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October 12, 2018 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman


Well, we got Kavanaugh by a 50-48 vote, and amen to that. Clarence Thomas is now the longest-serving SCOTUS justice. Keep in mind that the two remaining Clinton appointees, Breyer and Ginsburg, are in their 80s so it’s possible that President Trump may get another shot or two. THIS is why we voted for Trump.

But keep in mind that conservatives have long complained that Republican appointees tend to drift to the left, and data on judicial records supports this observation.

political cartoon

No one didn’t notice how the Democrats acted. And we now know the heart of anyone remaining in or voting for that party. There is no “benefit of the doubt” when there is no doubt.

More Judges

Election — 3 weeks away

US Senate candidate Chris McDaniel (R-MS) said this week, “Today I am here to promise you that you have my pledge that I will never attempt to impose a gun ban on the people of this country or the state. In fact, in every vote that I cast I will make the Second Amendment something we defend.” McDaniel is also using a gun giveaway to raise campaign funds.

The NRA has graded and endorsed incumbent Cindy Hyde-Smith (R)(NRA “A”) over challengers Chris McDaniel (R)(NRA “A”) and Mike Espy (D)(NRA “?”) in this race.

The NRA has also graded and endorsed incumbent Roger Wicker (R-MS)(NRA “A”) over challenger David Baria (D)(NRA “?”) in the other MS US Senate race.

ISIS knife attack warning


A Detroit woman called 911 to report an assault in progress. The cops showed up 4 days and 34 minutes later.


Wells Fargo & Co. is on our side. Many other major banks, not so much.

Original Crypto Coin has announced that they will be relaunching their ERC-20 token project on their own “gun friendly” blockchain called TUSC (The Universal Settlement Coin). I don’t understand this, but am interested.


Fifth Third Bank, reportedly one of the largest banking institutions in the US.

We have a report of some folks with earthlink and mindspring email addresses having their firearm-rleated mailings blocked by EarthLink.

Progressives claim that singer Taylor Swift’s coming out of the gun control closet will energize lots of her fans to become voters. But I wasn’t aware that 13-year-old girls could vote.

I vote with stupid Democrats

“If you feel that a bump stock ban is palatable because you do not own one, you are the problem.”


Dr. Garen Wintemute, again.

Dept. of Idiocy

Forest Hill High School, Jackson, MS

(click image to enlarge)

The Only Ones

An unidentified Rochester, NY police officer accidentally shot himself in the hand with his personal handgun while ending his shift in the Rochester Police Station locker room. The officer was described as “a two-year veteran with RPD.” I was unaware that two years qualifies one as a veteran. Merriam-Webster defines veteran as “a person of long experience usually in some occupation or skill.”

Former Tuscon DEA Supervisory Special Agent Joseph Gill, 42, has admitted to his illegal gun running, some into Mexico via drug traffickers. Ironically, it appears that the BATF, who did a LOT more of that than the accused did, is bringing the case.

What can happen when you listen to the cops and run away from a mass shooting? The cops may kill you. (I still recommend running away; most cops won’t shoot a victim, and a lot of cops aren’t very good shots.)

Fraud report

9mm Ruger American Pistol


Have you noticed the “shotshell dismantler” products that cut unfired shotshells open in order to salvage/recover the components for reuse? They usually consist of some kind of folding clamp/plier arrangement with a blade and cost upwards of $40. But I wonder if one of those cheap squeeze type PVC pipe cutters wouldn’t do the same thing for less than half the price? FYI, my plumber told me that those PVC cutters will crack PVC pipe after you use them a bit and they’re not real sharp anymore, and he won’t use them.

Springfield Armory’s new XDm-10 is just what it looks like: an XDm pistol chambered in 10mm. 4.5″ or 5.25″ models, 15 rounds for either. $779.

Remington’s V3 Tac-13 is another non-NFA “non-shotgun” firearm.

Remington’s new Expander Sabot Slugs are offered in 2¾” or 3″ in 12 and 20 gauge, and feature Barnes all-copper tipped Expander slugs.

Ruger is adding .338 Lapua Mag. and .300 Win. Mag. chamberings to its Ruger Precision Rifle line.

Ruger also has a new BLUE STEEL SP101 revolver in .357 with a 2.25″ barrel. $719 MSRP, street price around $600. Remember when stainless steel guns were big news?

New hunting rifles


“Halloween is fun because you get to dress up as things that don’t exist like ghosts and goblins and Mitch McConnell’s spine.”

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