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March 1, 2019 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman


Update for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ case of Young v. Hawaii, which challenges Hawaii statutes regulating and restricting carry permits on Second Amendment grounds.


Suppressor case update

1) This is the case where the defendants claimed that they were free to ignore the NFA regulation of suppressors because Kansas had enacted a Second Amendment Protection Act.
2) Mississippi’s Democrat Attorney General Jim Hood (who is now running for governor) is NOT one of those AGs helping protect the Second Amendment in this case.

Judge Dabney Friedrich of the US District Court for the District of Columbia denied a motion for a temporary restraining order to prevent the Trump Administration’s bump stock ban from going into effect. This ruling impacts several of the bump stock ban challenges including Guedes v. ATF, FPC v. Whitaker, and Codrea v. Barr. Appeal filed.

(Inexplicably, President Trump also announced this week that he will veto the Democrats’ current raft of anti-gun bills, should they make it to his desk. But since they won’t it’s a symbolic political gesture.)


The Second Amendment Foundation filed a lawsuit this week in US District Court for the Eastern District of California on behalf of individuals SAF says have been improperly denied their Second Amendment rights over mental health issues. The problem, according to SAF, is that even if someone is ultimately found to be mentally competent again by a court in California, their name still gets flagged in a federal database because of their past record and they can’t get a gun.

Even dead judges on the left vote

We have a report that SCOTUS has sent back to the left-wing Ninth Circuit a ruling in which the circuit had posthumously counted the vote of Stephen Reinhardt last year, who prior to his demise was one of the most liberal judges in the appeals system. SCOTUS said judges are “appointed for life, not for eternity.” Perhaps the big court should have found the Circuit’s living judges in contempt and guilty of obstruction of justice, at least.

SCOTUS on the 2A: an overview

SCOTUS justices’ antics


US House results on HR 8 vote to implement “universal” background checks for gun sales/loans/gifts. A “Yea” vote is a vote for gun control.

US House results on HR 1112 vote to extend the length of time the FBI has to conduct a background check before an individual can take possession of a purchased firearm, from a maximum of 3 days to a minimum of 10 days if the “instant” check doesn’t work (if I read correctly), and would require the NICS checks for private transfers. A “Yea” vote is a vote for gun control. Dems are calling this a fix for the “Charleston Loophole,” but the Charleston killer acted over 60 days after his gun purchase, so the additional 7 day delay presumably wouldn’t have mattered, and even if it had been within the 7 days, we believe his victims would have been there every week.

We have no reports of any criminals (except elected officials) being impressed with this silliness.

In state news, individuals will be able to legally carry firearms in Oklahoma without a permit or training starting Nov. 1, when a bill passed by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Kevin Stitt goes into effect. From the whinery, we also have a report that the measure also will cost the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) $4-6 million in permit and renewal fees annually. That’s a good thing. The permit money is by far the #1 reason LE agencies across the country oppose Constitutional laws regarding carrying weapons. The OSBI will still peddle permits for reciprocity purposes.


Every single one of the Washington Post’s “top fifteen” Democrat candidates for the 2020 presidential election are extremely anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment.

CCW Permit Reciprocity Maps


Why are violent people gun control activists? Because they think you are just as violent and just as out of control and unable to make moral choices as they are.

London’s “Telegraph” reports that according to research by the UK’s official advisory group on suicide, the internet played a role in a quarter of teenage suicides. So where is the demand from the left for bans, controls, licensing, training, demonstrable need, and waiting periods for use of the internet, to, in their words “save just one life?” (Hint: It’s not lives they’re worried about, it’s control of free people.)

HSUS reminder

Bernie Sanders reminder — From Bernie Sanders via Twitter: “I’m running for president because we must end the epidemic of gun violence in this country. We need to take on the NRA, expand background checks, end the gun show loopholes and ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons.” (sic)

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence changing its name (again) to just “Brady.” Apparently they don’t want “gun” in their name because that shows their gun-banning proclivities. The Brady Bunch was founded in 1974 as the National Council to Control Handguns (NCCH). From 1980 through 2000 it operated under the name Handgun Control, Inc. (HCI). In 2001, it was renamed the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, and its sister project, the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence, was renamed the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. The same year, the Million Mom March (now also known as Moms Demand Action) was incorporated into the Brady Campaign. Apparently the Brady Bunch as a group is afflicted with some sort of dissociative identity disorder.

A “thin blue line” American flag meant to honor law enforcement was removed from the Connecticut State Capitol this week after Democrats complained it might offend Black Lives Matter supporters. I am not making this up. Also, there is no right to not be offended, especially if you’re wrong.

