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May 24, 2019 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman

Church Security (videos)

The instructor does an outstanding job in this 12-part video series. I strongly recommend that you watch them all. Takes about an hour and a half, total.


The US Ninth Circus Court assumed that the Second Amendment extends to “nonimmigrant visa holders” — and yet it held that the ban on gun possession by the lawful visitors was still constitutional. U.S. v.Singh. Read the decision (.pdf).

Eight states’ Attorneys General have reportedly joined GOA in support of the Kettler case. AGs from Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah have joined the petition for certiorari by the US Supreme Court. The case challenges the legitimacy of the National Firearms Act and protects a disabled veteran, Jeremy Kettler, who was prosecuted by the Obama Department of Justice for having a suppressor under the authority of the Kansas “Second Amendment Protection Act.” We note that Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, who is running for governor, is not on the list.


Action item

US Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) and US Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) have introduced the “Disarm Hate Act,” which calls for the permanent revocation of 2A rights for any MISDEMEANOR offense deemed to be a “hate crime.” Is protesting and calling an anti-gun politician an ugly name a “hate crime?” Sen. Casey says it would be “any misdemeanor at the federal or state/tribal level that is motivated in part by hate or bias related to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability,” and that “most commonly this category includes low-level assault, threats, harassment and property damage.”

Liberal politicians

The Constitutional Carry States’ Rights Act, S.1506, would ensure that both local and out-of-state individuals otherwise lawfully carrying a concealed weapon within 1,000 feet of a school in states that recognize constitutional carry do not run afoul of federal law. The federal Gun-Free School Zones Act bans carrying firearms within 1,000 feet of a school, with an exception for those with a carry permit. Supporters of the bill fear that those practicing legal constitutional (permitless) carry may not meet that exception. For instance, a traveler driving along Interstate 25 in Cheyenne, WY, or Interstate 20 in Pearl, MS, will come within the school zone limit set by the GFSZA, which, if the driver or a passenger is carrying without a permit, could technically be a violation of federal law. The bill currently has seven sponsors, all Republicans, and has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The Freedom of Commerce Act has been re-introduced in the US Senate to repeal the burdensome regulations on selling automatic knives imposed by the Federal Switchblade Act. Currently automatic knives are legal in 40 states. The Freedom of Commerce Act will allow individuals in those states to purchase the automatic knife of their choice.

Texas has passed a law that protects tenants’ rights by prohibiting “no firearms” clauses in residential leases, forcing landlords to allow tenants to possess lawfully owned firearms and ammunition in dwelling units and on manufactured home lots. The bill also protects tenants’ rights to transport their firearms between their personal vehicles and those locations.

Evil does not obey laws


The National Rifle Association filed a second lawsuit against Ackerman McQueen this week in Alexandria (VA) Circuit Court. The lawsuit accuses Ack-Mac of leaking sensitive documents to the press, of trying to engineer an executive coup against EVP Wayne LaPierre, and of seeking to tarnish the reputation and public image of the NRA and its senior executives. The lawsuit seeks $40 million in damages.

Nearly immediately, Ack-Mac filed a $50 million counterclaim against the NRA in Virginia Circuit Court, alleging that it has already given the NRA sufficient access to financial information regarding its work, including by sharing recent data analytics for NRATV and letting auditors spend nine days going through its books in February, and complying “with every authorized demand for examination of its documents.” Ack-Mac also blames the NRA for the coup against former NRA President Oliver North and alleges that the NRA’s legal actions against it are just an excuse to terminate their contract for cause and escape substantial Ack-Mac fees. Much of the Ack-Mack claim is redacted, purportedly because it discusses confidential information. (Maybe the kind of information already leaked?)

Meanwhile, many of the NRA Board members and its past presidents are circling the wagons and claiming everything is fine, while not disclosing what’s going on with the money (OUR money), the interns, and the sweetheart deals, saying “We are not inclined to further discuss unfounded attacks on our organization, political infighting, or a ‘weakened’ NRA.” Others in the know continue to poke holes in at least some of the official claims. Not being inclined to discuss OUR business in OUR organization with OUR money doesn’t make the issues go away. A house cleaning is clearly in order.


Swiss voters approved a measure to tighten the historically armed nation’s gun laws, bringing the country in line with European Union firearms rules adopted two years ago. Switzerland is not an EU member. The new law, among other things, requires regular firearms training, special waivers to own some semi-automatic weapons, serial number tracking system for key parts of some guns, and registration of all weapons not already registered within three years.

Opponents insist that such changes will violate Switzerland’s constitution.

“When liberty is taken away by force, it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default, it can never be recovered.” — Dorothy Thompson

Venezuela disarmed

Dumb Dept.

Clarksdale, MS Mayor Chuck Espy (D) has offered to pay criminals $10,000 (collectively) of his own money to move out of town. I have a better idea. Actually, two.

Tracy Lauren Marrow, better known by his stage name “Ice-T,” tweeted this week that he almost shot an Amazon delivery driver who was delivering a package to his house, because the driver wasn’t wearing a uniform or otherwise easily identifiable as an Amazon delivery driver. Well, twits tweet. Dumb. You don’t get to shoot strangers approaching your house and doing nothing threatening or illegal. But such a shooting would have only added to Mr. Marrow’s already extensive criminal history.

Pretty much as dumb as it gets.

We had another ATV rider fatality in MS this week; an 80-year-old man. I have NEVER heard of an ATV related death or significant injury that didn’t involve violation of MULTIPLE safety rules. Don’t be stupid.

In Cashmere, WA, a 13-time convicted felon shot himself in the genitals, causing him to poop out a balloon full of marijuana in the ER. Meanwhile, he stayed busy tampering with a witness in the case. A 13-time felon. On the street. You can’t make this stuff up.


