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July 12, 2019 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman

ATF antics

ATF rescinds prior methods to measure a firearm’s overall length when equipped with a stabilizing brace. Affects “pistol” (with brace), NFA-class “AOW” and “firearm” definitions. No more AR pistols with braces and vertical foregrips.

Meanwhile, ATF’s felonious Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal is still unresolved.


Presidential hopeful US Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) (the weenie communist with a 65-point gun ban plan who threatened to drop nuclear weapons on gun owners) has dropped out of the race. He was among the worst the Democrats had to offer this cycle and probably should be rotting in prison on treason charges instead of sitting in Congress. Most recently, Swalwell proposed to ban the individual ownership of more than 200 rounds of any given caliber of ammunition. I carry that much on my person sometimes.

“And to the communists among us, a warning. No matter what you do, think, or accomplish. At some point the answer will be clear from those of us who know what communism is and leads to. Never again.

I think you know what that means.”

— Gabe Suarez

In Mississippi, the NRA-PVF has endorsed Tate Reeves (rated A+) for governor, Mark Baker (rated A+) for attorney general, and Delbert Hosemann (rated A) for lieutenant governor. Reeves and Baker were noted as having worked to move NRA-supported bills through the legislature.

Full list of Mississippi candidates.


The Second Amendment Foundation and the Calguns Foundation, joined by the Firearms Policy Coalition, Firearms Policy Foundation, a local business and three private citizens, have filed a legal challenge to the California ban on the purchase of firearms by law-abiding adults 18-20 years old. Filed in US District Court for the Southern District of California, the suit alleges violations of the Second and Fourteenth Amendments. One could say the same thing about the federal ban on handgun sales to 18-20 year-olds. Of course, pretty much all federal gun laws are unconstitutional, for whatever that’s worth.


The US Senate has confirmed a new judge for the very liberal left-coast 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals. Daniel Bress was approved on a 53-45 vote and is the seventh Trump-appointed judge to win confirmation to the 9th Circuit. There are now 28 active judges, and one vacancy still to be filled on that court.


More NRA Board members are being relieved of their committee assignments in retaliation for asking for accountability.

What’s going on.

Want to give NRA a piece of your mind?


The US Secret Service reported this week that almost all of the people who carried out mass attacks in the US last year made “threatening” or “concerning” communications beforehand, and more than three-quarters prompted concern from others. The agency’s National Threat Assessment Center analyzed 27 mass attacks during 2018, and found that all but four (85%) of the attackers “made some type of communication that did not constitute a direct threat but should have elicited concern.”

Good write-up on massacre stats:

  • 67% ended without police engagement; 70% ended in 5 minutes or less.
  • Armed citizens were present at 11.7% and successfully stopped 76% of those events.

“But he was unarmed…”

Around 600-700 people in the US are killed by unarmed attackers annually. — FBI

News flash

For the very first time, I have seen a report (Pennsylvania) of two armed, carry-licensed people getting in a fight and one shooting the other. Newsworthy because it’s so rare.

MS Prisons

We have additional reports indicating that the prisoners are literally running the prisons at Raymond and Parchman, MS.

The Only Ones

An unidentified NYPD officer shot himself while at a housing project last weekend, causing a graze wound to the groin.

An unidentified store security guard’s belt “came open” while he was pushing carts at a market in San Antonio, TX last weekend and his gun fell to the ground, causing a round to be fired. Two women were slightly injured, apparently by flying pavement chips.

Police Chief Deanna Cantrell of San Luis Obispo, CA, left her gun in the restroom of a local restaurant, from where it was nearly immediately stolen. Cantrell says after discovering her gun was missing, she immediately notified law enforcement, including her supervisor. No word on who supervises the police chief.


A man and a woman were hiking trails at night at Government Canyon State Natural Area in San Antonio, TX, an urban state park on the north side of the city, when they heard a wild hog on their tail, so they climbed a tree to safety and the woman called 911. San Antonio police alerted the park officers, who responded and found that the sound the hikers believed to be a feral pig actually was cars crossing rumble strips on a nearby road. Maybe they should have stayed on the pavement themselves. No word on sending them a bill or citation for the “rescue.”

