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Tell US Senators & Reps to oppose new gun control

Gun control tyranny


If you don’t think Democrat MS gubernatorial candidate Jim Hood is on the left, think again.

Outdoor writer Jack Ballard has launched a campaign for the Democratic nomination for a US Senate seat in Montana. But in a Gun Talk interview with Tom Gresham, Ballard went full-Fudd by supporting gun control measures like “universal” background checks, magazine capacity limits and more. Ballard is on the Board of Directors of the Outdoor Writers Association of America, which sometimes seems to breed Fudds. Ballard, a rookie politician is competing with two other Democrats to try to unseat incumbent Republican Steve Daines, who is reportedly a Second Amendment supporter and opposes proposed “red flag” gun grabs and expanded background checks.

Presidential hopeful (God help us) Bernie Sanders says he’s for shutting down what he called the “straw man provision” in federal gun laws – which he claimed would allow someone to “walk into a gun store, buy a dozen guns, and sell those guns to criminal elements.” That’s right – he wants to make illegal acts more illegaler, or something like that.

“The concept of a ‘red flag’ law…violates both the presumption of innocence and the due process requirement…” — Judge Andrew Napolitano


The US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania has ruled (.pdf document) in the case Wilborn v. Barr, that “the ex parte (only one side present or heard by the court) decision by a single physician following a Section 302 examination is insufficient to meet the requirements to permanently prohibit Mr. Wilborn from legally acquiring, possessing, or using a firearm under 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(4).”

Florida Carry (FC) has filed another class-action lawsuit against the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) for its ongoing violations of Florida’s firearms background check and preemption laws. FC says FDLE has been forcing firearms dealers to collect illegal fees from concealed carry licensees for additional background checks beyond those allowed by state and federal law.

Second Amendment Basics

A VERY good read.

More on the Bill of Rights.

“No clause in the Constitution could by any rule of construction be conceived to give the Congress a power to disarm the people. Such a flagitious attempt could only be made under a general pretence by a state legislature. But if in any pursuit of an inordinate power either should attempt it, this amendment may be appealed to as a restraint on both.” – William Rawle, in his book View of the Constitution, published in 1829, which was the standard Constitutional law text at leading universities in the early 19th Century.

largest army

“Universal” Background Checks are Unconstitutional.

But that won’t stop them.

Why can’t America be like…?

“I don’t care if every other gun owner on the planet went out and murdered somebody last night, I didn’t.”

Why do you need…?

Last month in Prince George’s County, Maryland, THIRTEEN people committed a single home invasion. Thirteen. Now, why do you need a standard capacity magazine?

The Only Ones

An unidentified off-duty member of the Secret Service’s uniformed division “accidentally” shot himself in the finger in his hotel in Manhattan while unloading his gun on Monday night. I have never had a reason to unload a gun while in a hotel room. I supposed it’s possible he needed to clean it, but my money is elsewhere.

Unidentified cop shoots kid in bed. It doesn’t matter what color they are.

Some police departments are no longer responding to possible suicide calls, because they’re afraid they might turn out to be “suicide by cop.” Sounds like a training issue to me. Or maybe a guts issue.

A citizen observer at an Athol, MA, Police firearms training event in May was accidentally shot during a room-clearing exercise after the instructor leading the training failed to properly set up the scenario. No criminal charges will be filed, and the department said it had suspended its in-house firearms training program and ordered retraining for the officers involved. I hope they don’t get shot during the retraining.

A new twist on kids bringing guns to school

This time, they were taking a gun FROM the school. Two “adult” teenagers have been arrested after breaking into their former Tennessee high school to steal an AR-15 and bulletproof vests from a gun safe, where they were kept by the school resource officer. Adam Cisneros, 19, and Lee Clark, 18, were arrested after they were caught on video sneaking into a window of Red Boiling Springs High School last week and breaking into the gun safe from which they allegedly stole an AR-15 rifle and bulletproof vests. Frankly, a safe that those two could apparently easily defeat was likely not actually a safe, but probably a cheap sheet metal cabinet.


Five teenage Chicago car thieves are being charged with murder after their 14-year-old accomplice to an attempted burglary was fatally shot by the 75-year-old victim in Lake County, IL. $1 million bail, each.


In a CNN interview this week, Shotgun Joe Biden says gun owners have every reason to be worried about their gun rights under his administration. Host Anderson Cooper said, “So to gun owners out there who say well, a Biden administration means they’re going to come for my guns.”

Biden quickly responded “Bingo.”

“Poor kids are just as bright, just as talented, as white kids.” – Joe Biden.

Well we can certainly hope so, can’t we Joe?


Biden also falsely claimed (lied) that flamethrowers are illegal.