More on that suspended Rancho Cucamonga policeman/teacher who was suspended from teaching for legally carrying his gun to school.

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has revealed his position in favor of creating a nationwide gun licensing system, or registry.

Former Colorado Governor and Democratic presidential candidate John Hickenlooper proposes raising the age to purchase all firearms to 21 years of age, “universal” background checks, a federal standard for gun licensing with safety tests, limits on magazine capacities, killing interstate or national CCW reciprocity and banning evil black guns, and about 10 other things.

Shotgun Joe Biden said last week that the “Second Amendment exists” but stressed that it does not say everyone is “entitled” to own a gun. We already know he’s a liar. Maybe he’s illiterate too.

Gannett/USA Today has posted pics and names of a bunch of mass killers on a wall of fame style page on their website.

CBS. Again. Still.

Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin, is challenging Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver Gilbert for an open seat on the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners. Ms. Fulton says her 24 years as a county employee and her activism are her qualifications. But she is best known for raising a murderous felon who was justifiably killed while trying to murder a man after sucker punching him while his victim, who had done nothing to the felon, was on the phone with police. Fulton is also famous for then blaming innocent gun owners across the nation for her son’s death. That’s not the kind of person for a position of public trust or leadership.

Officials with the City of Statesville, NC filed an injunction this month requiring Camping World and Gander Outdoors to follow a city ordinance restricting the size of an American flag flying on its Gander RV property. The injunction asks the company to remove a 40-foot-by-80-foot flag, which is prohibited The company is refusing to do so, and our report has no explanation of why the city thinks the flag is too big. Too big for what?

Facts and stats

Can we finally put the claim that “gun violence” research is underfunded to rest?

Here Are Eight Facts on “Gun Violence” in America

About those “threatening” AR-style “assault rifles

Jackson crime

According to FBI statistics, this is the deadliest first five months in City of Jackson, MS, history. 44 homicides so far, as of this writing. The annual record is 92, set in 1995. Jackson’s violent crime rate is roughly double the national average.


What’s more terrifying, your kid facing a deranged teenager with a gun, or simply knowing someone on campus is well trained and oh, by the way, armed? What would you rather have your kids encounter? A good guy with a gun or a bad guy with a gun?

“The best battlefield medicine is fire superiority.”

Trauma care.


Aggression isn’t a vice or a virtue. It’s simply a characteristic, one to be molded to virtuous ends by a healthy family and a healthy culture. Even violence isn’t inherently and always wrong, and molding a young man to be effective in the lawful application of force can be of immense value to society.”

Local media coverage of kids’ shooting competition

At least 2 TV channels covered this event. Poor reports but mostly positive and at least they’re covering positive use of guns.

The Only Ones

NYPD Officer Valerie Cincinelli, 34, was arrested for allegedly trying to hire a hit man to kill her estranged husband and her boyfriend’s daughter.

Oxford, MS Police Officer Matthew Kinne was arrested and jailed in connection with the murder of a woman who was found dead in her home last Sunday. The report indicates that Kinne, who is married, was in a “romantic relationship” with the victim, who was shot in the back of the head while sleeping. Reports indicate the motive was likely to keep Kinne’s wife from learning of the affair. The department named Kinne its mounted patrol officer of the year in January.

An unidentified Philadelphia, PA police plainclothes detective driving an unmarked car shot and critically wounded a man who he mistakenly thought had a weapon and was trying to rob him. The man, a known panhandler, approached the driver’s door while the detective was stopped in traffic and started speaking, but the detective couldn’t hear him through the window, so the detective, thinking it was a robbery, fired three shots through his car window, striking the unarmed man once in the torso.

Randy Scott, the former chief of the Columbia, SC, Police Department, has been arrested in Florence County, SC, on warrants issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. The charges were not reported. Scott has reportedly been arrested on firearms charges at least twice in the past.

A child was accidentally shot in the chest by another child with a small caliber handgun they were playing with this week at the home of acting Webster County, MS, Sheriff Andy McCants, who was named acting sheriff in January after Sheriff Tim Mitchell was charged in December with 12 felony counts including he stole guns and drugs, sought sex with inmates and threatened employees if they told anyone about the alleged crimes.


“Today, you can very nearly detect a person’s political affiliation simply by knowing which news outlets they use.” — Jim Shepherd

What does that tell you about the “news?”

Your first AR rifle

Lots of info here.

“There is a point of diminishing returns in the AR-15 world. Right now, that point is around $1400. The difference between a $1500 AR-15 and a $3000 one isn’t much. However, the difference between the $500 and $1000 price point is dramatic.”

The fighting shotgun

Do you know of any other firearm that is designed for close in defense, can fire non lethal ammo like rubber balls, pepper dust, or pepper balls in the same repeatable way you can with lethal ammo, can accurately hit and drop a man sized target at 100 meters, and can immediately and effectively disable a vehicle engine with accurate hits?”

Hank Williams, Jr. is looking for his grandfather Sheppard’s Remington Model 11/48 16 gauge shotgun. $6,000 offered.


ZipStitch — sutures without needles. Sounds great to me.

New Sig Sauer P365XL

Springfield Armory’s new XD-M Optical Sight Pistol is now available in 10mm. It has a 5.3″ threaded barrel and suppressor height sights, and comes with two 15-round magazines. $695.

Fort Scott Munitions has some lead-free (copper) ammo specially designed and patented to tumble upon impact in an attempt to increase terminal effectiveness. I suspect this is inferior to most current bullet technology.

Strike Industries’ new Scorpion Universal Reflex Mount attaches to Glock dovetail rear sight mounts and includes an optional charging handle. $54.95.

Weird Russian cartridges for Paradox barrels

Quote of the Week

“When you are not prepared to use force to defend this civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism.” — Thomas Sowell

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