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November 9, 2018 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman


Please note that my sample letter included in last week’s newsletter declining Bank of America’s credit card contained an apparently incorrect BOA address, which I got from their website.

Sunday is Veterans Day.

Thank one.

From me — a personal thank you to all US veterans and their families.

Free training on Monday

Re: Church Security.

This is not an endorsement, just information.

Also free videos here.

CCW Reciprocity

New USCCA interactive CCW reciprocity map

Headline of the week

Another Kavanaugh accuser admits to fabricating rape story


NSSF’s take

The runoff election is Nov. 27.

A Washington state gun-control ballot measure seeking to make Washington’s firearms laws among the strictest in the country passed Tuesday with 60% of the vote in election-night returns.

This sort of nonsense is why we have a constitutional republic instead of a democracy.

Democrat vs. Republicans

California massacre

What we think we know:

A 28-year-old honorably discharged Marine veteran with PTSD fatally shot at least 12 people at a popular country music bar in southern California late Wednesday night with a legally-purchased pistol using a California-banned magazine. Another 20 or so were injured either by the attacker or in escape attempts. It was “College Country Night” at the bar.

Six off-duty, UNARMED police officers, three from the Oxnard Police Department and three from the Los Angeles Police Department, were inside the bar when the shooting began. The bar’s security guards, also apparently unarmed, were reportedly shot first.

No one in the bar shot back.

The real police were 3 minutes and 12 lives away. At least one responding officer, from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, was killed.

The attacker apparently took his own life before police got to him.

We understand that the bar (or perhaps all bars in California) is a “gun free” zone, or perhaps it’s illegal to drink and carry. California has some of the toughest anti-gun laws in the country, which of course proves they don’t work.

Going to bars isn’t smart in any circumstance, armed or not.

Thousand Oaks parent: “I don’t want prayers. I don’t want thoughts. I want gun control.” (Nevermind that California already has oodles of gun control.) Well tough cookies, buttercup. You don’t get to victimize me and make me vulnerable just because YOU miserably failed to protect and properly raise your own kids. Blame the killer. Blame yourself. But I accept NO blame and NO punishment.


Boston (MA) restricts CCW licenses to employment, hunting and target practice, or sport, while neighboring Brookline can restrict for employment, target practice, sport, transport, use in and around a home, and collecting. In both cities, license applicants are required to “articulate a reason to fear injury to himself or his property that distinguishes him from the general population,” said the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, which ruled that the restrictions are constitutional and do not infringe on the Second Amendment’s protection of the right to bear arms, saying the “core right” protected by the Second Amendment is for citizens to use arms in defense of home, and that “public carriage of firearms for self-defense falls outside the perimeter of this core right.”

I guess their copy of the Second Amendment reads differently than mine does, as does their understanding of the definition of “infringe.”


Shots fired at a mugger at the Clinton, MS Kroger last week. “As the suspect drove away in a black Kia, another shopper fired a shot at the vehicle.”

Don’t do that.


If you’re dumb enough to pull your cocked, loaded rifle up into your tree stand muzzle first, you’re liable to shoot yourself, and deservedly so. Accidents happen. Don’t do dumb stuff to encourage them.

The Only Ones

In October, 2017, Portsmouth, VA, Police Officer Jeremy David Durocher was named Officer of the Month for shooting an armed burglary suspect who was fleeing the scene of a break-in. Durocher also received a medal of valor from his department. But now, Durocher is being prosecuted for felony offenses of aggravated malicious wounding and use of firearm in commission of a felony for that very same shooting. The indictment alleges that Durocher unlawfully and maliciously intended to “maim, disfigure, disable, or kill” the now 19-year-old suspect.


The Motion Picture Association of America

Democrats Want to Take Our Guns..and they said it out loud

They are attempting to ban guns from folks convicted of misdemeanor animal cruelty offenses.

Pain for Parkland students after pro-gun candidates win: “I’m shaking with anger right now…,” Jacyln Corin, a high school senior who helped found the March for Our Lives student movement, told a room of fellow activists at an election watch party in Parkland on Tuesday night. “…I don’t know what to do with that anger.” Well try not to pee your pants little hogglet — diapers are on aisle 5.

15 anti-hunting organizations

The Tactical Games, coming to Meridian, MS in February

I’m originally from Meridian, but this is the first I’ve heard of it.


Academy Sports has Savage AXIS XP bolt rifles with a Weaver 3-9×40 scope on sale for just $230 (after rebate), AND a $30 Academy gift card to boot. So, $200 plus tax. Check your local flyer.

Flip-up sights for handguns with suppressors.

New Kimber models

CMMG’s new RipBrace retractable AR pistol “not a shoulder stock” brace features FASTBACK Technology that allows users to simply pull straight back to extend the brace without pressing a release lever or button, and it has personal position presets (P3 Technology) that allow users to adjust a screw into different adjustment holes to cause the stock to extend to the same preferred position each time. 2 lengths available. $200.

Marlin’s .38/.357 Model 1894 CST has a stainless steel action and threaded-muzzle 16.5″ barrel, a Wild West Guns-style big loop lever, and XS Sights ghost ring sight. $1154.

We have a report that Remington is producing a Model 700 Chassis gun as a handgun — one of those hand-rifles. I’ve never understood the point of a rifle too short to shoulder or a handgun too large to holster (with the exception of an AR-style “car gun”), but to each his own.


“Not every school, strip mall or place of worship can afford armed security, but they should still have a security plan in place that will include, if a nightmare bursts through their doors, a lethal response from a trained employee or employees.” — John Carlson

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