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The Racism of Gun Control

Fast & Furious update

History lesson

In 1777, Congress ordered 100 examples of Joseph Belton’s new form of flintlock musket that was claimed to be capable of firing as many as sixteen consecutive shots in as little as twenty seconds.

In 1789, the Second Amendment to the US Constitution was proposed, and it was ratified and adopted in 1791.

Don’t let anyone tell you that the Founding Fathers didn’t envision rapid-fire repeating firearms when they wrote the Second Amendment.

2nd Amendment

Musket - Original "Assault Rifle"

Dilbert cartoon
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Walter Williams on Democracy


President Donald J. Trump has nominated rookie Mississippi Court of Appeals Judge Cory T. Wilson of Flora to serve as a US District Judge for the Southern District of Mississippi.

SCOTUS cases update


The US Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld Chicago’s illicit prohibition on so-called “assault weapons,” in direct contradiction of the Heller and McDonald rulings. It will likely be appealed. (We note that the Heller case was wrong on several points; one relevant here is the “popularity” test for types of guns. The 2A doesn’t say that the right of the people to keep and bear popular or commonly used arms shall not be infringed.)

Statistics don’t matter

I’ve been saying that for decades.

More gun control laws weren’t needed to prevent a mass shooting

An outstanding letter to the editor (Rhode Island)

Spare guns

This is a good plan. If you don’t practice/train that much (a separate issue), you probably only need two near-identical guns. But you do need two.


NASCAR update


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) has placed an explicit ban on bringing guns to church meetinghouses by adjusting a policy to say firearms are prohibited for anyone except police officers, according to Daniel Woodruff, a spokesman for the church. Woodruff confirmed the change to a church policy handbook, which previously stated that it was “inappropriate” to have firearms in meetinghouses. One wonders if the Mormon church ignores the existence of the book of Nehemiah. It is worth noting that state laws vary. In Mississippi, a church’s policy or sign posting makes no difference in what the law allows for congregants.

List of celebrities* clamoring for gun bans this week:

  • Allison Janney
  • Sutton Foster
  • Christina Hendricks
  • Jameela Jamil
  • Sophia Bush
  • Patricia Clarkson

*I don’t know who any of these “celebrities” are.


Red Cross cancels blood drive at gun shop.


The Thompson Valley School District has suspended a junior at Loveland High School in Loveland, CO, because he posted on social media a video of a legal, safe, non-threatening shooting excursion he took with his mother.


Juan Cloy, a firearms instructor, former FBI undercover agent, and former Hinds County, Mississippi candidate for sheriff, says that the state’s gun laws are “too permissive,” and that there should be a gun registry, which would require gun owners to register their weapons with the state. No. Goodnight Juan Cloy.


The Sacramento Bee is publishing fake news (lies).

Burgess Everett of Politico.com says there are “non-licensed firearms dealers who are currently exempted from background checks that licensed dealers perform.”


The NRA has fired its longtime outside counsel Charles Cooper, while Michael Volkov, another outside counsel, and an unidentified in-house lawyer resigned last week. All were allegedly “against” EVP Wayne LaPierre.

The NRA also paid for private jet charters for LaPierre’s relatives.

The NRA is moving its scheduled September Board of Directors meeting back to the Washington, D.C./Northern Virginia area, canceling the originally-planned meeting that was scheduled in Anchorage, Alaska, and which included fishing excursions, cruises, and the like. The original meeting location was widely seen as a costly perk for board members remaining in support of EVP Wayne LaPierre, as well as a way to discourage others from attending.

We have a report of two sexual harassment allegations against NRA Chief Operating Officer Josh Powell, at least one of which as been settled with NRA funds. Powell remains in office with EVP Wayne LaPierre’s support.

The Florida State Senate has cleared NRA Board Member and Wayne LaPierre supporter Marion Hammer of wrongdoing after compensation reporting probe.

The Only Ones

Ecru, MS, Police Chief Paul Blaylock has pleaded guilty to one count of fraud in a scheme with the city clerk to embezzle city funds that were then used to buy more than 75 guns.

Felony murder charges (two counts) have been filed against former Sergeant Gerald Goins of Narcotics Squad 15, Houston (TX) Police Department, for killing married couple Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas (and their dog) in their home during a no-knock raid in January, based on a fraudulent warrant. Also, former Houston police officer Steven Bryant has been charged with second-degree tampering with a government document in the case. ‘Bout time. There were a total of ten members of Squad 15 present at the raid, and five of them including Goins, were shot. So far we have no reports of any of the other eight being charged as accessories or as complicit in the murders, which were predicated during the commission of a felony. In my view, this should be a capital murder case, and probably the remainder of the attackers should be charged.

A fatal shooting in January at the Marine Barracks on Capitol Hill occurred because an unidentified Marine lance corporal failed to unload his pistol after a guard shift, then pointed the weapon at a fellow Marine and pulled the trigger as a joke.

A man attending a firearms training class to get his concealed weapons permit was accidentally shot by an unidentified non-sworn Riverside County, CA Sheriff’s Department trainer, who was administering a “trigger pull test” when he shot the student in the leg. I’m guessing the trigger worked.

Two unidentified Oklahoma City cops opened fire on a homeowner who was peacefully occupying his home in the dark after a storm knocked out the power. Fortunately they missed and the victim didn’t shoot back.

Gun Rights Policy Conference

The 34th Annual Second Amendment Foundation Gun Rights Policy Conference will be in Phoenix, Arizona at the Sheraton Crescent on September 20, 21, & 22nd, 2019. Free.

Defenseshield, Inc. A good place to work.

“Yeah, I know, but we were weaving together!” — Harry Carey, Jr.


Loaders and (ammo) dummies


The XM42 Lite Flamethrower, Handheld & Civilian Legal – Review


You’ve perhaps heard of Korth (now Nighthawk) revolvers. But what about Janz?


You’re familiar with the “not a shotgun” shotguns which come with shorter-than-18″ barrels and a pistol-only grip. I had previously reported that Charles Daly’s Honcho was a pump gun. Well, that Honcho line includes pump guns, but also a semiauto and some triple barrels. One pump gun version has a detachable box magazine.


Henry Repeating Arms has introduced its version of the .22 LR smoothbore Garden Gun lever action shotgun. $421.


“Now we have legions of fools who cede their safety, and other chunks of their lives like healthcare, finances, etc., to a third party. Like government.” — John Jacobi

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