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Studies, NRA, Enemies, Stevens Dead

July 19, 2019 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman

MS Election

The NRA-PVF has endorsed A-rated Sen. Michael Watson (R-Pascagoula) for Mississippi secretary of state in the 2019 primary election, based on his record in the state senate of voting consistently on behalf of law-abiding gun owners. He has supported a number of bills that protect the right of personal self-defense, a bill that protects shooting ranges and a measure to put the right to hunt and fish amendment on the ballot.

The primary is Aug. 6.

Compilation of mass shooting data

13% used only rifles, 89% are in gun-free zones. 96% of killers were male. Maybe we ought to ban men?

Another bogus study

You may have heard about a new study in “Pediatrics” that claims various gun control laws reduce children’s (0-20 years old) firearm-involved fatalities. But the “study” is non-scientific and bogus. We also note that the justified fatal shooting of armed, teenage criminals during their commission of violent felonies are counted as “pediatric firearm deaths” in this “study.” Like this one, for instance.


Some of you have asked for more info on what’s really going on at NRA. I give y’all all I know, which ain’t much. Here is the latest.

NRA’s director of public affairs Jennifer Baker has left her post, likely ousted by King Wayne. She reportedly was escorted out of the building by an armed guard and was crying. Baker, who has worked at NRA for the last six years, was a part of former NRA-ILA director Chris Cox’s inner circle and was among those who helped to orchestrate the NRA’s successful 2016 support of Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton and she reportedly played an important role in mapping out the NRA’s electoral strategy.

The NRA also announced a reorganization of its public affairs function this week, which “consolidates and improves our communications, public affairs, and social media functions. All these operations now operate under one department, eliminating a parallel function in NRA-ILA.”

[Opinion] In other words, NRA EVP Wayne LaPierre has taken over everything and is the sole king of the hill. For now. LaPierre is hired by the board and can be fired by it, but the fix is in with too many board members in Wayne’s pocket. He is playing NRA President Carolyn Meadows like a marionette.

The board committee purges continue.

Getting Hammered.

Oliver North’s response to Wayne LaPierre’s accusations, filed in NY Supreme Court.

Report: Wayne & Susan LaPierre ran shell companies with a Clinton CPA.

Why is a Commerce Department Nominee Slow-Walking Small Arms Export Policy Reform?


  • Traitorous and insanely anti-gun retired US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens died Tuesday at the age of 99 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, from complications of a stroke suffered earlier in the week.
  • Anti-gun PayPal, which says you can’t use its service to purchase legal gun stuff, has apparently facilitated the illegal purchase and acquisition of some 3800 devices intended to modify standard Glock pistols into full auto machine guns.
  • Has anti-gun Illinois State Representative LaShawn Ford (D-Chicago) seen the light? Sometimes what it takes is a little murder at your front door.
  • Fakebook says it will allow “legitimate” gun shops and online vendors to offer blueprints and instructions for printing 3D firearms in places where it is legal to do so. The new policy partly reverses a total ban imposed last August by the virulently anti-gun and personal info-snooping tech giant.
  • We also have additional evidence of Fakebook’s censorship of pro-gun content.

wireless devices

  • The Grace Presbytery of the extremely anti-gun Presbyterian Church (USA), covering north and northeastern Texas, ordained the first ever “Minister of Gun Violence Prevention.” The minister, Rev. Deanna Hollas, is based at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Dallas, TX. We have ministers of gun violence prevention at our Baptist church too. We call them a security team. Onward, Christian soldiers.
  • Anti-gun Johns Hopkins University, a private institution in Baltimore, MD, spent $581,000 on lobbying state lawmakers this past legislative session, during the university’s push to gain authorization for its own armed 100-man police force with jurisdiction in defined areas around certain university and hospital campuses. Hopkins was the third-biggest spender on lobbying in the state of Maryland for the 2019 General Assembly session. The measure, supported by such gun-banners as US Rep. Elijah Cummings and alumnus Michael Bloomberg, was passed overwhelmingly by the Democrat-controlled General Assembly. The university already employs a private security force of roughly 1,000 people and the new university police department would replace a unit of armed, off-duty Baltimore Police Department officers and sheriff’s deputies that Hopkins currently pays to patrol near the campuses.
  • Gun-banning US House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie G. Thompson (D-MS) is asking for extra protection for himself and fellow leftist, racist, gun-banning members of Congress, because they feel threatened by the President and his supporters, who of course haven’t threatened them. Meanwhile, Thompson wants you disarmed and helpless, except for your rabbit gun.
  • Google/YouTube

