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June 14, 2019 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman

Virginia Beach

  • The suppressor used in the recent Virginia Beach massacre was legally purchased.
  • Police responding to massacre underway at a municipal building were unable to confront the gunman at one point because they didn’t have the key cards needed to open doors on the second floor.
  • One of the dead victims, a public utilities engineer, had considered taking a gun to work on May 31, the day of the killings, because she was concerned about the perpetrator, “as well as one other person,” said an attorney working with the victim’s family. On the night of May 30, this victim had discussed with her husband “whether or not she should take a pistol and hide it in her handbag,” according to the attorney. The woman’s husband said of his wife, “She said, ‘This guy’s (the “other” person) going to come back and shoot the place up,'” and he encouraged his wife to hide a pistol in her purse and take it to work — she had training and knew how to use it — but she didn’t want to break city policy forbidding employees from bringing weapons to work.

The very next day, she was murdered at work. So much for a woman’s right to choose what happens to her. We have no further word on the “other person.”

Fact:  It’s easier to get a new job than a new life.


The US Supreme Court has without comment declined to hear a challenge to federal regulation of firearm silencers. The case involved appeals from two Kansas men who were convicted of violating federal law regulating silencers. The men argued that the constitutional right “to keep and bear arms” includes silencers. An appeals court had held that a silencer is not a “bearable” arm protected by the Constitution. (Silencers would seem to be considered as arms by the federal government, considering their treatment by the legal system, under the National FIREARMS Act.) Eight states joined in a court filing urging the justices hear the appeal, saying the court should affirm that the Second Amendment protects “silencers and other firearms accessories.”


MS State Rep. Dana Criswell (R-6), has received an “A” rating and endorsement from NRA-PVF for the upcoming election. In my view, this is a deserved rating and endorsement. Rep. Criswell was a gun guy before running for the legislature. For several years Dana was the Owner/Editor/Writer of the popular blog, Mississippi Gun News.

Airport USB charging stations are risky.

Who knew?

Success story

FSNB bank in Cookeville, TN.


During an appearance on CNN’s SE Cupp Unfiltered, Democrat presidential candidate Eric Swalwell made clear he has a plan for handguns he will pursue after black rifles are confiscated.

Gun control

Dept. of Idiocy

We hear from formerly “Great” Britain this week that victims of domestic violence will have their kitchen knives replaced with blunt-pointed utensils to prevent their partners attacking them in their own home.


US Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) said at a June 2 town hall meeting, “Stop being beholden to the (National Rifle Association), like President Trump is. … Remember after the shooting in Las Vegas, he said, ‘Yeah, yeah, we’re going to ban the bump stocks.’ Did he ban the bump stocks? No, because the NRA came crashing down and said, ‘Don’t you dare do any restrictions on our guns around this country.'”

The Only Ones

An unidentified Orange County, Florida, corrections officer accidentally shot himself in the leg during firearms practice at the police gun range last week.

Former Webster County, MS sheriff Tim Mitchell has resigned and pleaded guilty to two felony counts of trafficking in stolen firearms and two felony counts of embezzlement. Prosecutors are recommending 15 years.

“I was more afraid of getting shot by one of the guys that was inexperienced than getting shot by actual bad guys.” — Scott County, KY, Deputy Jaime Morales, who was shot and mostly paralyzed by a police officer during a Sept. 11 confrontation that killed a fugitive.

The BATFE is looking for thousands of guns and gun parts that they’ve “lost.” Maybe y’all ought to check with your Mexican drug cartel buddies.


Not gun related, but a great read.

NRA CCW license training

Through its instructor network, NRA is now offering prospective armed citizens in all 50 states firearms training for use in applying for a CCW license. The new NRA CCW Course has been carefully and deliberately structured and adaptable to meet minimum state requirements necessary for individuals to apply for a concealed-carry permit in any state.

Forensics on 3D printed guns

I suspect we will start seeing bags of polymer material sold at gun shows with no records kept.

NRA Board members who need to go

NRA 2nd VP Willes Lee (details here and here)

Karl Malone. He has never attended a board meeting, yet keeps getting re-nominated and re-elected.

More to follow.


Jack Withers, friend, long time NRA coach, mentor for many, many kids in the shooting sports, and Vice President of the Southwest (MS) Gun Club, has passed away due to a viral infection in his heart. Jack was one of the nicest guys I ever met.


5 Concealed Carry Holsters for Exercising

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