The Non-Violence Torrent is an initiative that the backers say aims to disrupt the 3D-printed gun market. They plan to do this by flooding popular file sharing sites with fake gun CAD files and torrents. Instead of the CAD file, your download will contain a 3D render of the Non-Violence’s symbol – the knotted gun.

Department of Idiocy

Bridget Bowman, a Senior Political Writer for rollcall.com, tweeted this week: “A Capitol Police officer left a gun in a bathroom… again. And not just any gun. A glock (sic), which fires if the trigger is pulled.”


See related item below.

The Only Ones

Massachusetts State Police under fire for illegally destroying guns that don’t belong to them.

Port Richey (FL) (now former) Mayor Dale Massad was arrested on a charge of attempted murder last week after shooting at sheriff’s officers outside his house who were there to serve a search warrant in connection with charges of practicing medicine without a license and insurance fraud.

Idaho Falls (ID) Police Officer Blaine Reed, who was already facing felony charges, was killed by a homeowner apparently while Reed was committing a home invasion in Utah related to his domestic troubles.

Last fall, Detroit (MI) Police Officer Diamond Greenwood allegedly got drunk while off duty at a wedding, pulled out her service weapon and fired it in a building during a fight at the wedding reception. Greenwood is charged with felonious assault (2 counts), aggravated assault, obstruction of justice, willful neglect of duty and firearms charges.

California’s Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training keeps heretofore secret records showing when a current or former law enforcement officer is convicted of a felony or other crime that would disqualify him or her from being a cop. There are some 12,000 names on the list, perhaps one-fourth of which appear to currently be cops in California. No word on violators who might be cops in other states, or lists in other states.

US Capitol Police Lt. Mike Byrd, commander of the House Chambers section of the Capitol Police, left his Glock 22 in a bathroom in the Capitol Visitor Center complex Monday night, where it was later discovered “during a routine security sweep.” See related item above.

Cop vs. criminal

Graphic video

Changing Minds

Read This.

Keep in mind it works both ways, which is a good thing.

More on the Benchmade knives brouhaha


“Fair chase applies to the ethical, sportsmanlike, and lawful pursuit and taking of any free-ranging wild, big game animal in a manner that does not give the hunter an improper or unfair advantage over the game animals. Coyotes are not game animals.” — Boone & Crockett Club, to animal rights advocates

“Pow, pow, shoot the furry devil.” — Sean Millette, while just a wee lad

Fall Safety

A report from Columbus, MS this week said that a man died from falling about 12 feet off a roof while doing storm damage repair. 12 feet isn’t all that high. A lot of deer stands are higher. That reminded me (and some of you will remember) of my own fall from my roof back in 2013. According to the World Health Organization, falls are the second leading cause of accidental deaths worldwide, behind road traffic injuries, causing approximately 424,000 worldwide deaths annually (maybe 15,000 in the US).

Falls from a height of 11-15 ft. are fatal about 37.1% of the time on average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Mortality after striking a hard surface is nearly double that of hitting a soft one (39% vs 22%). The highest mortality occurs when the victim lands in a prone position (57%). Striking head first has the next highest mortality at 44%. The best striking position is feet first, with a mortality of 6%.

In my case, I fell about 13 feet and struck a large rock with my forehead and face (probably falling/collapsing forward after hitting feet first, but I never remembered), literally breaking the rock in two with my head. Now if you play with the stats above and start with a 37.1% average for the height and add for hard surface and head strike, you might get a mortality prediction of over 60%. But I got up and walked away, later going to the ER for stitches and such.

Don’t do that. Your head may not be as hard as mine is, and I want you to stick around.

Southeastern Outdoor Press Association Conference

The Southeastern Outdoor Press Association conference in Oxford, Mississippi, this fall will offer a presentation of John Maxwell’s internationally acclaimed one-man play on the life of Nobel Prize winning author, William Faulkner, on Thursday afternoon, Oct. 24, in the Oxford Center auditorium. If you have not seen this play, I recommend it (and I don’t attend plays). Has nothing to do with guns, but there’s your culture for the year.


Winchester .38 Special 130 Grain FMJ ammo recall


  • AR-15 CAD file for 3D printing
  • Taurus beefs up warranty
  • Walther Arms’ new marketing campaign, Shoot It, Love It, Buy It, means you get to try out a handgun from their new PPQ family for 30 days, free, and if you don’t like it, send it back to Walther at their expense. Walther pre-approves your charge card, but doesn’t charge the purchase price until 30 days later. If you decide you don’t like the gun in that time, just follow the return process and ship it back to Walther at their expense and they don’t charge the credit card.


“If I could bottle the enjoyment I had from my first .22 sixgun and somehow spread it around the world, we’d be living in a much happier place.” — John Taffin

“ALL gunfights are ‘Open Division'” — Chuck Pressburg

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