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February 22, 2019 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman

Illinois mass shooting

You’ve heard about the man who opened fire and killed five co-workers at an Aurora, IL, (Chicago) factory. It turns out that the perpetrator was a prohibited person with six reported arrests (but no reported convictions) over the years in Aurora and a 1995 felony conviction for aggravated assault in Mississippi. The employer’s background check didn’t reveal that felony conviction. He was then erroneously issued an Illinois firearm owner’s identification (FOID) card (required for gun possession in Illinois) after passing an initial background check, which also did not find his Mississippi felony. Then when he applied for a CCW permit and underwent a more rigorous background check that uses digital fingerprinting, his Mississippi conviction was found and his FOID card was revoked, meaning he could no longer legally possess a gun under Illinois law. (But my understanding is that under federal law he was already a prohibited person anywhere in the nation, regardless of his Illinois FOID status.) He then took his illegally-possessed gun (a semiauto pistol) to work, where he was scheduled to be terminated, and killed 5 co-workers and wounded a 6th before police showed up, and then he shot and wounded 5 police officers, for whom he was apparently waiting. Police later killed him in a gun battle.

We will only note the obvious:

  1. A homicidal felon was able to get a gun, and even a FOID card, AFTER passing multiple background checks. When he failed the third check, no one confiscated his gun or arrested him for being a felon in possession, or for feloniously attempting the purchase, or for feloniously lying on the form.
  2. Apparently no potential victims were armed and able to defend themselves.
  3. The Henry Pratt Company in Aurora, where the massacre occurred, is a “gun free” zone and reportedly clearly displays a “no guns” sign on its front door.
  4. The event ended after good guys with guns showed up.
  5. Reports indicate the massacrist was armed and on the loose for around 90 minutes after he initiated the shootings.

The left responded by immediately calling for “universal background checks” and a ban on “assault weapons,” neither of which were relevant in this case. Also last week, Democrats in Washington killed a bill requiring reporting to ICE illegal aliens illegally attempting to buy guns.

The massacre didn’t get a lot of high-profile media attention because Illinois already has all the gun laws the left clamors for.

Dr. John Lott weighs in

On calls for gun control in the wake of the Aurora, IL, massacre

On armed teachers

And on mental health screenings to detect mass killers

Dangerous Inanimate Objects?


The US Supreme Court signaled this week that it may consider a challenge to New Jersey’s strict “may issue” concealed carry laws. The Court asked New Jersey officials to respond to a petition filed by a state resident and the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs.

Big Brother

The government has long denied that its much-criticized and wildly erroneous terrorist watch list was shared outside of law enforcement circles, even claiming such in depositions and in court hearings, while at the same time sharing the list with over 1400 private, non-law-enforcement entities.

Meanwhile, TSA’s security theater catches one terrorist, and kills 1200 travelers.


“It’s a citizen, a concealed-carry permit holder that saw a threat, eliminated that threat and stood by until law enforcement arrived and did a really good job,” Sullivan County (TN) Sheriff Jeff Cassidy said. Cassidy also said the shooting could have been a lot worse if the bystander wasn’t there.

Skill Set: Active Killer Response

Good advice.

The Aftermath

The Only Ones

An unidentified Florida police officer “accidentally” fired his gun near Jefferson Davis Middle School in Jacksonville last week during a safety sweep after the school was placed on lockdown due to a false report of a shooting. Officials say the bullet struck a sidewalk causing minor surface damage and no injuries.

Denver Police Officer Asher Rose was suspended without pay for 10 days for careless handling of a firearm after he accidentally pulled the trigger of his gun while trying to turn on the firearm’s flashlight, nearly striking an intoxicated man reported to have been attempting to stop traffic. The department’s disciplinary letter states Rose put an unarmed man “at serious risk of bodily injury or death.” The suspect was hiding under a truck when the discharged bullet hit a rear tire just “inches away” from the suspect’s head.

US Coast Guard Lieutenant Christopher Paul Hasson, a self-identified white nationalist working at USCG Headquarters in Washington, has been accused of planning a terrorist attack, specifically targeting liberal politicians.


Giffords lies. But I repeat myself.

Benchmade steps in it

This probably shouldn’t be a big story, but right-end gun guys who won’t lift a finger to work FOR gun rights will crucify a company or celebrity forever for making a mistake. On the other hand, Benchmade’s political contributions lean heavily to the gun banning side. Weird.


France’s fencing federation has officially recognized lightsaber dueling as a competitive sport.


PS: It ain’t just for hunting.


Stoeger (the shotgun folks) has introduced the new STR-9 pistol, a 9mm striker-fired polymer-framed 15+1 model with the usual amenities. $329.

Fun targets

CCI’s new Clean-22 ultra-clean .22LR rounds use an exclusive polymer bullet coating to greatly reduce copper and lead fouling in the barrel without leaving a residue. It also cuts lead buildup in suppressors 60 to 80 percent. 40 gr. LRN bullets in two loads — red for High Velocity (1235 fps), blue for Sub-Sonic (1070 fps). $10/100.

Some of you old guy are Ruger Bearcat revolver fans. Even older guys may remember that it was named after one of Bill Ruger’s favorite cars, the early Stutz Bearcat. (The Blackhawk was similarly named after the early Stutz Blackhawk.) Some of you may even remember the Bearcats! TV show from the ’70s. Now, how would you like to have a centerfire Ruger Bearcat? It’s called the Hellcat and is made by Gary Reeder.


“The theme is that Second Amendment had two independent purposes; one does not control the other. The militia phrase is indeed militia-centric, and the right to arms clause is focused on an individual right. James Madison and the First Congress were trying to satisfy two different constituencies, one of which wanted to protect the militia, the other of which wanted to guarantee an individual right to arms. They chose to appeal to both. This means that the individual right guaranteed is not one only for militia use; they were two separate ideas, and one is not a restriction on the other, anymore than the First Amendment’s guarantee of a right to religious exercise means that its freedom of the press only protects books on theology.” — Dave Hardy

“The MAGA hat doesn’t represent hatred and racism but it sure does trigger it.” — unknown

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