22 rimfire ammo shortage of a few years ago? Now is a good time to stock up. I just bought some Winchester .22LRHP for just $0.025 per round, or $12.65 per brick of 500. NOT from Walmart.


In case you didn’t know: Tractor Supply Co. carries some hunting supplies and gun-related accessories.


Weatherby has introduced a couple of new versions of its Mark V 6 lug action, chambered in the new 6.5 Weatherby RPM (Rebated Precision Magnum), a non-belted, non-venturi shoulder case with a rebated rim. 127 grain bullets at about 3,200 fps and 140’s at about 3,000.


When Smith & Wesson’s licensing agreement with Walther expired in 2012, production of the popular PPK and PPK/S pistols ceased. But now that Walther has a facility in Fort Smith, Arkansas, new pistols are being made.

New 5.56 & .50 military rounds from FN


The MG Arms Ultra-Light in .416 Taylor. Six pounds. That’s gonna thump.

33-round Glock mags for $15.

The Versacarry Adjustable Pocket Holster. Apparently only available for autopistols.


“In backward, primitive Third World countries, poor, ignorant, uneducated people think evil spirits live in rocks and trees. We make fun of them and call them savages. In this country, certain people think evil spirits live in guns or magazines for them. We call them anti-gun activists.” — Tom Givens

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