A feminazi YouTube star named Jenny McDermott has gone viral on Twitter recently for a rant in which she tells her audience that, to create the ideal conditions for the survival of the human race, we must kill all men and male babies. I have an alternate solution.


“This has become ruling-class conventional wisdom. Desire to wage war on ordinary Americans — to disadvantage them and even to kill them — had long been bubbling in the ruling class’s basements. The countless, nearly identical pronouncements from on high in recent days can be taken as an announcement that the ruling class has raised them into its forceful mainstream.”


Fakebook antics


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The LA Times reports that in a recent test of a common face-scanning program by the American Civil Liberties Union, about 1 in 5 California legislators was erroneously matched to a criminal. Yeah, that does sound like an error. There should be 3-4 matches out of every five legislators.


Mexico threatened to take legal action against the United States for failing to protect its citizens after the mass shooting in the border city of El Paso. Good luck with that.


How the VA red flags veterans.


Did you know that more people are killed by lightning strikes in the US than die in mass shootings?

Six Philly cops killed; red flags, background checks, etc., didn’t work.

Media + massacrists

We’ve discussed this before. There shouldn’t be a need to keep discussing it.

Mass shooters seek notoriety, and we, the media, provide it.

“One study of the deadliest 31 mass shootings since 1966 found that 87% of mass shooters expressed an explicit or circumstantial desire for fame and attention. Another study found that many mass shooters used previous mass shooters as inspiration, role models and idols, fueled by reporting on their backgrounds.”

No-One’s Life Matters. That’s Why There Are Mass Shootings.

Apples and Oranges.  For wingshooters.

Listen to at least the first ~13 mins. Just listen.

Update: Handgun or Pistol Against Bear Attack: 73 cases, 96% Effective

The whole nine yards.

Holsters – Get good ones. Use them.

Gun Digest’s 2019 Comparison of Concealed Carry Insurance Plans

Red Dot sights info (video)

“Safe” guns, by Farnam

Make a factory quality rifled 9mm barrel at home using salt water and electricity

Dyeing polymer gun parts. Cool.


Competitive shooter and NRA Board of Directors member Julie Golob has resigned from the Board with no explanation given. Golob was recently given a “C” grade for her performance as a director by David Dell’Aquila, for “Insufficient oversight/direction to CEO LaPierre.”

The New York Department of Financial Services is investigating the NRA for possible illegal incentives and kickbacks in its now-defunct Carry Guard insurance program.

LaPierre receives a million dollar dare. Literally.

Firearms News Investigates the NRA: Part 2. A long, detailed history. (Here’s Part 1 if you missed it.)

An Open Letter to NRA trainers and the NRA Training and Education Committee

Cody Wilson update

Cody Wilson, former CEO of Defense Distributed, a company distributing 3D gun printing plans, has pleaded guilty in Texas to a greatly reduced child sex charge.

USA’s biggest gunmakers

And the winner is…. Ruger.

LAPD ammo

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has recently selected Federal Premium Law Enforcement ammunition for duty use. The loads include  Tactical HST in .45 ACP, Federal Gold Medal in .308 Win., and 12-ga. Tactical Buckshot. The approved duty round in 9mm and .40 S&W is now Speer G2 elastomer-tipped HP ammo.

6,000 yard shot.

 .416 Barrett


Anybody have a 16 gauge Remington Model 31 you want to sell?


Dunn’s Sporting Goods has camouflage 12 ga. Benelli Montefeltro shotguns for just $700. That is a smokin’ deal on an outstanding gun.


Federal Premium claims that its Heavyweight TSS shotshell pellets are so effective that the No. 9 TSS pellets have more “penetration energy” at 60 yards than No. 5 lead shot at 40 yards. Makes me wonder why they don’t use those in pistol rat shot loads. Maybe due to price – the shotgun loads run about $6-10 per shell.


Sig Sauer’s new Elite Hunter Tipped rifle ammunition features a translucent yellow tipped, lead-alloy bullet with an enhanced boat tail design and a blackened jacket, and nickel-plated cases. Available in 10 calibers from .223 Rem. to .300 Win. Mag.


Pachmayr has a new line of very inexpensive knives.


Smith & Wesson has reintroduced the Model 648 stainless steel K-frame revolver, chambered in .22 WMR. The new Model 648 has an 8-round cylinder, an adjustable rear sight and Patridge front sight, full underlug 6″ barrel, and black synthetic finger groove grips. $749. They also make some 6-shot blued Model 48 .22 WMR and 10-shot Model 17/617 .22 LR revolvers.

Weekly wisdom

ALWAYS carry one or more ready reloads for your defensive firearm.


There is NO constitutional right to be comfortable, free from fear, or unoffended. There IS a constitutional right to carry a gun.


At the time of adoption of the Second Amendment, they were ALL “weapons of war” or “assault weapons.”

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