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September 14, 2018 Newsletter by Jeff Pittman

Breaking News

In other news, France reportedly hasn’t won a war without major assistance in at least 150 years.

Cincinnati follow up

It turns out that the shot-up bank had unarmed “security monitors” on scene, who didn’t help stop the killing. Had to wait for good guys with guns. The cops were apparently already in the neighborhood. It took 4 minutes and 28 seconds from start to finish. 4:28. It could have cost a LOT more lives. But if the first 1-2-3 people had shot back….?

We also have a report that one of the victims walked in on the attack despite warnings from bystanders, because she had either headphones on or was talking on a cellphone and was oblivious. Don’t be oblivious.

MS AG Opinion on road hunting statute

Flying updates

Running with a gun

I don’t. Run, that is. But good advice here.


Florida — A man tried to steal a car last week with a five-year-old sitting in the back seat and was subsequently shot and killed by the child’s father while in the act of driving away with the child.

Good riddance. The trial will not be lengthy.

A CCW permit holder in Cicero, IL, intervened Thursday afternoon and shot at a suspect who allegedly use a machine gun to shoot a police officer four times. The Chicago Tribune quoted Cicero Police Superintendent Jerry Chlada saying, “We were lucky enough to have a citizen on street that is a concealed carry holder, and he engaged in gunfire with this offender who was struck one time.”

The best legal advice for a new (or old) gunowner

Gun image

Gun data

Gun control laws


Think these guys are coming to work at your local car wash?

In related news, The American Mirror reports:

“The federal government, U.S. Supreme Court, and lawyers across the country use the word ‘illegal alien’ to describe immigrants who illegally enter the country, because that’s the definition in the law.

But Twitter makes its own laws, and the social media giant is now blocking folks from promoting any messages with the phrase, which its moderators apparently consider ‘hate speech.'”

Well I hate Twits. Good enough?

More criminals

Brenda Bozeman, Mayor of the Town of Leland, North Carolina, issued local restrictions on firearms earlier this week as a state of emergency was declared for the area for the impending Hurricane Florence. A series of emergency orders and evacuations included a prohibition on the “transportation or possession, or the sale or purchase of any dangerous weapon or substance, while off one’s own premises.” After threats of lawsuits, the Town updated the emergency orders to note that, “This prohibition and restriction does not apply to lawfully possessed firearms or ammunition.”

In 2012, a federal court sided with Second Amendment advocates who challenged the North Carolina statutes restricting firearms during times of emergency. The state’s Emergency Management Act was amended to reflect the decision. In 2015, the state also preempted the regulation of firearms, with local governments still able to ban carry into most government buildings.

Liberals on campus, with guns


Hanoi Jane flew to Washington state to support a gun control initiative on the ballot there. Well, at least she’s consistent.

US Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA). I can smell her stink all the way in Mississippi.

Frontpagemag.com’s editor Jamie Glazov, Ph.D., was banned from Facebook on 9/11 for writing about how to prevent another 9/11. ICYMI, here’s how.

The advocacy group Moms Demand Action is weighing in on the issue of guns in schools, telling lawmakers arming teachers is a bad idea, because, they say, armed teachers are more dangerous than massacrists in schools. But what they really think is that a few more dead kids and teachers is acceptable.

We have a report that country pop singer Carrie Underwood is dipping her toe in the gun control pool. Not being a fan, I don’t know.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has stopped his state from participating in the Governor’s 20 program, a competition established by the NRA and run by local clubs to recognize the twenty best law enforcement marksmen in each state. Inslee refuses to cooperate in any way with any program in which the NRA is involved, apparently because the governor is evil and insane.

The Only Ones

Dallas, TX, police officer Amber Guyger, 30, was arrested and charged with manslaughter after she mistakenly entered the wrong apartment (same apartment on the wrong floor) in her building when returning home from a 15 hour work shift, off duty but in uniform, and fatally shot a resident inside, who she claimed she mistook for a burglar. More serious charges from a grand jury are possible.

An unidentified on-duty Houston, TX, police officer mistakenly fired an AR-15 rifle into the floor at the baggage area of Houston’s Hobby Airport while patrolling the airport last week. Our report says the rifle “just went off.” Riiight.

Last week, the beginning of an explosive corruption trial involving eight members of Baltimore’s (MD) elite Gun Trace Task Force revealed that a handful of Baltimore cops allegedly kept fake guns in their patrol cars to plant on innocent victims – a failsafe they could use if they happened to shoot an unarmed suspect.

Mississippi cops enter wrong home, kill resident, don’t get indicted.

Dept. of Idiocy

A Connecticut woman was injured after mistaking a quarter stick of dynamite for a candle and lighting it during a power outage. The dynamite was in a box of what the family believed to be candles in the basement that had been left by the previous resident of the house. The hapless victim suffered serious injuries to her face and loss multiple fingers in her hands.

A panel advising the Texas State Board of Education on what seventh-graders should learn in their social studies courses has urged deleting the label “heroic” from a curriculum standard about the Alamo’s defenders. Apparently panel members themselves never made it through the seventh grade.

Slow learner: A Kentucky vagrant and would-be burglar was scared away by a homeowner with a gun. Then, while a trooper was still at the scene of that crime, a second home invasion was reported in the area. This time, the invader was still on premises, because he’d been shot by the homeowner.

A 19-year-old Chicago man who was shot in the chest failed to seek medical treatment until the following day because he was too drunk to remember. Well, it is Chicago. No word on the caliber.


US Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke will open more than 251,000 acres to new or expanded hunting and fishing opportunities at 30 national wildlife refuges, which will bring the number of units where the public may hunt to 377, and the number where fishing is permitted to 312.

The proposed rule also takes steps to simplify regulations to more closely match state hunting and fishing regulations and outlines expanded hunting and fishing opportunities at 136 national wildlife refuges. The changes will be implemented “in time” for the 2018-2019 hunting seasons.

Alternative gun-friendly payment processor

Truck guns


CZ-USA’s Teal O/U shotgun is now available in 16 gauge. The Teal is sold exclusively at Cabela’s. For you youngsters who may not remember, the 16 was once very popular, even exceeding the 12 and 20 in some circles. But now they are kinda hard to find. But if you want one, the trick is to make sure it is built on a 16 (or 20) gauge frame/receiver, not a 12. I can’t advise on this particular gun.

CZ’s Sharptail is “an evolution” of the Ringneck SxS, built on an entirely new, much smaller action with coil springs instead of leaf springs and the same color case-hardened finish. Single selectable mechanical trigger and pistol grip. Available in 12, 16, 20, 28, and .410 with 28″ barrels, Turkish walnut stocks, single extractor and 5 flush choke tubes (except 16 and .410, which have fixed IC/Mod), all inside a plastic case.

Federal Premium has new “improved” paper-hull shotgun shells in its Gold Medal Grand product lineup.

Ed Brown’s new performance 1911 magazines feature a heat treated 410 stainless, 0.025″ thick tube, highly polished inside and out, with a patented follower design. Each magazine is a 3-in-1 configuration allowing the end user to select his preferred bumper pad from the included two high impact bumper pads, one thick and one thin (with screws). Starting at $19.95, with the tubes and followers backed by a lifetime warranty.

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