Use your own media platform

Trainer Greg Ellifritz relays issues related to producing electronic content (paraphrased):

Having your own platform (ie your own website, podcast, etc.) and not producing your content on the large social media sites like Twitter and Facebook is important. Content creators should create on their own site. Share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram if you like, but don’t create directly on those platforms. Doing so puts you too much at risk when the social media site arbitrarily decides to shut you down, because you’re, you know, politically incorrect.

The prediction is that as more and more people become deplatformed, the large social media outlets will become less popular (at least within the more intelligent members of the population) and that the smarter people will go back to getting their news by visiting individual websites, getting email updates, or using RSS feeds, and therefore Facebook/Twitter/etc. will be primarily populated by the lazy or unintelligent members of the population who really don’t care what “news” they get fed.

I personally have never understood why any “professional” or commercial entity would primarily use such platforms instead of having their own in the first place.


Kyoto Animation, one of Japan’s most popular anime studios, was reportedly set fire by a man in his 40s who was allegedly seen pouring a flammable liquid and setting it ablaze. He is currently in police custody. Over 30 dead and 36 injured at the last report. As yet, no calls to ban flammable liquids, lighters or matches. What if the witness had shot him?

MS Prisons

Another allegation this week about the inmates running the prison, this time at the East Mississippi Correctional Facility at Meridian.

The Only Ones

  • 24-year veteran Newark, NJ, Police Lt. John Formisano, 49, was arrested after he allegedly fatally shot his estranged wife and critically wounded her boyfriend. Officials say Lt. Formisano — who was off-duty at the time — entered the woman’s home and began shooting at the couple around 11:20 p.m. Sunday night, before fleeing the scene. (Suggestion: Don’t be a boyfriend to a still-married woman.)
  • Wei Xu, 56, a US Customs and Border Protection watch commander at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach has pleaded guilty to illegally selling guns on the internet, creating a fake company to avoid paying taxes, illegally possessing unregistered firearms and making false statements to a federal agency to get a secret-level security clearance. Prosecutors said that between the late 1990s and last February when he was arrested, Xu sold at least 99 guns without a license. At Xu’s home, investigators found more than 250 weapons, including 41 machine guns and two short-barreled rifles. None was registered with the ATF.

Percentage of Population with Carry Permits By State (map)

Another article on birdshot vs. buckshot for self defense

Birdshot may be a good idea if you live in an apartment complex or have concerns about other people in other parts of your house.

Pistol bullets

We were reminded this week that at longer ranges (100 yards or so), heavier pistol bullets perform better than lighter ones.

The Old Man and the JOOJ

FWIW, I’ve NEVER seen an amateur carrying a Browning HP — only guys who know what they’re doing.

“Man Shot At Deadman’s Campground…”

I just couldn’t resist that actual headline.

Dept. of Idiocy

TRENDING: Educators work to combat racism, whiteness in math.”
That’s a real headline — I didn’t make it up. I wish I had.

Colorado State University’s list of words to avoid (.pdf document).
Well, they prefer “queer” over “homosexual.” OK, got it.

Guns in schools

Ragin Cajun

Perennial champion and holder of 6 world records for speed shooting Jerry Miculek has never taken a shooting lesson. But he gives ’em.

USFWS Says Free NRA Hunter Ed Course Counts As P-R Match Dollars

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has announced that state wildlife agencies now may claim a dollar value of the NRA’s Free Online Hunter Education Course as in-kind match dollars for federal Pittman-Robertson Act grant funds.

I have a version crafted in D2 steel. Very nice. Unfortunately the current owner, Cutco, is an overpriced multi-level marketing scheme.

US wins gold

Federal Ammunition sponsored shooter Ashley Carroll won the gold in Trap at the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) World Championship in Italy. It was the 24-year-old Californian’s first world title in seven appearances at the championships. Carroll is the first US woman to earn a World Championship medal, along with the world title, since 1999. It’s the first Trap medal for Team USA at a World Championship, men or women, since 2006.

Team USA also won six medals, three titles and a US sweep in Skeet at the ISSF Junior World Cup in Suhl, Germany.


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