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June 21, 2019 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman

Dallas massacre thwarted

A man opened fire with an AR-15 rifle at a “gun free” zone in Dallas this week. The attacker became the only casualty when a good guy with a gun shot back.

Las Vegas update

The latest FBI FOIA production on Mandalay Bay has been posted. It indicates that while numerous bump stocks were found with the guns (but not on AR-10s), nowhere does it say that any were actually used, nor is there an indication of whether any of the guns were automatic or converted to automatic.

Church security

A 21-year-old Syrian national and (I’m guessing illegal) Pittsburgh resident was arrested and charged in federal court this week with attempting to provide material support and resources to ISIS and two counts of distributing information relating to an explosive, destructive device, or weapon of mass destruction in relation to his alleged plan to bomb an unidentified Christian church in Pittsburgh’s North Side neighborhood.

School protection

Pepper spray laws in every state

(While Mississippi has no restrictions, that doesn’t mean it’s legal to go around spraying anyone without justification.)

Katherine Nixon is dead, for her own safety

Cans, not Bans

American Suppressor Association’s petition to keep cans legal.

Action Item

Contact form to oppose Democrat gun ban spending bill.


NRA has suspended Chris Cox and his deputy, and sued Oliver North. CFO accused of embezzlement from previous employer. Reports from enemy lines.

A new group has appeared, dedicated to reforming the National Rifle Association.The group, a 501(c)(4), goes by the title “Save the Second.”

Dept. of Idiocy

Where two fools met….

LIARS and enemies

US Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) penned an op-ed in TIME magazine calling for the banning of AR-15s and similar firearms, saying “Guns like the AR-15 aren’t used for hunting and they’re not viable for home protection.” Yeah, and toilet paper isn’t useful in a restroom either…

“If I get elected president of the United States of America with your help, if that happens, guns, we have the capacity now in a James Bond-style to make sure no one can pull a trigger unless their DNA and fingerprint is on it.” — Shotgun Joe Biden this week on “smart” guns. (Can we just have smart presidents and take care of our own guns?)

US Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), also a presidential hopeful, has a 65-point gun ban plan.

Illinois State Sen. Julie Morrison (D), to gun owner: “Maybe we won’t have a fine at all, maybe it’ll just be a confiscation and we won’t have to worry about paying the fine.” Well molon labe, lady. Who says they don’t want to take our guns?

U. of Oregon Snowflakes Triggered By 100-Year-Old Pioneer Statue

More Washington antics

The House Divided, by Dave Workman. Read and keep up.

Ole Miss “professor”

Follow-up to our May 17, 2019 report on that goofy Ole Miss professor being granted tenure. Names are named.

Dumb criminal

A man on a robbery spree in Argentina managed to shoot himself in the leg while sticking his gun back in the front of his pants during a robbery at a convenience store. He made it 2 blocks before collapsing and then being found by police, who took him to a hospital where he expired.

The Only Ones

A misdemeanor charge of reckless discharge of a weapon has been dismissed against Flint, MI, police Lt. Mark Boudreau, whose personal gun accidentally fired into the floor of a high school gymnasium as he watched a wrestling tournament while off duty last year.

Phoenix police feloniously acting like fools (battery, unlawful imprisonment, false arrest, infliction of emotional distress, and violation of civil rights).

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Officer Christoper Tanner arrived on the scene, shouted, “Drop your weapon!” and simultaneously shot Officer Green in the arm.

Former Webster County, MS, Chief Deputy Landon Griffin pleaded guilty Monday to one count of embezzlement and one count of trafficking in stolen firearms, after helping former sheriff Tim Mitchell steal guns.

Women’s CCW

Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 Consumer Safety Alert

M&P15-22 rifles and pistols may fire upon bolt closing.


It appears that Smith & Wesson is no longer offering any revolvers chambered in .327 Federal Magnum. Undoubtedly they weren’t selling enough (that’s always the reason), but it’s still a disheartening, dumb move. Ruger still offers a bunch of ’em.

Natchez Shooters Supply now offers fishing tackle.

Pachmayr’s new Alume 1911 grips by Raffir consist of a composite material with aluminium meshes encapsulated in a colored (black, blue, brown, green, or red) hi-gloss polished translucent epoxy resin. Impervious to water, weather and chemicals, and kinda cool looking. Check ’em out. $100.

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