Dept. of Idiocy

There is such a thing as the “Socialist Rifle Association,” whose members are apparently so stupid as to not even know their name is an oxymoron.

Political meme


Levi Strauss doubles down on evil and stupid in the face of proof it’s costing them.

Why you keep your gun ON you

You’re On Your Own

A 38-year-old homeowner called the King County, Washington 911 emergency number recently to report that someone broke out a window and was in his home. 12 minutes later, police arrived. The body was already cooling off. Fortunately it was the crook’s body. Graphic audio of the call here.


DIY Portable Burglar Alarm

Gun Geek Stuff

NICS checks

2019 is the first year where (unadjusted) NICS firearm background checks have surpassed 2 million every month, January through June, since the NICS database was created in November 1998. There were 2,312,309 (unadjusted) background checks done in June of 2019, which is the highest number of background checks for any June since the system was created. Gun permits and permit rechecks now account for more than half of all NICS background checks.

The FBI says there have been 1,647,199 federal NICS denials (.pdf document) between Nov. 30, 1998 and June 30, 2019. As best we can determine, less than 0.25% of those are prosecuted by the feds. In fact, the US Attorney’s Office policy is not to prosecute people for only lying on background check forms while unsuccessfully attempting to illegally acquire a firearm (a felony).

Savage sale

Vista Outdoor Inc. has announced the completion of the sale of its Savage/Stevens/Fox firearms brands to an investment/management group led by Savage President and CEO Al Kasper for a total purchase price of $170 million. Vista will retain other firearms-related brands which do not actually make firearms.


“We found out that anything the .44 Magnum would do, the .45 Colt would do with 15 or 20 percent less pressure in some applications. And the heavier the bullets got, the better it worked.” — John Linebaugh

(Of course the .44 is really a .43, which is just as close to .41 as it is to .45. — JP)


Growing up Near Nature Produces Saner Adults

Also science: Psychiatric Diagnoses Are “Scientifically Meaningless” In Treating Mental Health


MY recommendations for your personal defense handgun:

  • It must go bang every time. Repeat: It must go bang every time.
  • You must be able to shoot (hit with) it and manipulate it well.
  • It must be one that you WILL carry, on your person, all the time.
  • It must be safe to carry with your chosen carry mode.
  • It should be chambered in an “adequate” caliber (see FBI protocol) for which good defensive ammo and less expensive practice ammo is commonly available.
  • You should always carry multiple reloads of extra ammo.
  • It should be a reputable, quality brand with parts and support available.
  • You should have two of them.
  • It should be priced such that you can stand its loss, and will replace it.

MidwayUSA’s Caldwell brand has a rechargeable electric barrel cooler fan that inserts into your AR rifle’s mag well like a magazine. Sale price $15.

Sig Sauer’s new USA-made extra-small ROMEOZero polymer-housed red dot sight will be about 0.9″ wide, 1.6″ long, and maybe one ounce. It will have rear sights integrated into the back of the optic itself, thus, iron sight use is still an option if the optic goes down or is turned off. Battery life using a CR1632 battery will be 20,000 hours. The sight installs with two screws that come down from the top, not up from the bottom. The sight is constantly on and the battery is under the body of the optic, so changing the battery requires removing the sight from the gun. This sight is aimed at the compact single-stack (slim) pistol market. $200.

Slingless rifle carry system. Of course it doesn’t do much to help shooting accuracy.

Honor Defense has developed a new concept in firearm retailing incorporating a “Design Center” where consumers can select their own slate of pistol options in the store. Buyers can select from 10 different slides, 12 different grips and 2 chassis configurations to “build” their own pistols.  Kinda like configuring your new truck online at the manufacturer’s website. The 9mm single-stack pistols are ambidextrous with a stainless steel chassis and all key parts are stainless steel. All parts are made in America and assembled by Veterans. They are +P proofed and come with a Lifetime Warranty. Although Honor Defense calls this “designing” your own pistols, there is NO design work involved — you’re just picking parts.


“No possible rapidity of fire can atone for habitual carelessness of aim with the first shot.” — Theodore Roosevelt, The Wilderness Hunter, 1893

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